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Support / Re: Help with autoplay options
« on: 16 September 2021, 10:45:35 PM »
All the cards that allow you to potentially topdeck a gained card share one setting, and it is listed in the autoplay options list as "Royal Seal", the earliest card with that property.

As can be seen from the picture, that is currently set to "off", which is mystifying, as that means "Always ask me what to do". And I just checked that, and it worked as it should. The UI for that is shown in the attached picture (open the whole picture to see the button on the right)

Support / Re: Please delete my account
« on: 16 September 2021, 05:16:40 PM »
Done (both)!

General Discussion / Re: 3 Pile Win
« on: 15 September 2021, 08:47:34 AM »
I guess when you start as a beginner, you see the Province ending as the "normal" ending and the 3-pile ending as something that ends your Witch game slogs when everybody drowns in Curses. Only later, when you learn of the power of gaining cards (if you ever reach that point) you'll see more games end on piles.

Other Bugs / Re: Cannot load old game
« on: 14 September 2021, 09:51:16 AM »
Can you give me the game number, so I can try myself and see what happens?

Support / Re: Please delete my account
« on: 13 September 2021, 11:10:39 PM »

Dominion Online Championship 2021 / Re: 2021 Dominion Online Championship
« on: 10 September 2021, 09:55:39 PM »
The organizing happens on the discord server mentioned in the first posting.

Unfortunately, the late signup closed today at (European) midday, so you are ca. 6h to late for that  :(

Support / Re: please delete my dominion online gaming account
« on: 10 September 2021, 04:20:12 PM »

General Discussion / Re: Academic work
« on: 09 September 2021, 11:15:55 PM »
Not that I know of, but maybe somebody else might know more.

On this discord server (generelly a good resource for anything Dominion): https://discord.gg/CZX9kRvvBH

there are under category "Analysis" the channels "coding" and "simulations". That might also be a good place to ask around.

Support / Re: please delete my dominion online gaming account
« on: 09 September 2021, 06:39:29 PM »

Support / Re: Username change
« on: 08 September 2021, 10:33:09 PM »

Other Bugs / Re: Not landing on results page after game
« on: 07 September 2021, 08:48:27 AM »
It happens very rarely (usually) and is a server problem, as you noted. I'm not sure why it happened to you recently a bunch of times  :(

In your case, the games were counted, I'm sending you via private message the results of your last 20 rated  multiplayer games. It was created by "Dombot", a software that can be used on the Dominion Discord, which you can join at


Discord is a text and voice communication software that has "servers" created by persons, often around a game, in the case, Dominion.

Support / Re: I messed up using my expansion code
« on: 07 September 2021, 08:37:36 AM »
Fixed by Stef.

Support / Re: Request to terminate account
« on: 03 September 2021, 06:43:29 PM »

Bug Reports / Re: game stuck after undo granted
« on: 02 September 2021, 06:12:37 PM »
It appears the game is still running right now, is that true? In that case, would CTRL-R (browser refresh) work for one or both of you?

If nothing else works, one of you needs to resign and I can ask if the game result can be annuled.

General Discussion / Re: delete my account
« on: 01 September 2021, 06:00:55 PM »
Done (both)!

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