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General Discussion / Re: How do I report someone?
« on: 19 September 2017, 11:25:18 PM »
In theory, after 4 minutes of him not doing anything, there should be a popup in your window that asks you if you want to make your opponent resign.

So 'doing nothing' only works for short amount of times.

General Discussion / Re: Possession + time out (resign)
« on: 19 September 2017, 10:23:20 PM »
I checked this on a test server, and it behaved as follows:

Player A plays Possession on player B. Next turn, A posseses B. But both players don't do anything in that possession turn. After some time, player B (the real one) gets asked if he wants to resign player A.

This seems like the intended behavior: Player A has to make decisions (even though it is formally player B's turn), and since he doesn't make them in time, the other player (B) can make him resign.

So probably something else played a role in the game user11 mentioned. user11, can you find out the game number of that game? I couldn't find "user11" as a game name, so I can't look myself.

Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Round 1 Matchups & Results
« on: 19 September 2017, 09:30:32 PM »
-dg- vs. Ingix

-dg- wins 4:2

#7008435, Start: Ingix    Winner: Ingix
#7008898, Start: -dg-     Winner: dg
#7009419, Start: Ingix    Winner: Ingix
#7013698, Start: -dg-     Winner: dg
#7014001, Start: Ingix    Winner: dg
#7014464, Start: -dg-     Winner: dg

Congrats and good luck to -dg-!

Card Bugs / Re: Game stuck -- black market or hireling to blame?
« on: 14 September 2017, 06:25:35 PM »
Previous reports make it seem that the Black Market reshuffling is the problem, when it happens on a turn when the game would normally end (last Province/3 piles empty). It looks like the fixes done in version 1.2.14 were not enough.

Thanks for giving the report, I was just trying to recreate the same situation, and that was bound to take some time. ;D

Feature Requests / Re: The biggest feature missing from Dominion
« on: 14 September 2017, 02:59:59 PM »
Playback mode would be nice, as mentioned a few times already.

The AFAIK reason that game load requires you to 'own' all the relevant cards is that you can certainly load a game at decision 0, which means after the initial shuffle and your initial hands are drawn. Thus you could play any previosuly played Kingdom.

Interface Issues / Re: -1 card markers/ -1 coin markers
« on: 13 September 2017, 11:44:50 PM »
I just checked again all effects that can distribute those tokens(-1 card: Relic, Borrow, Raid; -1 coin: Bridge Troll, Ball) (did I miss any?) and it while the -1 card token effects all put their effect in the log, the Bridge Troll and Ball *both* do not do so.

While a visual representation would of course be preferrable, I assume that adding a log line for those 2 would be relatively easy to do (like recently for revealing the bane for Young Witch).

@yed: But if his opponent resigned, why is the game shown as lost for the jamind?

Interface Issues / Re: Mission+Output buttons
« on: 07 September 2017, 03:53:42 PM »
I recreated the situation and made a screenshot.

The situation is however slightly different than what you described: You have to play Outpost and buy Mission on the same turn. That's what creates the 2 extra turns and you have to decide between them. Buying Mission on an Outpost turn is normally useless, because (without umentioned extra-turn effects) the Outpost turn follows one of your regular turns (the turn you played the Outpost), and hence the condition on Mission "If the previous turn wasn't yours" is not fullfilled.

AI bugs / Re: Does AI use events?
« on: 07 September 2017, 03:34:04 PM »
It does use Delve, but I don't know if it uses it just as a cheap way to buy *one* Silver or if it actually takes advantage of the additional buy (like 'buying'  2 Silver for 4).

Card Bugs / Re: Young Witch - opponent doesn't seem to gain curses!
« on: 01 September 2017, 03:45:12 PM »
Now I'm totally confused. When you load the game at decision point 15, you

a) clearly see a Curse on top of blamelewis's opponent's discard pile, and
b) only 9 Curses being in the Curse pile, and
c) a log line saying that the opponent gained a curse.

When you load at decision 16, this is no longer true:

d) top of opponent's discard pile is a Copper,
e) Curse pile has 10 cards in it,
f) log says nothing about opponent gaining a curse.

f) is the only thing I noticed in my previous post, but I assumed it was only a log problem. Apprently (as drsteelhammer said) the opponent blocked the attack via Orcale (bane card). That would be consistent with there still being 10 Curses in the pile even on the next turn.

So I was fooled by the incorrect display of the game state at decision 15 and it looks like you indeed got unlucky (with Oracle both thwarting a played Young Witch as well as preventing you from drawing one).

Game Log Issues / Re: Possession Cleared the Log
« on: 01 September 2017, 03:18:42 PM »
I'm not sure how the log mechanism works, but considering that Possession itself is implemented via a reconnect (before and after the Possession turn), I guess it would just be to complicated to have a mechanism where the log knows that player A should be able to see what happened on turn X and Y of player B (because it was really a turn where A possessed B) but not what happened on turn Z (because that was a normal turm for player B).

Similiarly, on a turn where player A possesses player B, it should not show private information of player B's previous (non-possessed) turns, like what he draw and discarded. I just assumed that cutting the  log short at the transition points was the best practical method to not reveal too much information.

Card Texts problems / Re: the horse traders text in russian
« on: 01 September 2017, 02:56:26 PM »
Thanks for the info! I've notified some people involved in the translatation, this will hopefully be fixed.

Support / Re: need help, someone blocks me by reconecting
« on: 01 September 2017, 02:40:09 PM »
I just tested the following: Players A and B play a game. Player A (who has to act in the game) disconnects and reconnects after 2-3 minutes. Then player B got the "make player A resign" after some time (I did not time it, but 4 min after player A had to act feels consistent with the time elapsed).

I understand that this is the scenario that LordSnow encountered, just with the difference that he could not make his opponent resign.

Am I correct that that is what happened, or did I misunderstand something?

AI bugs / Re: Bot got frozen on Graverobber
« on: 01 September 2017, 02:32:37 PM »
I see. So the problem is not "select a card from the trash", which works for Rogue but something else.

Card Bugs / Re: Young Witch - opponent doesn't seem to gain curses!
« on: 31 August 2017, 03:42:01 PM »
When I tested this on the first instance (blamelewis' 3rd turn), it worked (rules wise) as it should: opponent got to do the Diplomat thing, then blamelewis drew 2 cards, discarded 2 cards, then opponent gained a Curse (with animation).

However, when loading the log at different decison points a strange effect happens: When I load at decision 15, the log shows the gained curse. When I load at decision 16, the log no longer shows the gained curse (see attached picture). The same is true when the game is loaded at the last available decision point.

@blamelewis: If your assumption that opponent never gained a Curse is based on the log from a reload of the game, than the reason for this (incorrect) assumption is clear: The reloaded log is wrong by not mentioning the gained curse. If you had another reason to assume that, please specify.

BTW, did you finish that game? The reason I ask is that

a) at reload the end of the game is at a time when 4 Provinces are still in the supply, the point difference is 11, no +buy is available in the Kingdom and the smallest piles are 2/3/3 cards, so it seems a bit early for any player do resign, and

b) in recent times it happened sometimes that a game I wanted to inverstigate for a possible rules problem was obviously way to short (like only 5 or 6 turns, long before the potential problem reported by a player).

If there is a general problem with the log being shorted sometimes, it would be nice to know.

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