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Dominion Online Championship 2018 / Welcome
« on: 08 July 2018, 10:32:55 PM »
Hello Dominion players,

Welcome to the 2018 Dominion Online Championship! Besides the Dominion League, which operates around the year, the Dominion Online Championship is a once per year tournament open to all Gold subscribers. Last year, more than 350 players participated. If you dare step into the ring, we wish you the best of luck, as everybody vying for the title will be giving it their all. Remember to think carefully about the kingdoms set before you and the strategies your opponents will use, and above all else, have fun!

You will find all the information for this tournament in this subforum. Please make sure to read the rules carefully before signing up. If you've signed up, don't forget to check the forum when the tournament starts on September 17th. We recommend forwarding personal messages on this forum to your e-mail, if you don't visit this forum frequently.

If anything is unclear, don't hesitate to ask, either here or in the Q&A thread.

Here is the format summed up:

After everyone is signed up, we will create a full bracket seeded by your rank on the leaderboard. It's a single elimination tournament, that means after you lost a match (not a game), you are out. All matches are 2 player matches.

Each round, you have one week to play your match, which consists of six games against your opponent; the first person to win more than three games moves on to the next round, the loser is eliminated. If you end up playing 3-3, you play an additional deciding game.

We will continue to play one round each week until we reach the finals and subsequently have a winner.

The semifinalists will earn some sweet cash prizes, including 500€ for the Champion!

To participate, you need to have a current Gold subscription (all sets up to and including Nocturne) between September 14th and November 7th. Also you must have played atleast 20 rated games on your account before September 14th.

You can check your current subscription status in the Account tab of the game. All expansions should be in color and have an ending date 2018-11-07 or later. Look here, under 'pending subscription', for detailed instructions if you need to buy a subscription.

Looking forward to an exciting tournament!

Dominion Online Championship 2018 / Signups Q&A
« on: 08 July 2018, 10:18:47 PM »
This thread is for question regarding the signups, rules or anything else on your mind. Please ask them here instead of the Signups thread.

Basic info:

Signups are open until September 10th, the tournament starts September 17th.

Your commitment to the tournament is one match containing up to seven games per week until you are eliminated (single elimination).

Your skill level/forum activity is irrelevant, everybody may signup. Please make sure you're active during the tournament, though. If you signed in and something comes up, please make a new post in the signup thread to say you want to cancel your sign-in.

Also, check out the rules for further information.

Hey everyone,

if you want to participate in the tournament, please use this thread to sign up.
Check out the post below this a bit later to find out if everything is OK for your signup or if there are problems that need to be addressed.

If your username on Dominion Online is different from your forum username, please mention it in your post. Please remember that your account should have the required Gold subscription lasting until November 7th or later and 20 rated games played by September, 14th.

The tournament will start on September, 17th. Signups officially end on September, 10th. There may be a few more spots available to fill up the bracket, but if you want to garuantee your spot, sign up before the deadline.

Please use this thread only to sign up. You can ask questions or make comments here and read the rules here. Other types of comments will be moved/removed from here. If you need to sign out, make a new post to say so.

Summary: You must have a current Gold subscription to play. That means being subscribed to every expansion (up to and including Nocturne), between September 14th until at least November 7th. Also, you need to have 20 rated games by September 14th.

Dominion Online Championship 2018 / Rules
« on: 08 July 2018, 10:07:28 PM »
1. Eligibility to participate
1.1 To enter the tournament you must have a dominon.games Gold subscription starting on or before September 14th and continuing until at least November 7th. The Gold subscription contains all currently available expansions that are available online, the newest one being Nocturne.
1.2 Your account must also have at least 20 rated games played (by September 14th).
1.3 Each person may only enter once.
1.4 Shuffle iT employees and users who have been permanently banned may not participate in this tournament.
1.5 Moderators (see the end of this document) also may not participate in this tournament.

