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General Discussion / Re: What is a "good" rating?
« on: 20 May 2017, 10:55:55 am »
The initial question was about “what’s a good rating” – and of course there is no fixed red line to say: these are the good and those are the poor players in the leaderboard. Nevertheless the view on the Top 200 (which is level 55+) might indicate the pool of excellent strategists, league-proofed winners and some mathematical wizards. I would say beyond 55 all players can beat each other – below 55 the ratio tends to be more and more the David and Goliath story – and the component of additional fortune becomes more important to get a lucky punch.

But again, being in the level 50s shows the Top1000 of the Dominion world, that’s about the top 10% of our community, which deserves the tag of a “good rating” as well.

Changing the initial question to “what’s a good player”, this becomes much more relative – so here I am with Stef saying, this really depends from your perspective, because it should try to fade out all the ranking stuff as the one and only benchmark.

I like playing the piano, my family says, I am a good pianist – ok, that’s nice to know and makes me happy. Compared to the stars in Carnegie Hall I am nothing more than a little piece of shit … - ok, let’s say, I am a little piece of shit playing the piano quite well.

I leave it up to you to transfer this example to Dominion – but being level 50 can say, I am the best Dominion player in my home town, and perhaps I am in the Top50 of Germany – anyway, who cares about that? However, there are not so many things coming into my head of which I am sure being within the Top50 from the whole of Germany. This alone might be nice to know as well and can make you happy, but finally in our nice leaderboard you end up somewhere as a little piece of …

By the way, “good player” implies to me being supportive to other players, not being an arrogant nerd due to my better ranking, having some decency in the chat by saying Hello and avoiding all that stuff, of which this forum is more and more flooded with complaints and bans.

The main thing is, to be aware of yourself with an open mind set for all the “off-leaderboard” things , this community is offering to you. Have you ever played an unrated game with others ? – it’s unbelievable, but it can be very recreational. I am assuming, that “good players” are great in balancing out the fun factor versus their burning ambition to climb up the leaderboard - bad players show some gaps with that by having poor sportsmanship, and there might be some of them even in the top 1000.

So finally, I am still playing my piano in my Carnegie Hall living room at home – and I am still playing the Dominion daily, even though I am aware that the global ranking says, you are nothing more than a little piece of …

But I am happy with that – so have fun

General Discussion / Re: What is a "good" rating?
« on: 19 May 2017, 03:50:00 pm »
I have no special channel or link for the YouTube stuff ... -

but you will get tons of matches by searching within YouTube for
"Dominion League match"

and you can filter it down to special players like
"Dominion League Stef"
"Dominion League Qvist" or just
"Dominionstreams" and many others

Most games are streamed from the league matches taking place since several years now and there is also a community here on Shuffle IT playing live matches with live streaming and live comments.

Perhaps I am not the correct person to give any recommendations on that, but here in forum there a some players who can give good advice how and when it is worthy to participate as a spectator.

Have fun

General Discussion / Re: What is a "good" rating?
« on: 19 May 2017, 09:35:32 am »
I think, everything what’s written here is correct – so the interesting analysis about what’s making the difference between a level 60-player and a level 55-player is really hitting the point.

As a level 50-player I am quite aware how difficult (one can say nearly impossible) it is to beat a player >55 due to their described capabilities (better opening, better mid-game, better end-game) – there is something within those higher levels which could be pictured as a mixture of broad experience (some 1.000 games), mathematical genius and some kind of pure magic.

You can have a look in several Youtube videos with the experts playing –and you might understand, what strategic possibilities the kingdoms are offering, you never ever would have detected. I am convinced that above 55 the region starts where many players never can step in – because this is the region of real talents paired with the ability to play everyday for several hours with raising passion and having a network of other experts to discuss about their strategies.

Important to say, that the component of luck, which is often mentioned as an essential element of dominion games, is more and more powered off in these higher levels – so top players even win against a (weaker), but lucky drawing opponent – their skills are trained enough to mostly turn the tide.

