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Title: City card
Post by: grahsand on 27 January 2019, 07:12:41 PM
When you play City it states that when there is an empty supply then you will get an extra card, are Curses or Ruins considered in the supply?  When those cards are empty, City does not give you extra cards or buys, etc.
Title: Re: City card
Post by: Rabid on 27 January 2019, 07:39:05 PM
Yes they are both supply piles.
It usually works.
Do you have a game number where it didn't work please?
For example with both curse and ruins pile empty I get:
R plays a City.
R draws a Watchtower.
R gets +2 Actions.
R draws a Ruined Market.
R gets +$1.
R gets +1 Buy.
Title: Re: City card
Post by: grahsand on 28 January 2019, 08:34:25 AM
Unfortunately, I did not log the game number. I was just making sure I did not misunderstand the card. I understand there may be glitches. This was not the first time I played it where it did not work under those exact scenarios.
Title: Re: City card
Post by: Ingix on 28 January 2019, 11:18:56 AM
Thanks for reporting the issue, grahsand! Just like Rabid, I tried to recreate the situation with Ruins and Curses and City, but it worked as it should.

If you see this happen again, please write down the game number, and post here again with that number.

A bit of explanation: With so many players playing, the *big bugs* that happen all the time and do something completely wrong are usually found immediately. The smaller bugs that maybe happen only while interacting with other cards are also found relatively fast, because there are just so many games played.

But there are also bugs that manifest themselves only if specific circumstances happen and then get strange results (like being reported in the end-of-game screen that you final deck contained -1 Embargo card). If we have game number(s) for those rare events, we can find out what the common situation is, and we can replay the game and vary what's done to see which special play causes the bug.

That's why having the game number is so important to finding the bug, lots of work can be done to help find the root cause.