2.1 The organizers of the tournament provide a prize pool of 1000€ for the Top 4 finishers. Distribution:
    - 1st: 500€; 2nd: 300€ 3rd: 150€ 4th: 50€.
2.2 If more than 256 people participate in the tournament, players knocked out in the quarterfinals (5th-8th) will receive 6 months of Gold subscription added to their current subscription.

3.Tournament structure
3.1 The tournament will be a single elimination bracket.
3.2 All players will be seeded based on the 2 Player Shuffle iT leaderboard (as of Saturday, September 15th).
3.3 If the first round does not have a full bracket (e.g. exactly 256 or 512 players) the highest seeded players will receive byes in the first round 1, with a full bracket beginning in the second round.

4.Match structure
4.1 All matches are 2 player matches.
4.1 Best of 6 games, a win counts for 1 point, a tie for 0.5 points.
4.2 If either player reaches 3.5 points, the match is over and the winning player moves on to the next round.
4.3 Both players get to start 3 games. Alternate the starting player after each game. Starting player in the first game should be determined randomly.
4.5 If the score is 3-3 after 6 games, play a deciding 7th game with a random starting player.
4.6 If the 7th game is a tie according to the Dominion rules, the 2nd player in that game wins the match.
4.7 Should a game end in a stalemate, the result is void and the game will be replayed. (It is not counted as a tie.)
A stalemate is a game state where both parties do not alter the gamestate for several turns and do not intend to in the foreseeable future.
If player's do not mutually agree that a stalemate has occurred, players shall continue play for at least 10 more turns. After 10 turns have been completed, the player that disputes that a stalemate has occurred must break the stalemate within five turns by gaining more cards from the supply than they return, or gaining more VP (or losing less) than their opponent. At any point for the remainder of the game, if the disputing player is unable to gain more cards than they return, or gain more VP than their opponent over any 5 turn period, the game is declared a stalemate, and the game must be replayed.

5.1 The tournament starts on Monday, 17th September. There will be one round played each week.
5.2 Players are responsible for scheduling a suitable time with their opponent to complete the match during the week.
5.2 You can sign up until Monday 10th September.
5.2.1 Late registrations until Friday, September 14th are possible until we reach a full bracket (256, 512 etc).

6.1 Once the bracket is released, contact your opponent as soon as possible via PM on this forum to schedule your match.
6.2 If your opponent has not communicated with you by Wednesday, 12 UTC in the week you are supposed to be playing, please contact the moderators.
6.3 Your match should be scheduled to occur before Monday, 6 UTC of the following week.
6.4 If your opponent does not show up to the match, you move forward to the next round (allow a grace period of 15 minutes).

7.1 The default is playing on the Shuffle iT platform (dominion.games), with the point counter enabled, on fully random sets including all expansions up to Nocturne.
7.2 The default match configuration may be changed by mutual agreement between both players. (e.g. disable point counter, always include/exclude some cards, etc.).
7.3 Playing rated games is recommended for documentation purposes. If you do not, please write down the exact game numbers for each game (found in the chat box at the start of each game).
7.4 Using card trackers is forbidden. A card tracker is any system (besides the Dominion Online platform) at least partially automated, that keeps track of where cards you can't currently see are.

8.1 Please allow spectating for your tournament matches.
8.2 To enforce fair play, all players should hide their hand from spectators by setting the option "spectators can see my cards" to "No". This option is found under the "Options" tab on the main screen.
8.3 Also, make sure the table setting "Players can see spectator chat" is not enabled. This setting is found under the "Advanced Options" when setting up your table.
8.4 Streaming your own match is allowed and encouraged. Setting a few minutes delay is recommended.
8.5 From Quarterfinals onwards, every match will be streamed. Moderators may influence the scheduling to ensure no overlaps. The Players will not be penalized if this leads to a delay in the schedule.
8.6 The third party streams will be screened with a 10 minute delay and the live spectating will be limited to the streamers.
8.7 A dominionstreams Administrator account that has special spectating privileges will be used to view and stream the match.

9.1 Granting any undo requests is at the discretion of each player.
9.2 In the spirit of friendliness, we encourage (but do not require) players to grant undo requests for choices that do not provide new information.
9.3 Players may come to a different agreement before the match.

