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General Discussion / Issue with Pillage card (read details)
« on: 24 July 2019, 12:45:36 AM »
Playing Definition of Pillage:

Trash this. Each other player with 5 or more cards in hand reveals his hand and discards a card that you choose. Gain 2 Spoils from the Spoils pile.

In Game execution:
Had Pillage on my hand. Ended my buy round with buying Farmland (When you buy this, trash a card from your hand. Gain a card costing exactly $2 more than the trashed card). Used Farmland to trash Pillage and when I did so I got nothing in return. It should have given me at least 2x Spoils - which I wanted.

The card does not say you need to play it first.

Seems something is off.

Started a random match against: akitako

He started the first few rounds at normal speed up then it came to a full halt only for him to play a single card every 4min to avoid the auto-resign option. Yes, he plays a single coin during the buy phase just to avoid having to resign. He pretty much forces the opponent into submission because they tend to value their time more and respect the game.

Its a real person because I requested an undo a few times and they immediately denied it and then during their turn they requested it as well - just playing games here (just not the actual game).

This is unacceptable playing behavior. Waste of time and ethics among other players.

He has about 800 games and who knows are wins due to resignation.

Would like to open this threat to communicate this issue and get others to voice their anger and maybe get something done.

Delete his account so all 800 games are wasted or gone. Block his IP.

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