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Title: Display Deck Size
Post by: ctlockey on 24 December 2019, 03:21:04 PM
It would be nice to know how many cards are in the deck and discard piles. Cards such as Gardens are tough to judge when to purchase in virtual game play when deck size is not known. Even though you are not supposed to count your deck in normal gameplay, the visual thickness of the deck is a good indicator of when its time to start buying Gardens. It is also good to know the size of the deck or discard pile in general, in order to understand if you need to trash more cards with Chapel, for example.
Title: Re: Display Deck Size
Post by: loschmidt on 21 April 2020, 04:08:12 AM
Me and my regular playing buddies 100% want this as an optional feature. I know that the counter of your draw deck size is there, but somewhere having a total deck size counter would really help. You really lose the visual/physical effect of playing very large or very small decks when you're not sure about the size of your discard. You can only really tell every time you reshuffle.