10. Handling Disconnects
10.1 If you disconnect during a game, use the reconnect feature. If your opponent is disconnected, do not make use of the "make resign" feature. This will not be counted as winning the game.
10.2 If the disconnect takes an extended amount of time, write down the game number and reload the game (latest decision) at a later date.
10.3 Instructions for using the reload game feature can be found here
10.4 If reloading the game fails, complete the remaining games of the match first. If no player has reached 3.5 points after completing the remaining games, contact your moderator about the lost game.

11.Sportsmanlike Conduct
11.1 As in every other game on the platform, sportsmanlike conduct is expected. Verbal abuse or slowplaying (not to be confused with taking time to think) may lead to a disqualification.
11.2 Keep in mind that in a competitive situation such as this tournament, players take a long time to consider a play. Do not make use of the "make resign" feature if your opponent is thinking.
11.3 If you are unsure of why your opponent is taking a long time to make a play, you should ask them to explain the situation.
11.4 Be respectful of your opponents time. You should make an effort to focus on the game and play at a reasonable speed. Inform your opponent if you are considering a complex play that may take a long time to decide on.
11.5 If you feel your opponent is breaking the rules of conduct, you may suspend the match and contact your moderator.
11.6 For any conflicts not covered under these rules, please contact your moderator, who will have the final say on the issue.

Moderators are: drsteelhammer, Gazbag, Ingix and volfied.

Clicking on the links will open a page on the forum where you can write a personal message to them. You can also find them under the same names on the Dominion Online discord server. Click here to join that server.

Card Bugs / Gaining/buying Estates when inheriting Nomad Camp
« on: 12 February 2018, 11:37:29 AM »
A thread on forum.dominionstrategy.com (Inheritance and Nomad Camp) revealed an (esoteric) bug when inheriting Nomad Camp (or generally an Action card with a non-default gain location, but I think Nomad Camp is the only one at the moment).

When buying Estates in that case, they become 'yours' (and hence have all abilities of Nomad Camp) before they are gained, so they are gained to your deck.

When gaining them in another way (say Workshop), they are just Estates before the gain, so are gained to your discard pile (where they have the Nomad Camp ability, but which is now "to late" to apply).

Dominion Online gains the card to the discard pile in both cases (incorrect for buy, correct for other 'gain').

General Discussion / Sauna autoplay: How excatly?
« on: 18 December 2017, 07:09:26 PM »
Is Gladiator slated for Autoplay implementation?

Now that I've had a taste of Autoplay, I find myself right-clicking on tons of different cards trying to turn it on. "Okay, I'm done trashing for this game, let's set my Sauna/Silver interaction to never trash."

In my 'perfect world', I could select a list of cards I would want to trash with Sauna, and it would only ask me when one of those cards was in my hand. The list would probably start as "Curse, Copper, Estate, <Ruins>, <Shelters>", and maybe late game I would start to keep the Estates.

Card Bugs / (solved in 1.3.7): Problem with 'multiplying' reserve cards
« on: 15 December 2017, 09:49:15 PM »
Version 1.3.6 contains unfortunately a bug that causes Duplicate and Royal Carriage effects (maybe other cards as well) to 'multiply'. You can gain 3 additional copies of a card with just 2 Duplicates, for example. You don't get more actual Reserve cards, you can just get more uses out of them if several of them are on the Tavern mat at the same time and something happens that allows you to call them.

Card Bugs / Schemeing a Princed card will not cause Prince to loose track
« on: 04 December 2017, 02:34:20 PM »
When a card that has been played via Prince is schemed, the game should ask if the Prince set aside effect or the Scheme topdeck effect should occur (or maybe not, the new wording of Scheme makes it sound as if it takes precedence). But obviously, only one effect can happen, the other will loose track of the card.

