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General Discussion / Re: Subscription pricing & structure
« on: 13 February 2018, 04:42:05 AM »

I didn't see the other thread offering an extension until after it was locked. But for what it's worth:

1. I will not ever pay a monthly subscription fee to pay this game. And honestly playing on the base set is boring for me and the group I play with, so I'm unlikely to play online at all. I was happy to pay ~$60 as a one time fee, and to pay extra as new expansions came out, and disappointed that lifetime fee expired.

2. The only need I have for the game is decent online play with friends. I don't care about art / animations, or offline, or bots, or anything else. Honestly the current version doesn't work as well for me as the old goko version, which worked less well than the isotropic version. There's an issue where cards at the bottom get cut off for me, but it's workable.

Anyway, if the subscription model changes, I would consider paying again although I probably wouldn't buy all expansions since I've already paid once. I'm not sure if that feedback is relevant or not, but I thought I'd share just in case. I'm username jaundice in the game.

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