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Title: Want to cancel gold / get a refund
Post by: benchan on 25 March 2019, 11:47:16 AM
I'm sick of the childish, abusive, racist players on this game:

"OxfordGarden:  stop being inane
OxfordGarden:  are you Chinese?
OxfordGarden:  Chan surely sounds Chinese to me
OxfordGarden:  Ben Chan?
benchan:  Sorry friend
benchan:  Swing and a miss
OxfordGarden:  do you play piano and violin?
OxfordGarden:  hahahaha
benchan:  Woops
benchan:  Sorry
OxfordGarden disconnected.
OxfordGarden reconnected.
Undo request was denied.
OxfordGarden left the table.
OxfordGarden:  I'm going to force you to resign, you Mr. Inane stupidity"

For 1, I was waiting for an undo and then somehow was forced to resign despite waiting on his undo cancel, which is a game play issue.

But worse than that is the constant stream of people cursing at you in german, people whining and cursing. This game either shouldn't have a chat box or should have some enforcement of decency, but it seems like there is no moderation whatsoever, which makes me feel like no matter how much I like the game itself I will always be stuck playing with a bunch of angry, lonely losers taking out their issues on me.

So, I want to cancel my gold, delete my account, and get a refund.

If the company every grows up and pays attention to the user experience I'll come back one day.
Title: Re: Want to cancel gold / get a refund
Post by: Ingix on 25 March 2019, 12:27:40 PM
I'm sorry for the bad experience you had. Whiners and cursers happen from time to time, but you seem to have gotten them in a continuous stream. For the cancel/refund, I suggest you contact the developer (Stef) directly:;sa=send;u=3

Now, I'd like some help from you to understand the undo/resign problem you described. Was the Undo-Request from you or your opponent?
Title: Re: Want to cancel gold / get a refund
Post by: KathyV2015 on 05 April 2019, 01:31:04 PM
When people are unpleasant or leave me hanging without resigning (usually because they are losing) or if I just don't like playing with them, I just add them to my blacklist.  I have been playing for quite sometime and my blacklist has gotten pretty long, but it works well for keeping unpleasant experiences to a minimum.  they still happen every now and then and it does really upset me, but it takes all kinds, I guess.  One thing that is really weird is that some of the worst people, who have been on my blacklist for a long time actually have the nerve to put friend requests in and although I don't befriend them and they remaining my blacklist, their friend request doesn't disappear.  Some of the early ones, a few, were actually trolls, who had no business being on the site in the first place and I can't understand why they haven't been eliminated.  All and all these are just minor annoyances, because the blacklist thing really does work great.