But what actually happens is that the Scheme topdeck effect occurs, but Prince doesn't loose track, playing the card next turn anyway. For example, load game #9324410 as Inigx. In turn 8 Ingix Princed a Hamlet, which got played normally at the start of Ingix' turn 9. Then a Scheme was played. That's the situation at the last decision of that game.

If the turn is ended and the Hamlet gets Schemed, then Scheme will topdeck the card and Ingix will draw it during the draw phase. After Lord Rat has had his turn, the Prince will automatically play the Hamlet out of Ingix' hand on his turn 10! I don't think that's correct.

In a recent game I used Overlord to copy a Page just to get the cycling effect. The autoplay setting for Page was set to "Default is Exchange", so the game automatically exchanged the Overlord for a Treasure Hunter during Cleanup. That also happens if you have your Inheritance token on a Page and play an Estate.

The same thing probably also happens with Urchin, Settlers, Busting Village and may be relevant for inherited Estate-Crowns in your hand.

My opinion is that Overlord/Band of Misfits (BoM)  should not 'take over' the autoplay settings of their copied card, because the copy is only temporary and my usual ideas about how to deal with played Pages are different from how to deal with played Overlords. OTOH, the change due to Inheritance is permanent for the game, so I think they should apply. If I want to keep my Estate-Pages (maybe for a Baron), I can set autoplay for the 1 inherited card to "off" for this game and decide on an individual basis.

What are your opinions on that?

This is a list of a few bugs related to cost reductions, certain zones and Inheritance. They may be related, so I'm presenting them here in one post:

1) Cards in a discard pile are (visually) not affected by cost reducers. See picture 1, with a Quarry and Villa in play, and a Villa on top of a discard pile. The Villa in play is correctly cost reduced to $2, the Villa on top of the discard pile still shows a cost of $4. The same effect happens with Highway, so this is probably not a specific card error. Also other zones are unaffected (tested trash, Native Village mat, Prince).

2) Cards in hand are visually affected by cost reducers, except inherited Estates. See picture 2, with a Quarry in play and a Ranger in hand reduced from $4 to $2, but the Estate-Courtyard still shown as costing $2 (it should be reduced to $0).

1) and 2) are visual problems, it is unclear if they extend to the actual game play. Mostly card costs matter for buying/gaining (so important for cards in the supply, not affected by Inheritance) and "trash for benefit" effects (Remodel,...), which means the trashed Estate is no longer inherited by the time the game is interested in its cost.

3) Chariot Race compares costs of cards not in play but under a player's control, so can be used to check if 1) and 2) are only visual problems. Unfortunately, at least for 2) the problem is real. In game #8539349 (Picture 3) on turn 13 Ingix plays 2 Charior Races, the last comparing costs of an Estate for each player. The game awared no VP in this case, which is generally correct but not in this case, as Ingix' Estate was just a Victory card 8still costing $2), while his opponent's was inherited and should have been cost reduced by the Quarry in play to $0.

As has been reported by majiponi on discord (thanks!), the game will freeze if you buy Bonfire but have less than 2 cards in play. His example was game #8350163, if you reload at the end as majiponi and buy Bonfire (with only a Copper in play), the game will freeze.

When you play a Forge, it prompts you 2 times to do something: At first it asks you to trash cards, then to select a card to gain.

The prompt in the log area is OK, but the prompt in the central information area (where the active players' Actions, Buys and money are displayed) looks like it is simply the log prompt that has been cut off at some (inappropiate) point:

1st prompt
Log prompt:               Trash any number of cards from your hand.
information area prompt:  Trash any number

2nd prompt
Log prompt:               Gain a card costing exactly 2.
information area prompt:  Gain a card costing

(See attached screenshot).
The German and Russian version seem to be fine, there the text in the information area is a (meaningfully) shortened version of the prompt.

Interface Issues / First time prompt for Pirate ship is confusing
« on: 26 October 2017, 04:09:51 PM »
When you play a Pirate Ship with no Coin tokens on your Pirate Ship mat, the prompt in the log area that wants you to decide between "attack mode" and "gain money mode" reads:

Choose one: + or attack.

