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Title: Is Sauna working properly?
Post by: josh bornstein on 17 December 2018, 08:50:35 AM
21372355.  Playing Sauna + Silver.  This should give me a chance to trash, yes?
Turn 11.  I did not get the chance to trash.
Turn 15.  Again, no chance to trash.
Turn 20.  Here, I DID get the chance to trash (and did so).

I think this is a bug, but I'm not sure.
Title: Re: Is Sauna working properly?
Post by: Ingix on 17 December 2018, 10:39:27 AM
Short: If you use the "Autoplay Treaures" button, or use autobuy, then playing a Silver with Sauna in play will not ask you for trash options. In that case, you have to play the Silver manually, but see below for what to do if you autoplayed your Treasures.

Long: In order to allow  an undo for "Autoplay Treasure" without opponent approval, "Autoplay Treausure" cannot produce any new information for the player. Normally it doesn't, but when you trash something for playing Silver with Sauna in play, it can happen. Examples are trashing an Overgrown Estate or Cultist, which causes the player to draw cards. So in that case, no trash option is offered when autoplaying Silver.
This also shows what to do if you mistakenly autoplayed your Silver but wanted to trash a Copper or other card: Undo the autoplay, then play the Silver(s) manually. Once that is done, you can again autoplay your remaining Treaures, if you want.
Title: Re: Is Sauna working properly?
Post by: josh bornstein on 17 December 2018, 08:43:31 PM
Thanks Ingix,
So, it is a bug (of sorts).  If I had all Treasures, I can see how using AutoPlay would take away the trashing option...I've used all my coins, so there's nothing left to trash.  But it's a bug when there are Curses, Victory Cards, Ruins, etc in my hand.  Even using AutoPlay, those stay in my hand and therefore should (IMO) be able to be trashed via Sauna--even when AutoPlay is clicked on.

It is not a problem in real life games.  But we select AutoPlay so often in online games that it's hard to "unlearn" this behavior in Sauna games.

Sauna does not show up all that often.  So it's not a particularly big deal.  But if this site *wanted* to fix it, I would not complain.  :)  But that would be way down on my list of bugs or fixes.
Title: Re: Is Sauna working properly?
Post by: markus on 17 December 2018, 11:57:34 PM
My opinion is that it's better this way. In the typical Sauna/Avanto game you eventually play a bunch of Saunas and Silvers and don't want to trash e.g. Provinces in your hand. At this point, it has always annoyed me to click the decline buton several times.
If you want to trash something, it's more natural to click the Silver, do your trashing and then play all other treasures.