On the other hand the 55+ players are about 250 persons – which shows a 2% portion of the whole player range on this platform. With the 50+ players there are additional 650 persons – so it might be good to know that everyone playing in the big pool of the remaining 90% is having a chance to get into the Top1000, but only with ambition, some talent and some time.

Nevertheless you can say being at level 41 is much better than the overall average here, so I am a good player … - so finally everyone should follow his own targets to get happy, that's the main thing.

Have fun

General Discussion / Re: Leaderboard
« on: 10 May 2017, 10:43:07 pm »
I just saw (after writing my text here), that Markus has replied in the meanwhile, and SirDagen said thank you, but let’s try to explain those maths stuff once more from a layman to a layman perspective …

As Stef stated in his initial thread, when the leaderboard was announced in the first week of April, there are 3 essential parameters, which influence our ratings. At the very end, the cumbersome result of this formula is translated into the levels we all can see in our daily leaderboard (currently from 68 down to 0).

The (Mu) is your estimated and dynamic Dominion skill – we all had started with a Mu = 0. As you can see in the leaderboard in the meanwhile the top players mostly have a (Mu) >2. The majority of all players is around 0,5 to 0 – some others are far below 0.
Why is this ? – The (Mu) is recalculated after every game – it depends on the skill levels of your opponents and of course it depends on the game results (win or loss) against those opponents. Let’s say it like this (from layman to layman), the new (Mu) is calculated based on your own (Mu) versus the opponents (Mu), which implies a calculated win probability. So the (Mu) will go up by beating good players and will go down by losing against weaker players. If you always win against much weaker players it will go up, but very slow. You can only get up in the leaderboard significantly by beating better players – and as I know the biggest fear of the top players is a loss against a much weaker player.

There is a second parameter called (Phi) - which is identified as your deviation. This might be the most difficult part to explain here (and this is mostly the part Markus wants to change in the current formula). This (Phi) had started for all of us with 2 and is supposed to go down and down to be close to 0 (in theory). It shows more or less your consistency of playing – and the more often you are playing, the more the system knows about your predictability and the probability, how the next game will end (considering the skill level of your opponent). So if you are a top player and you played some hundred games with a quite good consistency (eg. you won 70% of your games), your (Phi) went down to 0,2 (for instance) – and a loss against a weaker player doesn’t destroy your whole ranking, it’s more like a statistical outlier. If you haven’t played many games so far (let’s say only 5 games) - and all these games ended up alternating with losses and wins, your (Phi) might be still very high – and the system didn’t get a good profile of your gaming consistency yet. And finally there are also some players with 5 rated games, and they won all of them – so their (Phi) is medium low and their (Mu) can be really high (even after only 5 games). I assume this is the effect Markus describes in his thread, that a newbie with 5 (accidental) wins in his first 5 games can show up in the top20 (which is mathematically correct but not the intended result to be shown in the leaderboard) – normally with the first loss this newcomer statistically will be brought back down to earth, and I guess, Markus has suggested some adjustments with the initial (Phi) to get rid of those one-day shooting stars.

The third parameter is relatively unimportant called (Sigma) – this is your volatility which shows how often and regular you are playing – this is only relevant for players doing a break for some weeks or months to make sure, that they don’t remain in the top 100 forever. Their ranking will fall down due to the sinking (Sigma) the longer you are not playing. Even if you are not playing for a few days the (Sigma) changes very slightly your rating – so being an active player is rewarded or the other way around being a lazy player with big intervals of inactivity is penalized.

Hopefully this helps for your understanding – and hopefully my explanation was correct …

Have fun

Card Bugs / Re: Overlord & Colonnade
« on: 06 April 2017, 07:48:31 pm »
DomWiki says this:

Once in play, Overlord is the thing it copied, rather than an Overlord; for example Colonnade will produce VP if you buy a copy of that card, but not if you buy an Overlord.

So your thoughts are correct - you acted overlord as a trading post, but didn't buy another trading post in your turn  - so 0 VP from colonnade.

General Discussion / Re: why so many unfamiliar cards?
« on: 06 April 2017, 07:21:15 pm »
There is a little question mark next to "Find a game" - with a link to the explanations for the matching tab.
But maybe this is too comprehensive to get quick questions and answers.

