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General Discussion / Re: How do I make a complaint about another player?
« on: 25 November 2019, 11:47:50 AM »
@Ingix, I agree with you completely, but some players troll other players (e.g. by playing extremely slowly) because they only care about their rating score. It's frustrating to play against such sore losers and I feel taking away their account will certainly help avoiding them.

General Discussion / Reporting a player - InYaFaceDonk
« on: 25 November 2019, 11:38:36 AM »
Player "InYaFaceDonk" was apparently angry at the fuact that I was "lucky" and instead of resigning said that he would play slow to annoy me (screenshot attached). Eventually also insulted me.... The entire situation was completely unwarranted (only after the 7th or 8th round or so). Please remove player, this is just awful!

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