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Support / Re: I messed up using my expansion code
« on: 12 September 2021, 10:39:15 AM »
Please help me too…same mistake and now I can’t play my code! Could you reset me?



ok, it's usable again.

Support / Re: I messed up using my expansion code
« on: 26 August 2021, 10:27:58 AM »
Your code should be usable again now.

If it isn't, please just name the expansion you wanted here and I'll do it manually.

Announcements / Re: Releases
« on: 16 April 2021, 07:14:11 PM »

It's a very small release, despite being so long after the previous one. Sorry but I've been having trouble getting the latest developments actually releasable, so this one is sneaking through:

* The store is selling longer subscriptions again, because the contract with RGG has been re-signed.
* Great Britain no longer counts as "EU"
* German tax rate is back to 19%
* various fixes to translations in Japanese and German.

Support / Re: Merge Accounts?
« on: 20 January 2021, 11:30:08 AM »
I made a mistake and created a new account not realizing that I had an old account.  All of my contacts are on the original account but I have a paid subscription on the new account.  Both accounts are under the same email.  Is it possible to merge two accounts so I can keep the friend list and the game history?  If this isn't possible, then I guess I will just delete my old account?


I moved your subscription over to the other account.

kind regards,

General Discussion / Re: Buy a subscription as a gift
« on: 08 December 2020, 10:33:41 AM »
Just to clarify, we need to create an entirely new account, purchase a subscription on it, and then let you know, and you will transfer that subscription to a different existing account owned by a different person?

Is it possible to post-date the start of the subscription so the year starts at a certain time?

for me everything is possible... I can write in the database.
Usually I just move the subscription though, that's less work.

Sorry about this. We've had a problem processing some of the successful payments over the last ~40 hours.
During this period people would eventually get their subscriptions, but not instantly which is the normal behavior.

Bought a subscription via paypal, my credit card was debited but no changes in my account. Very upsetting...
Could someone please help me? Couldn't find any recommendation or where to reach out to for this type of error. It would be nice to at least have some guideline.
I see in the db you got the sub an hour after purchasing.

Purchased a gold subscription through PayPal earlier this evening but it has not applied to my account (Draumr). Please could you investigate and fix the transaction?

Yours took even longer: 4 hours :(

I've given you both a couple of extra days.

Support / Re: Purchased wrong subscription length
« on: 15 November 2020, 11:38:41 PM »
ok, ik heb het teruggestort.

met vriendelijke groet,

General Discussion / Re: Buy a subscription as a gift
« on: 09 November 2020, 06:58:40 PM »
Yes I can help you with that.

The steps are

1. create a new account for this, and buy the sub you want to gift on it.
2. send me a message with the name of the account you created and the name of the account you want to receive your gift.

Announcements / Re: Releases
« on: 01 November 2020, 03:16:43 PM »

Some card wordings got updated. They're described in detail by Donald X. here. Trader is the only functional change in this update, the other described functional changes were already updated last summer.

Announcements / Re: Releases
« on: 24 October 2020, 12:24:29 PM »

This one only has updates to the German translations of Menagerie. The printed version is now released, and this change is to make the online card names match the printed version.

In Decembert 2019, I purchased an 18 month Gold subscription. For the past few days, I can only access base cards. When I go to the store, it doesn't show my subscription. What can I do? Who can I contact?


It appears as though you have two accounts: "LadyElle" and "Lady Elle". The one with the space is the one with the subscription.

Announcements / Re: Releases
« on: 08 October 2020, 07:41:12 PM »

* Today's Chrome release impacted the layout on the automatch page and the friends tab got misplaced; this release fixes that again.

* Fixes to the logging of revealing cards. Most notably Hunting Party, which used to merge the line of revealing your hand and revealing cards from your deck. All other "searching" cards (Loan, Venture, Farming Village, Fortune Teller, ...) now correctly mention the card they find last, instead of just grouping all revealed cards together.

Support / Re: Store not working
« on: 20 September 2020, 03:42:03 PM »
Hi Ferris,

Sorry to hear you have trouble with the store. I can tell you lots of people succeed though, most of whom are from the United States, so my first thought is indeed a problem on your end. Maybe your network blocks our payment provider, or maybe they block your network, although I wouldn't know of any reason why.

- maybe you could try again from a different network?

- if you could contact me on Discord (https://discord.gg/MsEuwUr), and maybe show some more specific error messages, I could help investigate.

Support / Re: charged 3 times
« on: 23 August 2020, 02:55:40 PM »
I looked into it and only see one transaction on my side: the one with paypal that did go through.

The two failed attempts with Apple pay that you describe aren't visible to me at all, which makes it hard to look into why they failed.

Announcements / Re: additional free expansion
« on: 14 August 2020, 12:32:52 PM »
This weekend the Menagerie expansion will be free to play with.

(i.e. starting 13.5 hours after this post, and lasting 48 hours)

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