Nevertheless, reading that is helpful, but maybe this could be enhanced with a little mouse-over-info-box saying "only rated games / doesn't respect unfamiliar cards".

Have fun

Game Log Issues / Re: [German translation] Collection of issues
« on: 06 April 2017, 03:51:51 pm »
I did some extra work to check the German text written on the kingdom cards - mostly only little typos, but this should be corrected in one of the next releases to leave back a more professional impression for the translation.

Current fault in bold / correction is underlined

Maskerade (Masquerade) - keine Karten auf der Karten auf der Handkeine Karten auf der Hand

Trickser (Swindler) - Jeder andere SpielernJeder andere Spieler

Verwandlung (Transmute) - Entsorge einer KarteEntsorge eine Karte

Quacksalber (Mountebank)- Jeder andere SpielernJeder andere Spieler

Wegkreuzung (Crossroads) - pro aufdeckter Punktekartepro aufgedeckter Punktekarte

Orakel (Oracle) - die obersten beiden Kartedie obersten beiden Karten

Graf (Count) - oder lege eine Handkartenoder lege eine Handkarte

Marktplatz (Market Place) - MarkplatzMarktplatz (falscher Kartentitel)

Raubzug (Pillage) - Nimm Dir 2 Beuten vom Beute-StapelNimm dir 2 Karten vom Beute-Stapel (Plural von Beute existiert nicht im Deutschen)

Ratten (Rats) (bitte Text von der deutschen Papierversion übernehmen)
Nimm dir eine Ratten-Karte. Entsorge eine Karte aus deiner Hand, die keine Ratten-Karte ist. (Decke deine Handkarten auf, wenn du nur Ratten auf der Hand hast). ----  Wenn Du diese Karte entsorgst +1 Karte.

Kunsthandwerker (Artificer) - Nachziehstapel nehmen, die die genauNachziehstapel nehmen, die genau

Ausrüstung (Gear) - Lege bis zu zwei KarteLege bis zu zwei Karten

Elster (Magpie) - Karte deines Nachziehstapel aufKarte deines Nachziehstapels auf

Kurier (Messenger) - Wenn dieses der erster KaufWenn dieses der erste Kauf

Wanderzirkus (Travelling Fair) - Wenn in diesem Zug eine Karte nimmstWenn du in diesem Zug eine Karte nimmst

Stadtviertel (City Quarter) - Pro aufgeckter Aktionskartepro aufgedeckter Aktionskarte

Zauberin (Enchantress) - jedes anderer Spielersjedes anderen Spielers

Ingenieurin (Engineer) - Du darfst die Ingeneurin entsorgenDu darfst die Ingenieurin entsorgen

Game Log Issues / Re: [German translation] Collection of issues
« on: 05 April 2017, 04:29:40 pm »
Why not taking the original text from the German paper card version for "Rats" ?

"Nimm dir eine Ratten-Karte. Entsorge eine Karte aus deiner Hand, die keine Ratten-Karte ist. (Decke deine Handkarten auf, wenn du nur Ratten auf der Hand hast). ----  Wenn Du diese Karte entsorgst +1 Karte.

General Discussion / Re: Missing the most: April edition
« on: 04 April 2017, 08:45:27 pm »
Support for multi player games
- match button to find 3-4P games (similar to the 2P buttons)
- better friend’s overview with their current status (logged in / waiting / playing / spectating)
  (regardless the status one should be able to chat with friends to make appointments)

Game tracer
- graphical log instead of text with cards gained, bought, trashed etc.
- player cockpit with set-aside cards, mats, durations, optional acustic alerts etc.

Attractiveness and game design
- current layout is more technical and functional rather than being fascinating, smooth and sexy
- game attracts more the experienced players rather than casual ones or newbies
- more communication and marketing to the community to get their buy-in for 2018

Thx for the leaderboard

Have fun

Ok, here we go - thx, Tufftaeh.