The same sentence appears in the central information area.

I assume that because there are no Coin tokens on your Pirate Ship mat, the "0 coin" value that is about to be displayed gets removed because "0 coins is nothing".

Interface Issues / Known interface problems
« on: 25 October 2017, 06:08:05 PM »
    Just as with the known card bugs, I went backwards through this forum and list here the known interface bugs/problems. This is meant as a resource for players (I try to include workarounds and mitigations) as well as for the developers (when working on object X, what needs fixing).

    Ingix (2017/11/17)

Missing information
  • States:
    • Information unavailable: The game shows only the states of the current player in the central information area. Without consulting the log it is impossible to find that information out at other times, even for yourself.
  • Necromancer, Prince, Scheme, Travellers, ...:
  • Archive, Crypt, Faithful Hound, Gear, Haven, Possession, Save:
    • Information unavailable: Some cards set themselves (or other cards) aside, to be returned to a player's hand or another zone later. When set aside, they should at least be listed under the "Set Aside" heading of the view you get when you hover the mouse over a player's info box. To get an even better play experience, the cards should be visually related to the source of the effect that set them aside.

Confusing interface
  • Hamlet:
    • Unclear consequences: The new interface for Hamlet since 1.3.6. does not make it clear that by choosing the "Discard for Buy" option first, one 'forfeits' the right to use "Discard for Action". The interface is 'symmetric' ("Discard for Action" and "Discard for Buy" seem equally valid choices), but the effects are not (the order (as indicated by card text) is first discard for Action, then discard for Buy).
      • Workaround: Remember to use the "Discard for Action" first if you intend to use it at all.
      • Possible solutions:
        • Prepend "1st" to "Discard for Actions" and "2nd" to "Discard for Buy" to hint at the order of execution.
        • Use "Discard for Buy only" when showing both buttons (keep "Discard for Buy" when showing the options after "Discard for Actions" has already been executed).
      • Forum thread: Hamlet not giving “both” discard options
      • present in 1.3.9
  • Plan your clean-up:
    • Order unclear: During cleanup, some effects (Scheme, Herbalist, Alchemist, Traveller exchange,...) need to be ordered. Since many of those effects deal with putting cards on top of a player's deck, the UI for that "Plan your clean-up"-box can be misleading (because the following isn't discoverable without trying): The effect that ends up on top of the list will be executed first, which means it will put a card in the lowest position on the deck among all cards that are put there at this time.
  • Royal Carriage/Coin of the Realm:
    • Missing context information: If you have a Royal Carriage or Coin of the Realm on the Tavern mat and play a Sauna-Avanto chain, at the end of the chain you will be presented in the log prompt with a list of "Call Royal Carriage/Coin of the Realm" options (one for each Sauna/Avanto that you played). This list has no context information, which means you don't know if clicking a given option for Royal Carriage will replay a Sauna or an Avanto. The problem is not that important for Coin of the Realm, as its effect doesn't depend on the card.
      • Workaround: None
      • Forum thread: Sauna-Avanto with Royal Carriage
      • present in 1.3.8: You have 2 Royal Carriages on the Tavern mat. Play an Avanto-Sauna-Avanto chain, then guess what the 6 identical promts to call a Royal Carriage all mean.
  • Debt cards in reveal window:
    • Confusing information: Debt cards with no coin cost are shown in a reveal window (Black Market, Sentry, Lookout,...) with a cost of 0 coins plus the debt cost.
      • Workaround: None, but it seems to be of no consequence.
      • Source: Limetime on discord
      • present in 1.3.9
  • Fortune:
    • Incorrect information: If the Gladiator/Fortune pile is emtpy, the pile is shown as an empty Action pile with the incorrect cost of 3 coin, 8 debt.
  • Black Market:
    • UI different from similar case: Buying cards from Black Market uses an interface that is partly opposite to the one that is used for buying cards during the buy phase. Instead of the button to autoplay treasure cards, at the same position is a button that stops playing treasures.
  • Cards visible in opponent's hand:
    • Inconsistent information: Some effects that reveal cards in hand to all players have those cards stay revealed in the revealing player's hand after the effect. However, this is applied inconsistently (works for some effects but not for others) and can obscure the number of cards in a player's hand. The developer explained that the game client knows about cards going from public zones to a hand, but doesn't take into account cards that are actually revealed from a hand.
  • Tower points in end-of-game screen:
    • Inconsistent information: Sometimes the points from Tower are not listed correctly in the detailed points list (they are taken into account in the overall result score). This is most probably related to piles becoming empty, then non-empty later.
      • Workaround: None.
      • Forum threads: Tower points not visible on endscreen, Points Confusion with Tower
      • present in #12949686 as Ingix. The Magpie pile is empty, the Ambassador pile only has one card left. If you resign now, the end-of-game screen will correctly list 9 Magpies and give you 9 points from Tower for them. If you use Workshop to gain the last Ambassador and then resign, the game will correctly list 9 Magpies, 9 Ambassadors and give you 18 points from Tower for them. However, if you first gain then last Ambassador via Workshop, then play one Ambassador and retun the other from your hand to its pile (from where it is then distributed to the opponent, empying the pile again), and then resign, the end-of-game screen will correctly list 8 Ambassadors and 9 Magpies, but only give 9 points in the details section.
