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Support / Re: How do I report a player?
« on: 17 January 2018, 08:45:29 PM »
Are you certain that he didn't only want to modify his discard decision? Sometimes it's tricky to see which decision exactly the opponent wants to undo. (Of course, foul language is never aceeptable anyway.)

Interface Issues / Re: Request to undo 7 steps
« on: 12 January 2018, 07:49:19 PM »
I've seen those as spectator quite often, but I think not always. Haven't been able to detect any pattern, unfortunately.

Most important for me would be a nice game replay functionality, allowing the user to browse forward and backward through a completed game.

A second requested festure not mentioned yet would be some kind of personal messaging to a player. It is especially important for an adressee who is not on a table, and it would be nice for a spectator as well (to avoid having to spam the chat on their table). In some cases, messaging a player currently playing would be useful as well, but I'm not sure if that should rather be disabled for tournament games.

Priority of the listed suggestions (top to bottom):

Really useful:
13. Downloadable game logs
10. Better visualization of split piles, Archive/Crypt contents, Prince targets, ...
 9. Better animations when cards are gained/bought/played/...
 3. A strong bot.

 5. Options for undo settings
 2. A bot with a setting for different play styles
 6. Online mini-tournaments; the option to easily create one for you & your friends.
 7. Option to invite specific players to your table
 4. Options for timed games
14. Improved moderation (dealing with chat abuse, slowplayers, ...)
 1. An offline client, allowing you to play campaigns against bots

Completely irrelevant for me (but not for others who might be potential opponents):
 8. More translations (to what language?)
16. Tutorial on how to play dominion online.
15. Tutorial on how to play Dominion
10. Option to hide the log
11. Android app (or just improved compatibility?)
12. iPhone app (or just improved compatibility?)

Interface Issues / Re: Long username obscures the VP counter
« on: 13 December 2017, 11:21:49 AM »
Have you tried all uppercase W's? WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW should be the widest 20 characters available...

Game Log Issues / German translation problem?
« on: 10 December 2017, 10:51:41 PM »
Game 9525531

General Discussion / Re: Subscription pricing & structure
« on: 05 December 2017, 05:50:31 PM »
Have you actually given Shuffle iT any money? If yes, I assume, only for adding Empires and maybe Nocturne to your free subscription? In that case, so far you have gotten one free year of online play with all previous sets. I certainly understand that you would like to get an offline version (which has not been available with Goko or MF) for free as well, but in your situation I would rather hope that the company which is to build this freebie for you does rather well. Somehow, it seems quite natural to me that paying customers are more important to a provider than those only wanting free gifts, so the focus on improving the online play first might be understandable. Luckily for everyone waiting for an online client, Stef has sai