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Feature Requests / Re: Subscription expired notification
« on: 30 May 2020, 04:01:36 PM »
Thanks Ingix, much appreciated. That's great now I know it, but there's no real indication that this is what it means. Mine is currently set to "Expansions: Wait for Expansions" (hence the delay I've had starting games, obviously!) When you know what that means, it's clear that it implies I don't own any. But it wasn't at all obvious until you explained. I think I must have fiddled with the setting when I started getting all base games, thinking it was just some new setting that was wrong. I've been a permanent subscriber for so long, I'd forgotten I even could play anything other than base set if I wasn't subscribed.

I'd suggest "Expansions: None Owned" or similar would be much clearer, with the option for what to do about that ("Wait for Expansions / Prefer Expansions / Base Game Only") appearing to the right of that text. Maybe a link to the store there too? Even better (or in addition), as another poster here who had the same confusion already suggested: just pop an automatic message into a user's inbox telling them that their subscription has expired.

It's not a feature I'm personally bothered about, as I won't be making the same mistake again now I know how it works. I just think you might be missing out on some resubscriptions by not making it clearer.

Feature Requests / Subscription expired notification
« on: 30 May 2020, 11:53:41 AM »
I originally came here today to post a query over why, since a couple of months back, my automatch has been taking forever to match me up with a game. After a quick search of the forum to see if anyone else is having the same problem, I quickly realised I was being a dumbass, and my subscription has expired! However, I don't recall ever having this confusion on the many previous occasions when my subscription has run out. Has something changed about subscriptions, did there used to be a more obvious sign that it was time to renew?

Regardless, surely some kind of "subscription expired" notification should be pretty near the top of the development queue right now? I've been a gold subscriber to the game since the start, and I would have resubscribed immediately if I'd realised what had happened. Instead, you've missed out on a couple of months worth of my money.

What's more, from the other posts here, I'm clearly not the only person who's suffered from this confusion, even if idiots like me are in the minority - so this must be losing you a fair bit of cash!

Username: TehLemur

The game is already much improved on how it looked at launch, so thanks for all of your hard work! Also, thanks for the offer of an extended six months' worth of subscription, which is much appreciated.

The things I'd like to see fixed or added most urgently are (in order of priority): -

1. User Interface - Just needs to be more coherent overall. Buttons should always be in the same area of the screen, and behave the same way. No need to ever click anything in the log to perform an action. The log should be an entirely optional interface element. No information should ever be hidden from the player (your "better visualisation of split piles" suggestion falls under this category). Selecting a default option when there's only one thing to choose from should be both optional and turned off by default - this is one of the most confusing aspects of the UI, as it's often hard to work out what just happened.

2. Logs - The option to quickly and easily view all games I've ever played, and click through to the full log of each game. The ability to bulk download these logs, or have access to an API to get at the data.

3. Better usage of large screens - As larger resolutions like 2560×1440 and 3840×2160 become more common, it would be great if the game was responsive to having this amount of space to work with. I'm playing on a 4K monitor, and there's plenty of room to show extended info for all players (duration cards, mat contents and so on), plus loads of space for both the trash pile and the log side-by-side. Instead, the interface makes no use of the extra real estate, and some aspects barely work at all at larger sizes - some cards becoming massive while others remain tiny, and some text getting cut off or overlapping its bounds.

4. Android compatibility - It would be very nice to have a way of playing on my phone. If possible, I'd rather see this achieved through better compatibility of the current version, rather than introducing an app - both from a consistency perspective, and to avoid you guys having to duplicate work needlessly.

5. Improved moderation - It would be nice if the "blacklist" and "report" buttons were separated, and if "report" allowed you to specify a reason. Sometimes I want to blacklist someone just because I don't like them and don't want the unpleasantness of playing them again, but I don't think they deserve banning. Other times I think someone needs to be reported for the sake of the community, but not necessarily due to slow-playing. Also, it would be great to get some automated feedback over whether bothering to report someone has actually resulted in any action being taken against them.

6. Force resigning delay - The ability to customise how long the delay is before the "make opponent resign" option appears. At the moment it's way too long. But I can see why some players wouldn't want it globally reduced without an option to change it.

7. Tutorials - For new players, add a huge unmissable pop-up the first time you launch the game saying "right-click cards or log text for more information". This would go a long way in lieu of full tutorials.

The things which I think would be nice to have, but which are much less important to me than the above essentials are (again, in order of priority): -

1. Card sets - The ability to save sets of cards for later play - particularly saving the set just played after a game (or during?) and having a quick and easy way of selecting one of these sets before starting a game.

2. Tournaments - Could be a lot of fun, especially if a community developed around them. They would be a great way to promote the game to a wider audience. Ideally, the feature would support playing the tournament out over an extended period of time if required, so that tournaments were still viable even if you couldn't get all the players online together at the same time.

3. Timed games - Could be fun, and should be quick & easy to add. I'm not sure how this would work with the vastly different turn lengths inherent in different sets of cards though?

4. Offline client - Would be occasionally useful, but mainly only if it worked on Android phones too. Also, it would be much preferable if it was essentially the same version of the game, just modified to run without an internet connection.

5. Campaigns - MF's campaigns were a lovely idea, but horrifically badly designed and written. If campaigns were done well, with an interesting storyline combined with really well-tailored kingdoms and custom rules, it could be a fantastic feature and a great way of attracting new users to the game. I have a million ideas for cool things that could be done with them, and I'd kill for the opportunity to design it.

6. Tutorials (part 2) - It would be great to direct new players to the site without having to worry that they won't pick up the interface. Even better if the site could teach them the essentials of playing Dominion entirely from scratch (though that's a pretty ambitious aim). As others have pointed out, this aim combines well with the "campaigns" idea above, as the basic tutorial would be best implemented as a beginner's campaign.

Other Bugs / Game locked up before end, cannot reload
« on: 06 May 2017, 11:05:33 PM »
Hi there. Some friends and I played a 3 player game the other day, and the game locked up before the end screen. Subsequently we tried everything we could to kick the game back into life (undoing, resigning) but it was completely dead. Someone on the Discord advised us to try reloading the game, but when I do that all I get is a pop-up saying "internal error".

The game number is #3322701.

Could someone please take a look at what's happened here, and let me know how I can find out the results of the game? I wouldn't normally be so bothered about a single game, but it was an epic game with Fairgrounds, Black Market and Palace involved, so we really don't have a clue who won, and we'd really like to see the final result! Thank you.

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