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Username is johnwhy

Here are my wishes, from most important to less. I didn't mention the other points : not important or not relevant to me.
1. An offline client, allowing you to play campaigns against bots
That's my number one wish, since I'm enjoying to play against bot(s) while traveling.
2.3. A stronger bot with a setting for different play styles
Actually, a bot able to change play style during a game would be better.

10. Option to hide the log
Would appreciate that option and not to have to click in the log to choose the order of actions when starting a turn (Box in the main window)

10. Better visualization of split piles, Archive/Crypt contents, Prince targets, ...
All piles, reserve, effects or duration card should appear in the main window, between turns, and so on.

 7. Option to invite specific players to your table
Needed. It's always odd to kick a player you don't know while waiting for your regular partners.

 8. More translations (to what language?)
French would be welcomed...

15. Tutorial on how to play Dominion
My last wish on the list, with the translation in french : could be welcome for newbies, when they are not in front of you around the table !

French is coming soon. (Also traditional Chinese)

1. An offline client, allowing you to play campaigns against bots
I want this, if only to reduce the number of complaint threads. Sounds nice anyway

2. A bot with a setting for different play styles
Don't need it

3. A strong bot.
Matthewmatosis has a term called "Artificial stupidity." I think it's important for casual players to have a bot that knows what it's doing but doesn't play optimally. Me personally, all I really think is needed is a Big Money X bot.

4. Options for timed games

5. Options for undo settings
No information always, and a setting to disallow all other requests.

6. Online mini-tournaments; the option to easily create one for you & your friends.
Might be fun, but low priority

7. Option to invite specific players to your table

8. More translations (to what language?)
Some are on the way, as I know. I think this should mostly be worked on just as it comes up, but I would prioritize Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. There are also several Indian players on DO who might benefit from Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, etc. Maybe ask Indian players?

9. Better animations when cards are gained/bought/played/...
A bit controversial, but I really don't care about this at all. I think the client looks fine.

10. Better visualization of split piles, Archive/Crypt contents, Prince targets, ...
I'd like this

10. Option to hide the log
Seems completely unnecessary, especially if you do 10)

11. Android app (or just improved compatibility?)

In theory I would use it, but I don't really care either.

12. iPhone app (or just improved compatibility?)
Down with Apple

13. Downloadable game logs

14. Improved moderation (dealing with chat abuse, slowplayers, ...)
Almost everyone here is saying they don't care about this, but as a moderator, I think some improvement is needed here. I don't think there are any easy answers. A Report button might help a little, but doesn't solve the underlying causes. Muting chat & Timed play would probably go a long way here.

15. Tutorial on how to play Dominion &
16. Tutorial on how to play dominion online.
I don't think 15) is needed at all. Some kind of interactive tutorial for 16) would be good. Maybe get Adriaan on that at some point.

Support / Re: What's with the card selection lately?
« on: 08 January 2018, 12:08:13 AM »
If the Store tab shows that you own expansions, then *maybe* the familiar cards have been reset. This is just a guess, though, because I renewed before the old subscription ran out.

If that's the problem, then to do what Ingix describes, go in the "Familiar Cards" tab and click on the option "All expansions."

Support / Re: What's with the card selection lately?
« on: 07 January 2018, 10:14:56 PM »
The info is all on the Store page.

Silver subscription unlocks: Intrigue, Seaside, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands, Guilds

Gold subscription unlocks: Intrigue, Seaside, Alchemy, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands, Dark Ages, Guilds, Adventures, Empires, Nocturne

You can pay for any time range you would like (by some definition of 'any') by selecting an end date with the calendar tool.

Support / Re: Purchasing Nocturne
« on: 07 January 2018, 05:39:13 AM »
When you pay in the store for a Gold sub, it factors what sets you already have in when "upgrading" for Nocturne. In other words, if you just set an end date in a range you are already subscribed, you'll be paying just for Nocturne. This is not clear on the store page right now and hopefully will be once it's updated.

General Discussion / Re: Best practice after a game with Spectators
« on: 02 January 2018, 01:57:52 PM »
Yeah, I can see how it would happen after an automatch. I personally never use the rematch feature, but I suppose if someone does this would come up for them.

General Discussion / Re: Best practice after a game with Spectators
« on: 02 January 2018, 06:41:03 AM »
You are not in the wrong, and there is not a protocol for this. I suggest using the automatch feature instead of tables to avoid weird situations like this one.

The person slowplaying should just be banned (message me or Stef with the username if you know it and we'll take care of it).

When you buy cards, you gain them, so it's actually correct behavior. There should probably be an autoplay feature, though.

Other Bugs / Re: Allow Spectators settings
« on: 31 December 2017, 03:59:12 AM »
I asked for this a while back and I still really want it. Again, I'm in the (possibly odd) position that nearly 100% of my games are spectated, and I can't enjoy the game as much sometimes when I know people are watching.

Support / Re: Humblebundle Purchase question
« on: 30 December 2017, 02:52:06 AM »
Those codes were for a previous online Dominion implementation, and are not valid on the current one.

General Discussion / Re: Undo Request
« on: 26 December 2017, 11:23:45 PM »
Users are under no obligation to accept undo requests. Sorry.

If you tried to undo for 4 minutes, the other player would have gotten a notification to force your resignation.

Just blacklist players you don't want to play with and move on. That's what the feature is for.

General Discussion / Re: change in how Prizes are played??
« on: 25 December 2017, 04:23:13 PM »
The thing confusing you is that autoplay got implemented. Province reveals are happening automatically, so you aren't noticing that the blocking is happening.

Support / Re: How do I report a player?
« on: 17 December 2017, 03:23:40 PM »
Can I report a player?
I was playing with this guy I copied the number of the game: #9725894

Alas I do not have screenshots for as I came back the page reloaded itself, but he started calling me "idiot" and "sore loser" just because I allowed myself to say he was particularly lucky in a game (which indeed was!).

I know it's not classy to call your opponent lucky, but he was for games in a row and I felt like it was ok just to write it with a smile so that he could understand I wasn't angry about that... but I don't think it's allowed to call people names or insult here.

Let me know. Thanks.

Don't take it personally. This guy is a troll who registers multiple accounts to avoid bans. Just blacklist and move on.

Feature Requests / Re: Better Visual Indication of Match Search
« on: 10 December 2017, 02:40:40 AM »
Maybe dim the screen or display some kind of animated image?

A crystal ball might be kind of cool.

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Semifinals Matchups & Results
« on: 08 December 2017, 05:51:02 PM »
Final results:
1. Dan Brooks
2. Mercury444f
3. jsh357
4. SamE
5. Sicomatic
5. gamesou
5. Skies
5. LazyDog

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