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Title: Inheritance: Estates artwork not showing inherited card
Post by: blamelewis on 15 January 2020, 06:52:17 AM
Hi folks,

played two games with Inheritance today and neither had the Estates showing the inherited card, as they did previously - indeed no way I could see to be reminded of what card you'd inherited!


Title: Re: Inheritance: Estates artwork not showing inherited card
Post by: Ingix on 15 January 2020, 08:05:37 AM
It's not a bug, though non-optimal at the moment.

Inheritance and some other cards were changed by errata in September 2019. You can read the full announcement post and the following discussion here:

For Inheritance, the new wording is

Inheritance: Event, $7
Once per game: Set aside a non-Command Action card from the Supply costing up to $4. Move your Estate token to it. (During your turns, Estates are also Actions with "Play the card with your Estate token, leaving it there.")

That means that unlike before, Estates don't take on abilities of the card they inherit, they "only" become Action cards and gain the ability to play the set aside card (and, similar to Capitalism your Inheritance now affects all Estates, but only during your turns).

Since the changing picture was a used to mark "shapeshifters", and those no longer exist, Estate doesn't show it either. It just turns into a card with the usual layout of artwork on top and textbox below.

When it's not an Action (on your opponent's turns who hasn't bought Inheritance yet), that's all it is, on your turns it will become an Action, say so in the type line and get the familiar Green/White border.

If you want to find out what card you inherited, you need to hover your mouse over your status bar (on the lower left wehre it shows your name, VP etc.). It will show all cards that are set aside, often with an "explainig card" on top, like a Gear card if the cards are set aside with Gear. The inherited card will be alone, because the "explaining card" would be the Inheritance, which has a different aspect ratio and wouldn't fit in the given space. So I left that out when I programmed the "explaining cards"  :(