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Losers' Bracket / Re: Losers' Bracket Round 4 Matchups & Results
« on: 12 November 2017, 05:05:59 AM »
Me and idontplaythisgame couldn't find a time to fit in our games.

idontplaythisgame conceded.

Thanks idptg.

Losers' Bracket / Re: Losers' Bracket Round 3 Matchups & Results
« on: 31 October 2017, 11:53:11 PM »
morghas 4 - mzdo 0


Interface Issues / Re: Invisible Landmarks
« on: 25 October 2017, 02:51:29 AM »
I had it too, this was the game: #8060015 on oregon

Didnt get a screen shot, sorry.

I could see battlefield which was in the game, but both me and my opponent couldn't see colonnade, I am on an imac and am looking at the screen in the size I have always played dominion on.

Losers' Bracket / Re: Losers' Bracket Round 3 Signups
« on: 13 October 2017, 12:57:02 AM »
I'm in

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Round 2 Matchups & Results
« on: 26 September 2017, 04:36:17 AM »
Morghas 4 - SenseiCAY 0

Morghas wins




Thanks for making a prize pool too! Marvellous news!

General Discussion / Re: General Suggestions
« on: 20 December 2016, 04:24:24 AM »
I haven't been able to find this one.

Ghost ship makes you topdeck two cards but it isn't clear which one is going on the bottom. I think it works as you would hope, the first one you click goes on the bottom but it wasn't at all obvious. Maybe as well as the yellow cross that marks which ones are being topdecked, add some text. Maybe 'bottom' and top' or '1st' and '2nd' or something to make it clear?


Card Bugs / Re: Possession Freeze
« on: 17 December 2016, 08:08:24 AM »
I just logged in again for the first time since the possession freeze and I was logged into the same game and it was my turn and working again! Epic! So I continued playing and when I possessed Lord Rattington again the same thing happened. So I possess him, he then has his turn and my next turn gets stuck waiting for the Lord. I refreshed the page, logged in again and was returned to the game with it working again.

Card Bugs / Possession Freeze
« on: 16 December 2016, 03:52:32 AM »
Hey hey!

Been loving the new implementation so far, this is the first thing I have bumped into. Sorry if it has been posted but I can find anything.

Was playing against Lord Rattington, I possessed him, I had his next turn, he had his turn after, then when it was my turn again it got stuck 'waiting for 'Lord Rattington'.

I have attached a JPG of how the screen ended up in case it helps.

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