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Thanks.  That was to be my fallback if there wasn't some way (unknown to me) to manage to do it from just one account.

Presumably you have had a lot of practice using two accounts when trying to reproduce bug reports!

Once one has loaded an old game, is there a way to play both of the hands?

I recently resigned a game because my opponent seemed to lose their connection when in what looked very likely (but not certainly) to be a winning position.  Out of curiosity I've subsequently loaded the game with me playing as them, which has enabled me to see that they were about to have a poor turn.  But with Lord Rattington playing what would have been my hand, it's impossible to discover whether my opponent's poor luck could have been converted into a fortuitous win for me.

Would an 'Allow deprecated cards' option on automatch be possible?  Not with the intention of deliberately matching against another player with the same setting, but merely to allow deprecated cards to be part of the selection for the Kingdom if both the players have set the option.

Card Bugs / Re: Interaction between War Chest and Charm
« on: 08 June 2022, 04:30:11 PM »
Hmmm . . . interesting.  It definitely did not work for me.  I even tried (using Undo) a few different times, just to see what was going on.  But each time, after making and acting on my Charm decision, my Buy phase ended (which, obviously made it Lord Rat's turn).

Glad to know that it was an anomaly.  If it crops up again in a Charm kingdom, I'll make sure to test it out.
You say "after making and acting on my Charm decision" (my emphasis). That might reveal what you are doing wrong.  After making your Charm decision, you should continue to play your Treasures.  Only after you have played all that you want to play (which might well include making decisions for more Charms) should you buy anything.  At that stage the consequences of your Charm decision(s) will take effect.

Support / Re: Glitch after playing Beggar
« on: 30 May 2022, 06:32:01 PM »
I'll add another weird lockup, not so that it can be investigated (I'm sure it can't), but just to add to the mystery…

I had to make two discards (if I recall correctly it was because of a Dungeon played on the previous turn), but after I had selected the two cards and clicked on 'Confirm', I found myself still facing the 'Discard two cards' prompt but unable to do anything.  Working on the assumption that my browser was to blame, I refreshed the page.  I was somewhat puzzled to find myself now looking at a screen that mentioned an undo request, but before I could decide what to do (I was busy sending a chat message to my opponent to explain that the delay was because I didn't know what my browser was doing), my opponent accepted it, and I now found myself back in the buy phase of my previous turn.  An exchange of chat messages with my opponent revealed that he had received a request to undo 15 steps!  Fortunately he could remember not only what I'd bought on that turn but also what he'd done on his turn, so we were able to play through to the point at which I had to discard two cards at the start of my next turn again.  This time there was no problem.

Maybe this experience indicates that there is a bug in the client that is very dependent on what has happened previously.  Perhaps something like a memory management bug.

Interface Issues / Re: Weird display with cost reduction + lag
« on: 22 May 2022, 07:25:47 AM »
2. I was playing last night and there were some very weird display issues with displaying cost reduction. My opponent played a Highway and the cards in the supply did not change cost a lot of the time. Then sometimes he would buy a Highway and THAT card in the supply showed as having the appropriate reduction but none of the other supply cards would show the cost reduction.
I encountered a similar problem yesterday.  On my opponent's turns the cost of Destrier (as seen by me) was not being updated when he gained cards during his turn.  I assume that it was being properly updated for him (it certainly was for me during my turns), given that he successfully bought reduced-cost Destriers on several occasions.

I use Firefox on Ubuntu.  Like Adam I'd got the impression recently that the game was laggy, but I'd been inclined to attribute that to the age (14 years) of my Dell PC.  I probably still am inclind to attribute it to that.  My guess is that the client is now more compute-intensive than it was in the past, something that would certainly be much more noticeable on old hardware.

General Discussion / Which card pool was Embargo in?
« on: 16 May 2022, 06:11:54 PM »
Out of curiosity I had started recording which cards were in which card pools, but I'd only looked at pools 1 to 3 prior to today, so I know only that Embargo wasn't in one of those.  For completeness I'd be interested to know which pool it was in.  Thanks.

I've now worked through pools 4 to 10 so that I won't have to ask the same question about any other Seaside card that gets deprecated in the next two days.

Support / Re: Can't log in on any browser
« on: 04 May 2022, 06:38:36 PM »
I tell a lie!  Rummaging around further on the Discord channel I found this comment from Ingix:

"We don't know what the problem is: Is the client not connecting, is the client connecting but nit getting any info, etc. The only person who can meaningfully create and manage the status page is also the only person who can find out and correct the problem, which happens usually much faster than a status page makes sense. I've contacted Stef to inform him of the problem, of course."

Support / Re: Can't log in on any browser
« on: 04 May 2022, 06:36:00 PM »
The good news is that the problem has also been reported on the Discord channel…

The bad news is that there's been no response there either.

Conversely I find that the boon often doesn't get displayed when my opponent plays the card (I can't remember its name) that gives a boon that all opponents can choose to take under certain circumstances.  I find myself having to view the kingdom to find out what the boon I am being offered does.  Sometimes, however, the boon does get displayed.  I've yet to spot any pattern to when it does or does not get shown.

Feature Requests / Re: Learning cards from new sets in bot games
« on: 12 April 2022, 04:25:50 PM »
Thanks.  I should probably have thought to look at the Tables option, but in the past I've only ever used it to look at a previous game.

Feature Requests / Learning cards from new sets in bot games
« on: 06 April 2022, 05:55:23 PM »
In the past when a new set was released I'm fairly sure it was possible (at least sometimes) to specify that one wanted to play a bot game with extra cards from the set.  It's the method that I used to use to become familiar with the cards from new sets.  Unless I'm overlooking it, such an option doesn't seem to be available for Allies.  My suggestion is that it should be resurrected for future new sets (or made more obvious, i.e. as an option in 'Bot Game', if it does exist and I'm overlooking it).

Bug Reports / Re: Chariot Race + City Quarter (debt?)
« on: 06 April 2022, 04:39:20 PM »
0coin+8debt (City Quarter) is more than 0coin+0debt (e.g. Copper, Curse), but is indeterminate against all cards with a non-zero coin or potion cost with one exception: it's less than 8coin+8debt (Fortune).

Support / Re: Not Much Success Getting Games
« on: 02 April 2022, 08:09:43 AM »
Is level 10 too high to get other players?         
That might depend on your rating and hence the range of acceptable ratings for your opponent(s).  I've had no trouble with requiring level 10 when looking for an opponent with rating in the range 41-55, but maybe players with lower ratings are more reluctant to accept level 10 games.

Feature Requests / Re: Shorter Timeout and Prevent Slowplay
« on: 30 March 2022, 02:19:17 PM »
I can assure you that if one is using an old PC and it crashes for some reason (thankfully something that has only ever happened to me a couple of times), it can already be a challenge to reboot, login, start the browser, and reconnect to the website in time.  Shortening the period significantly would make it impossible.

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