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Card Bugs / Re: Priest second bonus and Sewers.
« on: 01 July 2019, 11:53:40 PM »
wiki says:

    If you trash a card to Sewers due to trashing a card to Priest, you do not get +$2 from that Priest, as Sewers trashes a card before Priest's $ producing effect begins.


I actually think that right now Torturer isn't correct implemented. I think that even after the curses  run out, you should still choose between the options "Gain curse" and "discard two cards", even if the curses have run out. I think you should check for yourself "The curses have run out, so i better choose "gain curse". I think the game right now thinks to much for you.
And then naturally it would be nice to have the autoplay option "Always gain curse"

General Discussion / Re: Players drawing out turns
« on: 02 February 2019, 02:15:55 PM »
resign, say 'gg' (troll won't know what they're hearing), resign and leave table

Your logic makes sense re your non-Fortress examples.  And maybe also makes some sense re Fortress...I need to think about that a little bit.

But in the example Grindcore gave, he was not gaining a Fortress *back.*  I would agree that if you trash a Fortress in your hand (Chapel, Upgrade, etc), then when it reappears, I can see how that game does not see that as a gain.  (I also see the merits of seeing it AS a gain, so either decision is fine with me.)

But with Lurker, you get a Fortress put into your hand that you never had before, so it seems like tortured reading/reasoning to not see that as a true gain.

(I'll note that I see the fact that this game has a ton of edge cases as a feature and not a bug...I love the complexity that comes up with unusual card combinations.)

That's because it's a 'gain' when you use the english vocabulary definition of 'gain'. it's still not a gain following Dominion rules, as they state "When you put Fortress in your hand after trashing it, it is not 'gained' - you just put it in your hand."

Other Bugs / Not being able to click "ok" on and screen
« on: 15 April 2018, 01:42:23 PM »
Lately, a lot of the times i can't click the "ok" on the "The game has ended"-pop up.I can't advance to the end screen and have to reload to play a new game.
It's not always, i would say one out of two or three times

Card Texts problems / Re: Dutch language
« on: 05 April 2018, 05:51:24 PM »
ik ben eventueel wel geinteresseerd om te helpen de vertaling in te voeren/maken.

(maar als gebruiker moet ik toegeven dat ik zelfs als die vertaling zou zijn, ik nog altijd geneigd zou zijn om met de engelse te spelen)

Other Bugs / Couldn't buy card
« on: 15 March 2018, 09:28:47 PM »
game #12624006 on oregon

I have 8$, but can't buy province or the sprawling castle. Can only buy cards up to 6.

You can remake the bug by loading the game on decision 320 and play the treasures. And you can see on the attached screenshot there's nog "+" on the provinces and the sprawling castle.

Feature Requests / Re: Upside down cards from opponent
« on: 14 March 2018, 12:49:13 PM »
and when we're at a table, when we want to read a card, we can just take it. on a computer we have to simply right click it
fixed that for you

tought you had me. the i tested it, it doesn't work for your opponents hand.

also, i was wondering if this was only me: whenever i see my opponent has 6(/9) cards left, i always think it's 9 (/6).

General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 13 March 2018, 04:52:44 PM »
Sorry to see you go!  However, it seems you have a classic case of selective amnesia.  We as humans tend to fixate on the times that screwed us over and become convinced that the universe is aligned against us.  The truth is we are ignoring or not giving as much credence to the times that the very thing we are complaining about worked in our favor, on other games.  It is a very common thing to occur and I catch myself doing it all the time as well!  It is difficult to not be biased when considering the things happening to you.  I recommend giving it another chance. 

I actually don't recommend giving it another chance. if you can't handle losing once in a while just because of bad luck (or winning because of good luck), don't play dominion, play chess. i think you made a perfect analysis of what you want.

Feature Requests / Re: Upside down cards from opponent
« on: 13 March 2018, 04:45:51 PM »
and when we're at a table, when we want to read a card, we can just take it. on a computer we have to learn to read upside down, or turn or screen upside down.
(or, of course, write some code that can make you see it the right way)

Feature Requests / Upside down cards from opponent
« on: 13 March 2018, 02:12:05 PM »
I was wondering if there will ever be a setting so you can set your opponents cards not upside down. This was one of the first things i noticed about this implementation, and i still don't see to plus side from it. Is everybody getting used to this, or do people really like this?

Just wondering. I think it's really annoying, especially for spectating.

Feature Requests / Re: See opening split sooner
« on: 05 March 2018, 10:18:25 PM »
i agree. i often ask my opponent to click start to see my starting hand (but that's a big sentence to type if you want to ask it politely)
and sometimes i like to wait click start to consider my openings more un-biased. so not having to wait for each other would be the ideal solution.

AI bugs / bot freezes after playing temple
« on: 01 March 2018, 08:57:35 AM »
#12143647 on tokyo

Feature Requests / Re: Language flag in log?
« on: 16 January 2018, 10:11:06 PM »
i would more like some kind of profile where you can add what languages you speak/understand.
the language flag for the language you use doesn't say anything about that. i could for example just for fun set the language to german, so i could learn a bit more german, altough i barely speak it.

Feature Requests / Re: The biggest feature missing from Dominion
« on: 01 December 2017, 02:31:43 AM »
More human-readable explanation of all options (especially the autoplay options but also the regular options)
For example, "use autobuy" wasn't clear to me at all what it would do

Especially with the autoplay options there should be more explanation, (for example when you hover over it it explains it better "If you turn this on, Moat will always reveal when an opponent plays an attack card.)

Also, make automatically choosing a card when there's only one option optional. For me, it doesn't save time, most of the time i spend more time on being confused about what just happened then the time i would normally spend on just clicking the card.

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