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Title: Rules
Post by: Ingix on 08 July 2018, 10:07:28 PM
1. Eligibility to participate
1.1 To enter the tournament you must have a Gold subscription starting on or before September 14th and continuing until at least November 7th. The Gold subscription contains all currently available expansions that are available online, the newest one being Nocturne.
1.2 Your account must also have at least 20 rated games played (by September 14th).
1.3 Each person may only enter once.
1.4 Shuffle iT employees and users who have been permanently banned may not participate in this tournament.
1.5 Moderators (see the end of this document) also may not participate in this tournament.

2.1 The organizers of the tournament provide a prize pool of 1000€ for the Top 4 finishers. Distribution:
    - 1st: 500€; 2nd: 300€ 3rd: 150€ 4th: 50€.
2.2 If more than 256 people participate in the tournament, players knocked out in the quarterfinals (5th-8th) will receive 6 months of Gold subscription added to their current subscription.

3.Tournament structure
3.1 The tournament will be a single elimination bracket.
3.2 All players will be seeded based on the 2 Player Shuffle iT leaderboard (as of Saturday, September 15th).
3.3 If the first round does not have a full bracket (e.g. exactly 256 or 512 players) the highest seeded players will receive byes in the first round 1, with a full bracket beginning in the second round.

4.Match structure
4.1 All matches are 2 player matches.
4.1 Best of 6 games, a win counts for 1 point, a tie for 0.5 points.
4.2 If either player reaches 3.5 points, the match is over and the winning player moves on to the next round.
4.3 Both players get to start 3 games. Alternate the starting player after each game. Starting player in the first game should be determined randomly.
4.5 If the score is 3-3 after 6 games, play a deciding 7th game with a random starting player.
4.6 If the 7th game is a tie according to the Dominion rules, the 2nd player in that game wins the match.
4.7 Should a game end in a stalemate, the result is void and the game will be replayed. (It is not counted as a tie.)
A stalemate is a game state where both parties do not alter the gamestate for several turns and do not intend to in the foreseeable future.
If player's do not mutually agree that a stalemate has occurred, players shall continue play for at least 10 more turns. After 10 turns have been completed, the player that disputes that a stalemate has occurred must break the stalemate within five turns by gaining more cards from the supply than they return, or gaining more VP (or losing less) than their opponent. At any point for the remainder of the game, if the disputing player is unable to gain more cards than they return, or gain more VP than their opponent over any 5 turn period, the game is declared a stalemate, and the game must be replayed.

5.1 The tournament starts on Monday, 17th September. There will be one round played each week.
5.2 Players are responsible for scheduling a suitable time with their opponent to complete the match during the week.
5.2 You can sign up until Monday 10th September.
5.2.1 Late registrations until Friday, September 14th are possible until we reach a full bracket (256, 512 etc).

6.1 Once the bracket is released, contact your opponent as soon as possible via PM on this forum to schedule your match.
6.2 If your opponent has not communicated with you by Wednesday, 12 UTC in the week you are supposed to be playing, please contact the moderators.
6.3 Your match should be scheduled to occur before Monday, 6 UTC of the following week.
6.4 If your opponent does not show up to the match, you move forward to the next round (allow a grace period of 15 minutes).

7.1 The default is playing on the Shuffle iT platform (, with the point counter enabled, on fully random sets including all expansions up to Nocturne.
7.2 The default match configuration may be changed by mutual agreement between both players. (e.g. disable point counter, always include/exclude some cards, etc.).
7.3 Playing rated games is recommended for documentation purposes. If you do not, please write down the exact game numbers for each game (found in the chat box at the start of each game).
7.4 Using card trackers is forbidden. A card tracker is any system (besides the Dominion Online platform) at least partially automated, that keeps track of where cards you can't currently see are.

8.1 Please allow spectating for your tournament matches.
8.2 To enforce fair play, all players should hide their hand from spectators by setting the option "spectators can see my cards" to "No". This option is found under the "Options" tab on the main screen.
8.3 Also, make sure the table setting "Players can see spectator chat" is not enabled. This setting is found under the "Advanced Options" when setting up your table.
8.4 Streaming your own match is allowed and encouraged. Setting a few minutes delay is recommended.
8.5 From Quarterfinals onwards, every match will be streamed. Moderators may influence the scheduling to ensure no overlaps. The Players will not be penalized if this leads to a delay in the schedule.
8.6 The third party streams will be screened with a 10 minute delay and the live spectating will be limited to the streamers.
8.7 A dominionstreams Administrator account that has special spectating privileges will be used to view and stream the match.

9.1 Granting any undo requests is at the discretion of each player.
9.2 In the spirit of friendliness, we encourage (but do not require) players to grant undo requests for choices that do not provide new information.
9.3 Players may come to a different agreement before the match.

10. Handling Disconnects
10.1 If you disconnect during a game, use the reconnect feature. If your opponent is disconnected, do not make use of the "make resign" feature. This will not be counted as winning the game.
10.2 If the disconnect takes an extended amount of time, write down the game number and reload the game (latest decision) at a later date.
10.3 Instructions for using the reload game feature can be found here (
10.4 If reloading the game fails, complete the remaining games of the match first. If no player has reached 3.5 points after completing the remaining games, contact your moderator about the lost game.

11.Sportsmanlike Conduct
11.1 As in every other game on the platform, sportsmanlike conduct is expected. Verbal abuse or slowplaying (not to be confused with taking time to think) may lead to a disqualification.
11.2 Keep in mind that in a competitive situation such as this tournament, players take a long time to consider a play. Do not make use of the "make resign" feature if your opponent is thinking.
11.3 If you are unsure of why your opponent is taking a long time to make a play, you should ask them to explain the situation.
11.4 Be respectful of your opponents time. You should make an effort to focus on the game and play at a reasonable speed. Inform your opponent if you are considering a complex play that may take a long time to decide on.
11.5 If you feel your opponent is breaking the rules of conduct, you may suspend the match and contact your moderator.
11.6 For any conflicts not covered under these rules, please contact your moderator, who will have the final say on the issue.

Moderators are: drsteelhammer (;sa=send;u=9), Gazbag (;sa=send;u=3601), Ingix (;sa=send;u=2367) and volfied (;sa=send;u=4118).

Clicking on the links will open a page on the forum where you can write a personal message to them. You can also find them under the same names on the Dominion Online discord server. Click here ( to join that server.