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was searching about how to report players with very rude language etc.  I'll just add to this I suppose.   Also using the c-word etc. a lot.  I never actually said anything.  In case more can be done than just blacklisting (I did), the username was benduover (appropriate, lol) and the game was 35353164 on table Oregon if someone wants to see chat.  thanks


Feature Requests / Re: Block/report
« on: 18 September 2018, 07:44:12 AM »
I'm adding to this thread, as it's the first thing that came up when I searched reporting players. 
I have the game number.   Please read the very rude and vulgar language from Tetsuro.   Game # 18413943  just finished. Thank you.  These types of players ruin the fun. Should be immediate bans I think.

username real77

I want to add what I'd be interested in more than anything below- to match a 4 person game. I love how easily i can quickly find a 2 or 3 person game matched against someone at my skill level. I wish we could do this for 4 person also.   Thanks for the free extra 6 months of expansions!

Here are some features we have on our wishlist; please let me know if you would appreciate/use them:

#3 interests me the most by far, followed by #7, then #6.
 1. An offline client, allowing you to play campaigns against bots
I'd rarely use this, but yeah, on a flight or road trip, sounds good!

 2. A bot with a setting for different play styles
sounds good

 3. A strong bot.
definitely!  i love that games vs. bots are fast, but i rarely do it because they aren't challenging.

 4. Options for timed games
I think the timing as it is works fine.

 5. Options for undo settings
yes, i like the undo

 6. Online mini-tournaments; the option to easily create one for you & your friends.

 7. Option to invite specific players to your table
Yes please!

 8. More translations (to what language?)

 9. Better animations when cards are gained/bought/played/...

10. Better visualization of split piles, Archive/Crypt contents, Prince targets, ...
I think the visuals are already great.

10. Option to hide the log

11. Android app (or just improved compatibility?)
would be cool to be able to play on the phone!

12. iPhone app (or just improved compatibility?)

13. Downloadable game logs

14. Improved moderation (dealing with chat abuse, slowplayers, ...)
sounds good.

15. Tutorial on how to play Dominion

16. Tutorial on how to play dominion online.

Support / cost of upgrading expansions
« on: 19 September 2017, 10:20:04 PM »
I have all expansions but 2 from the previous site, yet it still wants to charge me 29 euros to upgrade to gold subscription.  Even 'upgrading' to silver would cost me 18 euros, and I already have everything offered in silver and much more.   Shouldn't it be very cheap for me to add adventures and empires instead of 29 euros?

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