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Title: Toxic players
Post by: Better_than on 23 July 2018, 05:27:11 PM
I just had a game with a player who threatened to "slowroll" (4 min per turn) and then said some impolite things about my mother's profession and family's upcoming medical status. Then they resigned.

Is there a method to report players like this?
Title: Re: Toxic players
Post by: Ingix on 23 July 2018, 06:27:11 PM
The recommended course of action is to blacklist the player at the end-of-game screen (the lighting symbol). If you want to do it now, go to the "Friend List" tab and choose the "Blacklist" button. This should bring up a list of players you have blacklisted and you can add the player you have in mind by putting his (Dominion Online) name into the "Username" edit box and click "Add".