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Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Semifinals Matchups & Results
« on: 16 November 2017, 02:03:02 AM »
jsh 4-1 SamE

General Discussion / Re: When Are you a respectable player?
« on: 11 November 2017, 09:21:09 PM »
For reference, I hover around Level 60-61.

I think the ratings don't always tell the full story, but typically, when I'm automatching, I expect players at Level 53 or above to be capable of outplaying me, but it isn't really consistent unless they are at least Level 58. I would estimate that most players at Level 50 or so are 'good' at Dominion. Below 50, there is just a lot of variety. On my alt account, I have seen players in the 40s play like some of the best players and also players who didn't seem to understand key cards. So I'm going with a rough estimate of Level 50 as a 'good player.'

Still, it's a card game and sometimes the best players even miss a good strategy, so really anyone can beat anyone. You just can't judge by individual games or ratings at times.

General Discussion / Re: Does a 'Resign' count as a win?
« on: 09 November 2017, 09:21:33 PM »
And I think that it is rude and impolite to resign at all. If we are playing in person, face to face, I can understand it, but not only. Games online are short and if someone is loosing with a lot and can not catch up, that means that the game will finish in the next couple of rounds.

So what is the point to resign? To move on? I love Dominion and even when I am loosing, I want to give the deserved respect for the winner and wait until he finish the game.

This is less true than I would like in many instances. :p
Maybe 25% of the time when I resign it's because I know the remainder of a losing game is going to take me at least 10 more minutes.

Feature Requests / Re: Ban n Cards in Rated Games
« on: 08 November 2017, 02:53:43 AM »
Is this going to be implemented, does anyone know? Having to so frequently see the handful of cards that ruin my game experience is the main thing stopping me from playing more.

It is. Right now, Stef is busy working out some mandatory stuff for the final Nocturne release, but the ban n cards feature is already somewhat in-the-works.

Incidentally, today a release came out that banned Possession in rated games as a "Preview." Eventually, you'll be able to select the cards you actually want banned.

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Quarterfinals Matchups & Results
« on: 07 November 2017, 04:08:22 PM »
jsh 4-3 Skies

All games rated

Feature Requests / Re: Disallow Spectators in Rated Games
« on: 03 November 2017, 12:26:50 AM »
@jsh: I don't think you can prevent spectators entirely, but at least you can turn off their chat by setting "Show spectator chat to players" to "No" generally or in the table settings. If you are concerned about your playing experience, that may (partially) help.

But with dominion.lauxnet.com and game reloads, there is no way to prevent anyone to analyze your games afterwards, if they so desire.

I am aware you can't, which is why I request the feature. It's not about chat so much as just not necessarily wanting people watching me at that moment.

Feature Requests / Disallow Spectators in Rated Games
« on: 02 November 2017, 06:34:38 PM »
I would really appreciate an option in the main option menus to entirely disallow spectators. The average player probably doesn't encounter my situation, but I get spectators in roughly 100% of games when I have activity tracking allowed. When it's off, somehow people still find my games. Usually, I'm fine with people watching my games, but sometimes I really just want to play without people watching me or evaluating my plays. (or worse, chatting when I don't feel like it)

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Round 6 Matchups & Results
« on: 24 October 2017, 12:06:37 AM »
Jsh 4 - 2 jeebus
All rated

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Round 5 Matchups & Results
« on: 17 October 2017, 04:49:46 PM »
jsh 4-0 Mike Thicke

game 1: mike starts
j wins

game 2: jsh starts
j wins

game 3: mike starts
j wins

game 4: jsh starts
j wins

General Discussion / Re: Block without reporting
« on: 09 October 2017, 11:24:18 AM »
Please don't worry about this. Getting reported does not automatically mean someone is under ban consideration. It's only part of the data.

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Round 4 Matchups & Results
« on: 09 October 2017, 01:35:07 AM »
jsh 4-1 benedettosoxfan
ben first 0-1

jsh first 1-1

bene first 2-1

jsh first 3-1

bene 4-1

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Round 3 Matchups & Results
« on: 05 October 2017, 06:05:27 PM »
jsh 4-2 Cuzz

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Round 2 Matchups & Results
« on: 27 September 2017, 09:18:18 PM »
jsh 4-0 jmjm

#7246451, jsh first, jsh wins
#7246722 jsh wins
(not saved) jsh wins
#7247423 jsh wins

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: signup
« on: 24 September 2017, 05:13:17 PM »
I'm with Jester on this if only because a user named "CuckingmeNancy" was apparently OK.

General Discussion / Re: Discord Server?
« on: 22 September 2017, 03:58:35 PM »
There is a super active discord server here:


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