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2017 Championship (archived) / Re: Round 1 Matchups & Results
« on: 20 September 2017, 10:49:22 PM »
matze345 vs. kellieA
matze345 wins 4 : 1

1. #7042962
2. #7043223
3. #7043537
4. #7043841
5. #7044454

sign me up, please.

Support / Re: How do I disable the sound
« on: 04 April 2017, 09:40:33 PM »
For now you can right click your browser tab and select "Mute Tab". We'll add an option to disable sounds soon.
This sound is so useless, please turn it off! Or set the default to "no sounds".
Dominion is kind of meditation for me. Which is ending suddenly with this ... noise.
Which player needs a sound to notice that the game is over?
By the way the mute option e.g. in Firefox doesn't mute totally - you still hear a short cracking and then the muting suppresses the noise...
Regards, Mathias

Support / Re: Ready button not working
« on: 28 March 2017, 08:47:08 PM »
Same problem. Here using dominion online is not possible. Clicking on Bot match gets me to the New Table site. Then the Ready button doesn't react. Is the server too busy?

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