        Another example is #12915168 as Earl. If you resign at decision 400, the end-of-game screen lists 7 Smithies and 10 Market Squares for you under Tower, but awards only 8 points. In this case the 'breaking move' was exchanging a Page for a Treasure Hunter at the end of your turn 20, where that was done to prevent a 3-pile ending (Smithy, Market Square, Page).
    • Inconsistent information: If a split pile becomes empty, the tower details list all the cards from that pile as the top card.
  • Ghost Ship/Haunted Castle topdeck order:
    • Inconsistent interface: If you are attacked by a Ghost ship or an opponent gained a Haunted Castle on his turn, you are asked to select the cards in your hand that are to be topdecked. It isn't clear in what order those cards are topdecked. It has been suggested that the usual card order window should be used here.
      • Mitigation: The cards are topdecked in the order you click them, with the first clicked card going on the (current) top of the deck, the next clicked card going on top of it, etc. This means that in the end, the first clicked card ends up the lowest of all topdecked cards, while the last clicked one will be the top of the deck once the effect ends.
      • Forum threads: Ghost Ship Top Deck Ordering, Top Decking Ghost Ship Order
      • present in 1.3.9
  • Enchantress 'pig picture' effect:
    • Incorrect information: If you are under the effect of opponent's Enchantress, all your Action cards in your hand have their picture replaced with a pig picture on your turn until you play your first Action to make that Enchantress effect clear. In some cases this pig picture is shown on a card in hand later in a turn that was affected by Enchantress but where the 'enchanted' card has already been played.
      A sequence of events that leads to this effect is as follows:
      • Opponent has played an Enchantress that affects you.
      • With a start-of-turn effect you draw an Action card A1 you already have a copy of in hand.
      • You play a different Action card A2 as the one affected by opponent's Enchantress.
      In this scenario, if you can play all copies of A1 in your hand, the last remaining one will show the pig picture in hand.
      • Mitigation: If an Enchantress effect affects you, all the Actions cards in your hand should show the pig picture. If only one card does (and others do not), the card will work normally.
      • Forum thread: My emporium keeps the pig art for some reason
      • present in 1.3.9: #8767576 as Accatitippi, see screenshot in above thread, undo to the end of Crisscross' turn 14 and replay the game from there to see the effect. #10099386 as Ingix: Undo to the end of opponent's turn 11 (the following does not work if you undo to the first Action of Ingix in turn 12). You start your turn with 2 Patricians and a Market Square in hand, but draw another Market Square from your previous' turn Enchantress. The top Patrician and Market Square in your hand show a pig picture (correct). If the first Action you play (under Enchantress) is a Market Square, no matter how you play the 3 other Action cards, none will again show the pig picture (correct). If you however play a Patrician, if you play the top Market Square later that turn, the last Market Square under it will show a pig picture (incorrect).
  • Leaderbord detail data:
    • Incorrect information: The Leaderboard tab shows both the leaderboard containing many players (player names with rank and rating) as well as detailed data (μ, φ, σ and game count) for one player (usually the player who is looking at the tab). When switching between the "2 Players" and "3-4 Players" leaderboards, the actual leaderboard adjusts correctly, but the detail data stays the same (still showing the 2 player detail data when watching the 3-4 player leaderboard, for example).
      • Mitigation: You have to click on your name in the leaderboard to update the detail data. You can also click on any other player's name to see their detailed data.
      • Forum thread: 3 people joined my 2-player table after a game
      • present in 1.3.4
  • Boon window for Druid:
    • Moving/vanishing interface: Right-clicking on Druid shows the card itself and the 3 Boons associated with it in the current game. The window with the Boons can jump to a higher position on screen when the opponent plays in their turn. It can also vanish when the opponent plays a Sentry (maybe other cards as well).
      • Mitigation: Clicking inside the Boon reveal window makes it jump between its upper and lower position. If it vanishes, clicking anywhere (to dismiss the big Druid card) and then right-clicking a Druid again will restore the Boon reveal window.
      • Forum thread: Druid: Boons window jumping
      • present in 1.3.4
  • Obscured VP counter:
    • Overlapping interface: When an opponent has a very long username (potentially with many characters that are wide), the info box that contains the name and some game info about that player (debt, pirate counters, VP count, etc.) overflows into the gameplay area. When it meets cards in opponent's hand or deck, the VP count is obscured.
  • "<Player> left the table" - messages:
    • Incorrect message: When a player clicks on the OK-button of the "The game has ended" dialog box, other players get the incorrect message in the chat window that that player has left the table.
  • All players ready, game does not start:
    • Incorrect behaviour/interface: Sometimes after a game ends and players leave/join, all players are shown as ready, but the game does not start. It's unclear if it's a bug with the server communication (the players are all ready and the game doesn't start when it should) or an interface bug (some players are considered "not ready" by the server, but the game client incorrectly shows them as "ready"). A changing number of players may play a role in this behaviour.
  • Matching tab misses playing friends:
    • Incorrect interface: Sometimes players that a player has listed as their friends in the friend list do not show up in their Matching tab, even though they are playing at that time.
  • Possession empties the log, twice:
    • Missing Information: When you are possessing another player, the game reloads to put you in that player's seat. This process truncates or totally empties the game log. This happens again when you return to play as yourself.

