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I just played a game where I put a Border Guard under Prince. I gained the Horn, and then on my next turn I noticed that my Prince no longer had anything under it.

The Horn had topdecked the Border Guard that was under my Prince.

To make matters even more annoying, I had played other Border Guards normally that turn, and was expecting one of *those* to be topdecked. Not the one under Prince.

I just finished a game where my opponent started by stalling, then played slowly, then spoke disrespectfully, before they finally resigned.

That’s all well and good, and I was intending to dislike the player at the endgame screen.

But when the game ended and I clicked the okay button that usually takes me to the endgame screen, I was instead returned directly to the main menu.

I never saw the endgame screen.

This meant I could not dislike the player directly from the endgame screen, I couldn’t see the player’s name anymore to enter it manually in my blacklist, and I couldn’t find the game id number either.

I don’t know what caused this situation, but I find it problematic that I was unable to view the endgame screen after the game ended.

I would like to request that every player should always get to see the endgame screen for games they play.

Support / Stuck at “Reconnecting” screen
« on: 06 May 2020, 10:01:15 PM »
I just finished a game of Dominion, and at the end game screen I clicked “Ready”. After waiting a while, my opponent had not clicked “Ready”, so I clicked “Leave Table”.

This took me out of the end game screen and brought me back to the main screen.

However, immediately upon the main screen appearing, it went directly to the “Loading Game” screen. But no game loaded.

So I tried refreshing the webpage, and it took to me the “Reconnecting...” screen, where the only available button is “Cancel & Resign”.

None of that should have happened. I left the table, I was back at the main screen, I did not join another game.

Support / Reporting DannyTheD for stalling
« on: 19 March 2020, 05:44:33 AM »
Game #37215204, DannyTheD is repeatedly stalling for minutes at a time doing absolutely nothing.

I was just playing a Menagerie Preview game against a bot. The game ID is 36468748.

On my last turn, I played many Throne Rooms and many Kilns. At various points in the turn, the game froze for a long time. I didn’t check a clock, but it was easily 10 or 15 seconds each. At one point I switched to another browser window for a while, and when I switched back it was still frozen.

I don’t know for sure, but I suspect the game might be having trouble handling multiple stacked Kiln and Throne Room triggers.

General Discussion / Reporting player juntiac for slow-playing
« on: 11 December 2019, 03:16:58 AM »
I just played against juntiac, and they consistently played extremely slowly, taking minutes to choose whenever I played Duchess. At the end of the game, they disconnected and timed out while my Duchess was waiting for their response.

Right now, there is an option for “Spectators can see my cards” which can be set to “yes” or “no”.

Speaking for myself, if a random person I don’t know joins my table, I don’t want them looking at my cards. However, I would be fine with people who I have friended being able to see my cards.

Would it be possible to add a choice for “Only allow spectators who are my friends to see my cards”? This could simply be a choice called “friends” in addition to the “yes” and “no” that are currently available for the “Spectators can see my cards” option.

I am trying to watch replays of old games. Some are games I played in, others are games people have posted on the forums.

However, when I create a new table and load the old game by number, then clicking “Ready” does not start the replay. Instead it pops down an alert sheet with the text “More cards required than available.”

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