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General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 13 March 2018, 08:25:36 PM »
I would like also to add that I plaied a lot on fextralife too, before here.
There wasn't any ladder, I lost to players who were clearly committing mistakes, but I humbly always thought that perhaps I saw as mistakes what were smart moves.

Now that I have a ladder I have a score to refere to, to help me undestrand if I am losing to an expert player or not.

General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 13 March 2018, 08:22:28 PM »
However, it seems you have a classic case of selective amnesia.  We as humans tend to fixate on the times that screwed us over and become convinced that the universe is aligned against us.

Nope. Already explained. I lose in other games, I win in other games, and that's pretty Dominion-based.

I've also played thousands of games, I'm usually at around level 58-60 (I've been on the top 20 two or three times). I also feel that luck plays too big of a role when both players more or less know what they're doing

Exactly my thoughts.
It is important to have people rannked in the top 20 expressing something like that.
It's always is easy to blame someone else. More difficult is to admit the game you like has some major bugs.
That alas can't be easily fixed, too.

General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 13 March 2018, 12:05:05 PM »
This has been suggested and discussed many, many times. And the fact is, that this rule change would change a slight first-player advantage into a huge second player advantage. The first player could no longer ever end the game with a win; he would have to always make sure he builds up a big enough lead first, and then end the game; hoping that the second player can't catch up. Whereas the second player can continue to play normal Dominion, and win simply by ending the game while 1 or more points ahead. It would be very unfair to the first player. The object of Dominion is not to get the highest score you can (and then hope that it is higher than your opponent's score). The object is to end the game while you are in the lead.

In Citadels the one closing has 4 points more.
That could be something. The one closing gets a bonus. Then you have however another turn.
This would be less unfair.
The one closing either wins or ties.
The other one, if doesn't get enough points to tie, loses.
If he goes even, or overtakes the opponent, it's a tie. That would be another solution.
This would change mecahnics, that is true, but in my opinion, for the better.
This would make me rethink about my idea to retire from dominion.

I doubt that you made your original post in the midst of anger, so I suspect that it's an issue that you thought about for a while.  Which means that your decision to (at least temporarily) leave Dominion will not change . . . at least, for now.

Yes, you got all my points and for this I really thank you a lot.

I don't think I have to add more, but, I would like to see some game mechanics changed and that would surely be something.

General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 11 March 2018, 09:22:21 PM »
And top of all, I really think that the fact that the player starting may have a turn more then their opponent is a completely wrong rule.

The second player should be given their last turn, and if provinces ended, should be replenished. Thus, having plaied the very same number of rounds, you would see which is for real the better player.

General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 11 March 2018, 09:15:46 PM »
Sorry but this is so biased I can hardly reply. I'll try.

Just think.

I say "We have our opinion, none is correct, they're just opinions. I keep mine, you keep yours, have a nice day".

You say "Your opinion is not correct. Mine is. Mine is the supreme truth."

Perhaps you think Dominion is good as it is. I don't. People who ask/do changes improve the situation, in games and in life. People who think "It's already perfect as it is" are conservative people who will never help progress.

But let's assume you were right for a second, shall we?
I should say the very same things in every single game I suck at.
Say that I suck at Settlers of Catan. Or Carcassonne. I should say "This game sucks" just because I am a sore loser.

Instead, I suck at many games, but they do no frustrate me. I smile and admit that I have to improve.

Of course I would have to improve here too. Who says I wouldn't? But Dominion is very successful in frustrating me.
Dominion often deceives you that you can win having a bold strategy, or a smart one, and then your opponent is lucky and you cannot do anything about it. Just watch him win while you have a far better deck.
I myself felt also the embarassment of beating people ranked 7 8 points more than me only because I was chaining the right cards at the right moment, as if I could chose them from the deck.

And it happens TOO often. That's my point. I play 20 games in a row, I shouldn't even notice if one is lucky in a game. I could notice in 40 games, 50 games. But that isn't the case. I play 20 games and I see lucky plays (either by me or my opponent) TOO often.

Too often when starting with 5/2 I have had NO cards costing 5 or 2.
But I guess I made my point, there's no need to go on.

Just... I frankly fail to understand people who, when talking about mere opinions, think their is undeniable truth.

General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 11 March 2018, 07:04:15 PM »
I strongly disageree with your opinions and as a more-than-average-with-a-semi-glorious-past Chess player, the ones on Chess are the most arguable.
That said, I didn't expect people to be critical over a game you seem to like.

Thanks for the polite replies and for the time spent together, I'll move to better games.

General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 11 March 2018, 06:19:22 PM »

I say that, if the game is unbalanced, the outcome usually depends on the playes' skills.
For example, I am rank 44, I would very seldom beat a rank 52+ and when it is, it's probably because I were lucky, if not surely and entirely.

On the other hand, if the game is balanced, the outcome usually doesn't depend on the last minute strategical move, but basically on how lucky the players were picking cards.

For example a game agains a player ranked 43 or 44 for me depends basically on which opening we have, who starts first, and which card you draw, not on how you build your deck.

I liked the idea of dominion because I thought it would have depended 99% on the deck building, but it has a lot of mechanics that are trivial and should be adjusted. Instead it staied pretty muche the same all time long, since I bought the first real Dominion Base set box. Something should be fixed in order to reduce the impact of luck and reward skill choices.

