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General Discussion / Happy to hear about the extension!
« on: 02 July 2019, 06:33:56 AM »
Congrats to the team - really happy to hear the contract was extended through 2021... that’s great news!!

General Discussion / Re: Development Update Request
« on: 14 May 2019, 08:12:23 PM »
It does seem to be the case that this implementation will be going away at the end of the year.  That's too bad if its the case, I've enjoyed this version quite a bit!

General Discussion / Re: Requesting update re. offline mode
« on: 08 August 2018, 12:15:43 AM »
With a game as complex as Dominion can be with the variety of kingdom cards, I have to imagine adding intelligent complex AI would be one massive undertaking.  I'd love to have it but have been pretty happy with what is available today to play vs friends online.

General Discussion / Re: Development Update Please
« on: 07 June 2018, 05:20:57 PM »
+1 ... would love to receive an update.

General Discussion / Re: Updates
« on: 03 April 2018, 05:47:24 PM »
Cool - thanks for the update Stef!  Great game and I am enjoying the implementation.  Look forward to the additional features...

General Discussion / Updates
« on: 03 April 2018, 03:23:48 AM »
Hi all - been over five weeks since the last update to Dominion, just curious what features might be forthcoming?  Love the game - thanks!

Feature Requests / Re: Game History Log
« on: 04 February 2018, 06:10:52 PM »
I would like to see a history of who a match was payed against and the result.  Just a simple scroll-able log.

I play randomly and recognize names.  I would like to see how I have done against that player or to see how many wins/losses I had yesterday or last week, etc.

I second this request- big time.  I play a friend several times a week for fun in unranked games.  I'd love to plug in his name and see the overall record of our matchups.

Feature Requests / Re: Saving Decks
« on: 04 February 2018, 06:08:26 PM »
Anyone have a text file with recommended kingdom sets to share - that are comma delineated and in the format expected by the client?

It would be killer to have a 'community recommended sets' area... or some way to share and enable recommended sets.

General Discussion / Re: Kingdom Sets - Random or pre-gen?
« on: 29 January 2018, 07:06:05 PM »
Bumping an old thread.  I'd love to know a little more about how randomized kingdom sets are selected.  Do some cards have more weight and are selected together?  Or is it truly random?

General Discussion / Re: Kudos!
« on: 02 November 2017, 11:09:43 PM »
I agree - I am very happy with how this game has been implemented.

General Discussion / Re: Deck Tracker App
« on: 26 August 2017, 02:41:55 AM »
Just curious - how would having this data real time really give an opponent a strong edge?  VP counter shows the victory points.  I guess it could be a slight advantage but curious to hear feedback..

General Discussion / Re: Dominion: Nocturne
« on: 22 August 2017, 05:52:18 PM »
I'm excited for the new expansion!  WooT!

in (user name meathead)

General Discussion / Kingdom Sets - Random or pre-gen?
« on: 05 July 2017, 04:51:15 AM »
I have a gold subscription.  When I play with all cards, the selected kingdom cards seem to have a common theme... as if the cards all are supposed to work together.  Does the system generally try to put together kingdom sets that are recommended?  Or is it truly random?

I really enjoy this implementation... thanks!

General Discussion / Re: Private table
« on: 30 June 2017, 09:19:17 PM »
Yeah - I've tried toggling the spectator option... I still have many folks join my table while waiting for a friend.  So I do a lot of kicking... which doesn't create a friendly environment.  Would prefer to make it private in the first place.

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