Here's my suggestion for a revised matching tab
- more space for the friends list without cumbersome scrolling
- adding one more column with the friend's levels (could be split into 2P/3P)
- header with "find a rated game" to make more clear, that those games influence the leaderboard

In case this section will be enhanced for games with 3-4P there is enough place for additional buttons (e.g. equal opponent 2P / equal opponent 3-4P etc.)

Have fun

I really appreciate the new matching tab with its selections for rated/practice and humans/bots.
Due to the fact that some buddy lists are quite long, and a lot of friends might be shown on the bottom of the matching tab it would be great to re-arrange the layout of the 3 text boxes.
This will give the friends section better readability without scrolling.

I have made a little "screenshot" as a possible solution for that to be easily implemented within the next releases, but I am unable to upload the picture into this post here. There is a button "insert image", but nothing happens with copy/paste - can somebody give me hint how to do this ?

Have fun

To boost the "burning skull feeling"  :D  I recommend the organ version of Rac's 'Isle of the Dead' with HJ Albrecht - you will find it on Spotify and Apple Music - hardcore for your speakers and also for your ears ... - and for sure no music for sunny sundays ...

Have fun

Я очень хочу играть, но ничего не понятно. Пожалуйста, помогите!!!

I am surprised that I was able to understand this without resorting to Google Translate

Ok, I had to resort to the online translators which said to me something like “I want to play much more, but nothing is clear – so please help me !!

I am quite struggling with this, because I heard about Burning Skull being a very experienced player with several (English) posts in the Dominion Strategy forum as well – so perhaps I missed something, or the post was meant as an ironical one (and I didn’t get the point) – or it is a kind of general complaint which somebody can take into account, if it would be more precise.

Nevertheless, Burning Skull, be my first Russian (or Russian speaking) buddy on my list … my user name is Rachmaninoff, which is Russian as well, but I am more familiar with Russian music rather than with Russian language.

Just wondering, that really so many players are awaiting a German or Japanese version, because this was announced in the last post from Stef


Yet with the Russian version some weeks ago I was asking myself “wow, why is this that important to be implemented more or less first?”:
    - I am doing quite a lot of games, but never met any player from Russia or Japan, and if so, they could speak English
    - I am German, and I am being used to the English cards since years (Goko, MF) – so I’ll rather don’t switch to the German version, because I am sure, the new card titles will confuse me (but I will give it a try)
    - In the thread “what I am missing most” I am not aware that anyone had the wish of further language versions[/li]
…  so there must be something else what gives priority to it.

Perhaps I have the totally wrong world view on the market potentials of Dominion – so please see this post more under the circumstances of my own curiosity rather than criticising this.
If I had to give a guess to the distribution of players, I would say 90% are located in Europe and USA – and nearly 98% of those speak English – so my personal view is dominated from English speaking buddies … - and my assumption is, that only a little minority is waiting for translations …

… but perhaps this has to be revised soon, so welcome on board all you Russians, Japanese and non-English-speaking Germans – are there really so many of you?
(but ok, I am quite aware that this English forum is not the best communication platform to address this group of players ...  ;))

Interface Issues / Re: Matching -> Friendlist buggy
« on: 09 March 2017, 07:12:08 pm »
Generally the activity status in the matching tab is somehow „mysterious“ – is there somewhere a legend with an overview of all current status and their intent ?

In practise I press “join” and mostly find my buddies somewhere – so finally the given status are not really that relevant for me. From this point of view I suggest the following reduction in the status variety:

logged in       newly logged in, but no further actions since then
                perhaps just creating a new table, but not yet ready)

waiting         table is ready, but game hasn’t started, so waiting for other players
                (should be the default status after the game has ended)
                (amount of players might be senseful to see)

playing         actively playing, game is up and running
                (don’t know, if host or not-host is a relevant information)

spectating      sitting at table, but never played there

All 4 status can be joined or not-joined (based on the friends list and dependent from the game options).
All status should be updated live – not only when I repress “matching tab”.
“Disconnected” which is today in the activity list, is irrelevant, because the player is offline anyway.

Have fun

PS @ SkyHard: and of course the list should contain all online friends from your list - so far I didn't made similar experiences, that friends who should be there, aren't there - but perhaps my buddy list is too long to have a clear overview about that ...

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