General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 11 March 2018, 03:09:02 PM »
I am sorry, but I am not only a Dominion player.

I was ranked in the Chess rankings in my own country when I was young.
Then I've been a Magic The Gathering player for 20 years.
Then I am a RPG player weekly
Then I am a boardgame player weekly.

See, I'm not telling you that I am Top Star Dominion Number One player.
I mostly like to do combo. I don't even aim to win every game.

But when I am playing Risk I know I am not playing Puerto Rico, to say one, and I know that dice will have a preponderant role, or picking the right cards to exchange for tanks.

I'm not saying that Domionion is based on luck, again, as Risk is mostly based on luck with a minor touch of skill.

I'm saying that, and you can admit this without any shame, when two players are equally skilled, a game can last 3 rounds if one gets the right cards and the other the worst ones.

After talking with you it is obvious that this is perfectly fitting your likeliness to play a game.
In my case, it goes to fill an empty can of patience that today had its last drip.

You can have fun how much you want, but as much as you can say to me "you do not understand how dominion works because you are a low-level player and you're blaming your luck when you should blame your skill" (which is not the case but you are free to express your opinion) I can also say "You may have this feeling, but having been a player of many different games in 30 years I can tell you that luck in Dominion play a main role in a game. Not the biggest one, but not to underestimate either"

Who's right and who's wrong?
Probably neither.
You will think that Dominion is based on pure strategy, I will think that it's a mix, we both are entitled to our opinion, and I quit because it's getting annoying (playing, not talking to you).

General Discussion / Re: Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 11 March 2018, 10:47:20 AM »
I think you read what you wanted to read, because what I wrote is entirely different.

I just said, that this game it TOO MUCH based on luck, whereas your strawman argument is that I said that is ENTIRELY based on luck which I never said.
And even if I did, which I didn't, calling another person's opinion "bullshit" is very vulgar in my opinion.

Other examples of luck In Dominion?
You start with 2/5 coppers, your opponent starts with 3/4 and there are NO cards costing either 2 or 5, whereas there are costing 3 and 4.
You basically lost one turn to the opponent.

And I could go on forever.

I repeat, it's NOT entirely based on luck, but if I want a luck component in a game it may be 2%, 3%... in Dominion that component is way higher. Not 100%. Not even 50% of course. But not even 2% in my opinion.

In that way I prefere chess. 0% luck. Skill only. Ranking is effective.

General Discussion / Why I am quitting dominion
« on: 11 March 2018, 09:29:38 AM »
After years of playing dominion, today I decided to quit.

This is because this game has two major bugs.

BUG 1: If a player starts the game, they've a big advantage. Too many times I lost a game because the opponent could play a turn more than me. When two players' skill are very balanced this is crucial.

BUG 2: More than many games, the more I play the more I think that, when two player's skill are balanced, the game doesn't rely on the player's ideas, the tactical move or the smart card buy. I think, and I've plaied thousand of games, that's entirely luck.

I decided to quit today after I carefully planned to win a game, my opponent had only ONE card that could prevent me from winning, we had dozens of cards in our decks, opponent had only 4 cards in his hand, but guess what, he had the only very card that prevented me from winning. And of course he only had ONE copy of that card in his deck.

That's too much for me to bear.
Some kind of randomness is nice to a game, but when it's too much it's too much.

And, yes, I may just look like the typical sore loser, but I am not.
I lost many, many, many times just because of this and it's getting frustrating.
The first time you say "Oh..."
The 2000th time you say "Oh, no, not again..."

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me thousand times, shame on me.
Goodbye everybody.

Feature Requests / Re: Governor does NOT remodel. Misleading text.
« on: 28 February 2018, 01:52:37 AM »

Remodel is misleading. I was absentmindedly and plaied it automatically without reflecting and I lost a game I already won.

Feature Requests / Governor does NOT remodel. Misleading text.
« on: 27 February 2018, 09:44:10 PM »
My fault surely, because I was hasty, but Governor does NOT remodel and I lost a game because I read it.

Remodel says that you can remodel to UP +2, not EXACTLY +2, so I called Governor, chose REMODEL, and trashed a Province to no avail.

The text "REMODEL" is misleading and should be changed as soon as possible.

Feature Requests / Math winning
« on: 26 February 2018, 02:58:13 PM »
It happens often to me that a game is over by math, either I won or lost it doesn't matter, still the opponent keeps on playing.

If I lost, that's ok, I resign and that is all.
But I won, it's annoying. I would like to jump to another game.

May you implement a funciont that calculates if you have mathematically won the game (not possible in games with cards that give +1VP like Momnumet or with cards that may trash your VP)? When it comes to a plain game, that could be an interesting option.

General Discussion / Re: User that insults your strategy
« on: 25 February 2018, 04:26:25 PM »
And this is why I ended up blacklisting over 50 users here. Many like to do stuff like:

- lose time on purpose
- Insult you
- Avoid ending the game even in clear vantage, to humiliate the opponent
- etcetera

I really can't understand this!

General Discussion / Re: User that insults your strategy
« on: 19 February 2018, 04:35:55 PM »

I wrote this down so that maybe players will like to blocklist users that can't help but insult or be rude.
I mean, you can also pass by, not say anything, and go to the next game.
What did force him to insult me AFTER the game was over?

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