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Support / Re: Unable to purchase subscription: IP issue?
« on: 25 January 2021, 11:49:31 PM »
Now that Brexit is finished.
Should you not select "non-EU" from the list?
For me this give error message "The country you selected does not match your IP address GB"

Bug Reports / Re: Mission + Outpost Bug
« on: 25 May 2020, 11:14:23 AM »

If you buy Mission on the same turn you play Outpost, you can choose whether the Mission turn or the Outpost turn happens first; whichever one does will start with a 3 card hand, while the other will start with a 5 card hand.

Bug Reports / Re: Player can't see his hand
« on: 12 April 2020, 07:57:59 PM »
Refreshing sometimes fixes similar issues.

Best solution is ban possession ;)

Other Bugs / Re: Game ended after curse and 2 kingdom cards were gone
« on: 28 December 2019, 11:10:29 PM »
It is working correctly.
The end game rule is 3 empty supply piles.


General Discussion / Re: Random number generation biased?
« on: 05 November 2019, 01:16:03 PM »
I think each game uses a fixed seed.
So if you undo a wishing well for example.
Deck will remain in the same order.
Same is true if you use the load game function.

Feature Requests / Re: Option to choose a rematch with the same set
« on: 28 August 2019, 05:49:09 PM »
Work around is to copy paste a text string.
Village, Smithy,

AI bugs / Re: Treasure Map + Remake
« on: 24 July 2019, 07:32:25 PM »
You need to play treasure map, not remake.

I think the problem is players joining doesn't reset the ready status?
For example.
P1 joins game
P2 joins game
P1 ready (I want to play a 2 player game) look away from screen.
P3 joins game
P2 ready
P3 ready
Game starts
P1 is now in a 3 player game having only wanted to play 2 player.

Bug Reports / Re: Unable to login / Game froze on completion
« on: 04 April 2019, 01:50:52 PM »
try Kick and resign.
Might need to use private / incognito tab.

General Discussion / Re: Playing Exorcist on Familiar
« on: 02 April 2019, 12:28:02 PM »
The wording matters.
"Exactly 1 more" and "up to 1 more" are different.

I like to think about Familiar as costing 3 Apples + 1 Pear.
Imp costs 3 Apples.
There for Imp costs less than Familiar.

Cards that cost 2*.
* is just a reminder, not part of the cost.

Card Bugs / Re: Vassal / Throne wouldn't play
« on: 14 March 2019, 11:42:28 PM »
My guess is that people are looking for a button saying "play festival".
But only see a button saying "play action".

Support / Re: City card
« on: 27 January 2019, 07:39:05 PM »
Yes they are both supply piles.
It usually works.
Do you have a game number where it didn't work please?
For example with both curse and ruins pile empty I get:
R plays a City.
R draws a Watchtower.
R gets +2 Actions.
R draws a Ruined Market.
R gets +$1.
R gets +1 Buy.

Bug Reports / Re: Storeroom : second discard not offered
« on: 01 January 2019, 01:06:06 PM »
Did it work correctly after undo?
My best guess is that you clicked "Done Discarding" twice.
Or it lagged out and thought you did.
Discarding 0, does not appear in the log, so would not show up in the screen shot.

Bug Reports / Re: Cannot Log In/Kicked off after 1 game
« on: 30 December 2018, 07:59:05 PM »
It might help to use a private tab to access "kick & Resign" on the login screen.

General Discussion / Re: Resigning without comment
« on: 04 November 2018, 07:35:14 PM »
Or they could be playing on non PC.
Can be hard (or impossible) to type.

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