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Other Bugs / Score panel page does not load
« on: 03 June 2019, 10:09:00 PM »
When game ends it moves to the score panel..
Mine however does not load properly. I get text that looks like java-script messages. No information and no buttons to select ready or leave game.
I tried reboot, clearing cookies and history in browser with no success. Chrome browser.

Attached an image of screen.

Support / Score page does not load properly
« on: 03 June 2019, 05:55:42 PM »

After I finish a game the score page does not load and the option to get a rematch button (Ready) does not load.
What I get instead are java-script like texts, but no functions. What can I do?
I tried to delete browsing history and to reboot.

//Peter :-\

To whom it may concern..

I just got out from a game with an unusually unpleasant opponent.
Apparently he thought I was playing slow, which wasn´t really the case.

Clearly it would be no loss if such gamers where banned.

Cut and paste the log/message board here:

redacted joined the table.
Joining game #6982706 on frankfurt.
redacted :  ...................................
ppolfeldt:  ..................................Another? [I was ahead]
ppolfeldt:  4 gms whos the moron, and btw that tone aint fit for this forum/site..[Great turn w remake: 2 Avantos for 2 Grand Markets + 12 coin and 2 more gms., cycling my deck every turn w/o the avantos anyway]
redacted :  FUCK U LOOSER
redacted :  STUPID IDIOT
redacted :  christ what a moron
redacted :  faster
redacted :  gaylord
redacted :  STUPID
redacted :  prick
redacted left the table.

Other Bugs / Re: BOT makes some really bad plays...
« on: 19 September 2017, 10:27:08 AM »

Generally the Bot game is a good experience. You get to acquaint yourself w the cards.  The card ranking it abides by is instructive and pretty nice.

Even a bad play is or can be instructive. The learning it offers by its choices of cards are a-ok.

Other Bugs / BOT makes some really bad plays...
« on: 18 September 2017, 09:07:24 PM »

CARDS_ Bot sure does make some wierd (pretty bad) plays

Bot plays Swindler - trashes peddler and gives .. A province !!! =)
Bank - plays bank first rendering it a (1 coin value)copper instead of last wich would mean a 4 coin value...
Envoy - picks the "best" card, even if its an action when you´ve got 0 actions. So youve got 0 actions it gives you Gold and trashes Library. Not the best selection.
Tournament - Bot never reveals province. Even if it has it in hand. 
Chapel - On a 5 2 starting it prefers to buy Chapel with 5 and no card with 2, even though "Witch" is on the board.
Remake - Bot plays remake and trashes; copper + curse, then plays bank for one. Trashing bank(7) + curse would have got Bot a province(8) and ended the game - winning!
Oracle - Bot reveals two green cards on my side, and discards them!! It should better leave them for me to draw.
Contraband - always blocks gold, could be different settings for different stages of the game - block gold turns 5-10, then after turn 10, block province or any victory card that I can afford.
Embargo - always puts a curse token on the curse pile, a random selection would be more fun.
Expand - gets the expand from me in a chapel/masquerade game, has two of them but doesn´t expand for province, rather plays a masquerade and passes me a tournament?!?
Chapel -  sometimes Bot gets stuck with no buy turns in repetition, one silver in hand. Give it a soft trashing option? Allow it to buy copper.
Also if it gets stuck it usu repeats the same play turn after turn, there could be a warning after two repetitions so the third one has to be differently played...
Stonemason - trashes silver and buys two curses??!

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