  • Log jumping to beginning:
    • Inconvenient interface: After an undo, the game log often jumps back to the beginning, instead of the current state of the game.
  • Moving Kingdom:
    • Inconsistent interface: If the option "Move kingdom and play area" is checked by a player and they grant an undo request, the interface will (on the undo reconnect) be in the spatial configuration (Kingdom on top) that implies it is the granting player's turn, independent from the actual turn the undo request lead to. The same effect happens on a game reload.
      • Mitigation: This effect is transient. When it becomes the granting player's turn, the spatial configuration will jump to the correct one and from here on continue to reflect whose turn it is (until the next such undo request)
      • present in 1.3.8
  • Invisible reveal window:
    • Unusable interface: Some effects show a player the content of their discard pile to select one or more cards from it (Inn, Harbinger, Hermit,...) If they later undo exaxtly to the point where that decision is made, all the other UI elements are there, but the window showing the content of the discard pile is missing.

  • Fear, The Mountain's Gift, The Wind's Gift:
    • Stretched Art: Some art on boons and hexes is slightly off from the version given in the Nocturne rulebook, sometimes missing or adding parts, or stretching the image.
  • Heirlooms:
    • Missing text/art: The cards that have heirlooms attached to them miss the heirloom banner and text of the physical cards indicating their heirloom.

