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Title: Dominion World Cup 2020 (Sign-Ups open until January 2)
Post by: amoffett11 on 05 November 2019, 05:20:00 PM
Hi Everyone!  We are excited to once again be holding the Dominion World Cup. 

You can find the form to sign up for the 2020 Dominion World Cup here: (

You will need to include your username and the country you will be representing.  You can choose either your country of birth or your country of residence / citizenship.  In order to participate in the tournament, you will need to play one match a week from January 22 for up to 6 weeks afterwards.

You will also need a Discord ID; the Dominion World Cup has its own Discord server, which will be the tournament hub for match announcements, channels exclusive to each team, and any and all World Cup discussion.  Once you’ve signed up, one of the World Cup organizers / moderators will give you your team role so you can be added to your team channel (this might not happen right away).

Sign-Up Deadline:  January 2 0000 UTC

World Cup Discord invite:   World Cup Discord (
Dominion Discord invite (for all other things Dominion):   Dominion Discord (

To view the tournament rules:  World Cup Rules (

Teams are made up of four or more players (plus alternates if they are available).  If a country does not have four or more players, there may be opportunities for players to form a team from another country who is short players, if there is space in the tournament for more teams.  Likewise, a country with 8 or more sign-ups may be eligible to form a second team, if there is space in the tournament for more teams. 

You can look at the current sign-ups / teams here:   Current Sign-Ups (

Thanks, and have fun!