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General Discussion / Re: Offline version
« on: 28 May 2020, 05:10:12 AM »
I feel a bit sad about this and still feel that we were not given a fair deal.  I realize the company switched ownership but I am sad that the new company never grandfathered in or honored our agreements when they purchased the company and took over all the clients.  I paid for a lifetime subscription.  This has always really upset me because all the other games I have ever purchased I still own and Dominion was the most I ever paid.  Probably about $120 Canadian.  I own many of the Dominion board games and I quit playing for many years due to this.  We were also promised an app that we could play offline that never happened. 

General Discussion / Offline version
« on: 10 December 2018, 09:26:53 PM »
I was just reading some old posts. I’ve not been around for a long time since I lost my membership. I apologize if I missed this but did an offline version come out for all of us old mf users?  I would love to play this game again one day but am not willing to pay again for what I lost

Hi Stef,

I appreciate the gesture to offer more to those of us who did purchase thinking we had a lifetime of online Dominion.  I am not a big gamer. I love playing board games and Dominion is one of my favourite. I would choose playing with people around my kitchen table before playing online. Sadly, my kids live in another city so I mainly play online with a bot or occasionally with family online.  I would be happy to play offline forever if that was an option.  The other games I play offline are Terra Mystica, Ticket to Ride, Splendor, and Puerto Rico.  I paid far less for each of these apps on my iPad and have them forever.  I own 6 Dominion board game expansions and hope to one day have them all.  I will most likely never be willing to pay another lump sum to play Dominion online and will either continue to play with the base set online or play my other online games.  I think it would be nice for people who purchase the physical board game to have some benefit or discount to purchase the game online.  Here are the answers to your wishlist questions:

1. I wish I could play offline on an iPad app.  I currently find playing on my iPad glitchy.  There are a lot of times it is hard to click on cards especially when you have a lot of them in play.  The log should be optional as it takes up a lot of space.  I find I'm always moving the screen around to fit the game.

2. I liked playing the old version of Dominion with the Bots.  I don't really find it a challenge to play with your  Bot as I always win.  It would be great if there were different options for Bot difficulty or styles.

3. 3 Different levels of Bot strength would be great.  Easy, Medium, Hard

4. I don't care about timed games

5.  The undo is nice especially when you accidentally click on the wrong card.  I wish I could undo when I play a card like Masquerade and I accidentally clicked on a card I meant to play instead of give away.

6.  Tournaments with my family online would be fun.

7. I like how Ticket to Ride is set up for inviting friends to play.

8.  Not sure about this as it doesn't apply to me personally.

9.  I don't care how fancy the animation is only if it loads well and doesn't glitch on my iPad

10  Not sure about this.  I think it's fine.

10  Definitely the option to hide the log and make the cards bigger and fit in the screen on the iPad

11  Not sure.  I haven't used the Android app

12  I would like and iPad app.  I'm not sure if I would use my iPhone as I think the cards would be too small.

13  I'm not sure what downloadable game logs means?

14  I have played thousands of hours with just a Bot but not much with other players outside my family so I don't know much about this.  If I played with another player, I would rather not chat with them.  If they are too slow the game should warn them then boot them off.

15  Tutorials are good for Dominion

16  An online tutorial would be good.  I do better playing the board game and learning the cards then trying it online.  I found the Nocturne trial challenging but after playing the board game version, I wish I could have a chance to try it again online.

I hope you will find my feedback helpful.  I have played a lot of dominion online but I'm not as tech savvy as some of the others.  Thank you for offering us another 6 months of playing.  I really appreciate it!

My user name is Donitsa.

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