  • Knights:
    • Missing card substitution: When a Knight attacks and there is a choice what to trash from opponent's revealed cards, and one of those revealed cards is itself a Knight, the prompt in the log area helpfully reminds the player that choosing to trash that Knight will cause its own attacking Knight to be trashed as well. It reads (when Sir Destry attacks)
            Choose a card to trash (a Sir Destry will be trashed if you trash CARDS0)
      The CARDS0 should be replaced with the name of the revealed opponent's Knight. In addition, it could be made clearer that it is the attacking player's own Sir Destry that will die in that case.
  • Coin of the Realm/Royal Carriage:
    • Missing verb substitution: When an action card is played via Throne Room, Procession, Band of Misfits (probably others), or outside the action phase (Crown, Werewolf, Caravan Guard) and Coin of the Realm /Royal Carriage triggers from it, the trigger prompt reads (using Pirate Ship as an example)
      You PLAY_INSTRUCTIONS a Pirate Ship and...
      • Call Coin of the Realm

      This should be replaced with something like 'You played a Pirate Ship and may <list options>'.
  • Cultist, Overgrown Estate:
    • Missing verb substitution: When Cultist/Overgrown Estate is trashed, and something else besides its own ability triggers (in this example, Market Square), the prompt in the log area reads:
      You trash a Cultist/Overgrown Estate and...
      • may reveal Market Square.

      The DRAW_INSTRUCTIONS should be replaced with something identifying the kind of draw effect, like "+3 Cards (Cultist)" or "+1 Card (Overgrown Estate)".
  • Trader:
    • Incorrect prompt: Sometimes the prompt for the "would gain" effect of Trader incorrectly says you would "gain nothing" and allows you to reveal Trader.

Account Management
  • Email confirmation:
    • Unclear Status:  If a player has his email address confirmed (and can therefore host games) is not visible from the Account tab. Repeated tries to confirm an (already confirmed) email address result in "Internal Error" messages that are confusing. Possible solutions would be to change the "Confirm" button to a "Confirmed" text when true, or list the last confirmed email below the input field for a new one.
      • Mitigation: You can check if your email is confirmed by trying to host a game. This is done by going to the "My Table" tab and clicking "Ready". If your email is unconfirmed, you will get the error message "You can't host a game before confirming your email".
      • Forum thread : Confirm e-mail gives me an internal error.
      • present in 1.3.4

Browser/OS/Device difficulties
  • Mac:
  • Touch devices:
    • Reveal window: On touch devices it is hard to point to one of the places near the border that causes the reveal window to go up or down.

Fixed bugs


*** This description is outdated as of game version 1.3.2. If you still have the effect of missing landmarks/events with version 1.3.2 or newer, please post a screenshot, if possible, or the game number! ***

Currently there is a problem in the game client that will 'hide' one landmark/event in certain browser window sizes/aspect ratios. The problem is being worked on, but the following things you can do to

a) quickly check if you are potentially affected, and
b) thouroughly check if you are really affected, and
c) mitigate the issue.

A) Check if you are potentially affected:

The problem seems to occur only if both of the following conditions apply:
1) exactly eleven 'square' Kingdom cards    (Young Witch + Bane card, or Looters including Ruin pile into the supply), and
2) no 'banner only' piles  (non-supply card piles like Spoils, Madman or the new boons/hexes that don't have a picture, only a 'banner' with their name)

If both conditions are true and you use at least 2 events/landmarks, then it may happen that exactly one is located in a place that hides it from normal view.

B) What can you do if you are (potentially) affected?

3) Change the size of your browser window, including the aspect ratio (width to height).
4) Go from fullscreen to 'normal' and back to fullscreen.

Creating an extreme aspect ratio in 3) will usually do the trick, like making a very wide window with small height, or a window in portait format that is much taller than wide. If in these cases you don't see an additional event/landmark, then there is none.

C) If you find out that you are affected, you can

5) try to find a browser window size that shows all events/landmarks and is as acceptable to you as possible, or
6) if it is a landmark, you just remember that it is there and does its job, even if it has no visible on-screen implementation.

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