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Title: Counterfeit a Magic Lamp
Post by: WhiteRabbit1981 on 11 July 2020, 01:02:40 PM
Dear Stef or maybe Donald?

I am not sure if this is actually a bug or intended. So i counterfeited a magic lamp.

Magic Lamp: When you play this, if there are at least 6 cards that you have exactly 1 copy of in play, trash this. If you do, gain 3 Wishes from their pile.   

Counterfeit: When you play this, you may play a Treasure from your hand twice. If you do, trash that Treasure.
FAQ Counterfeit: If you use Counterfeit to play a Treasure that does something special when you play it (such as another Counterfeit), you will do that thing twice.

I think, it should happen as following:
1) i play counterfeit as my 5th unique card
2) i follow the instructions step by step
3) counterfeit reads:: you may play a treasure [...]
4) i play magic lamp counterfeited
5) magic lamp counts 5 unique cards, plus itself as the sixth card. Three wishes are granted.
6) counterfeit reads:: [...] twice  [...]
7) i play magic lamp again
8) magic lamp counts fife unique cards, plus itself as the sixth card. Three wishes are granted.
9) counterfeit reads: If you do (check: yes i did), trash that Treasure.
10) magic lamp gets trashed, leaving me with five unique cards

Actually, this happened:

W plays a Counterfeit. (+$1)
W gets +1 Buy.
W plays a Magic Lamp. (+$1)
W trashes a Magic Lamp.
Counterfeit can no longer move Magic Lamp (it already moved).
W gets 1 VP from Tomb.
W gains 3 Wishes.
W plays a Magic Lamp again. (+$1)

I understand that the 2nd Magic Lamp did not grant wishes, because it did not count enough unique cards as it already trashed itself. But in my understanding, that is wrong (see above): Magic Lamp should count 6 cards twice, then get trashed.

Am i wrong, or is ShuffleIt wrong? Please, if possible, include a detailed explanation why the lamp is trashed in between.

Best regards,
Title: Re: Counterfeit a Magic Lamp
Post by: Ingix on 11 July 2020, 01:26:57 PM
Thanks for the detailed report, WhiteRabbit1981!

FYI, in cases where more info is needed to determine if something is a bug or not, it is immensely helpful if you can state the game id of the game in question. But in this case, what you copied from the log was enough.

W plays a Magic Lamp. (+$1)
W trashes a Magic Lamp.

Note that Magic Lamp trashes itself when it finds enough (6+) unique cards:


In other words, the Magic Lamp being trashed had nothing to do with Counterfeit's trashing, the scenario would have played out the same if the Counterfeit was a Crown, for example.

So in your scenario, there are actually 2 reasons why you can't gain 3 Wishes the second time:

1) The way you wrote it, the Magic Lamp was the 6th unique card in play. When it is played a second time, it is itself no longer in play, so it finds only 5 unique cards now, so doesn't grant Wishes.

2) The Wishes being granted is also contingent on the "If you do" clause, referring to the card being trashed (see card text above). On the second playing, you didn't trash the Magic Lamp, so no Wishes.

Reason 1) can of course be circumvented by having more unique cards, but reason 2) will always "kill" this combo. In fact, those wordings are usually made to do exactly that: Prevent certain "one shot" cards to be exploited by "play something multiple times" cards (Counterfeit here, usually Throne Room for Actions).