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Support / Please delete my account
« on: 02 April 2020, 09:09:11 AM »
Please delete my account here and in Dominion online. It's the same name there. Thank you.

General Discussion / Reporting player Neewbneewb
« on: 25 March 2020, 09:32:03 PM »
Wasn't the first this player started spamming in the chat. Happened already before.
Down below is the number of game and his chat spamming.

Neewbneewb ist dem Tisch beigetreten.
Du trittst Spiel #37763827 auf ohio bei.
Neewbneewb:  sigh
Neewbneewb:  worst 1st shuffle possible for me
Neewbneewb:  ><
Neewbneewb:  every game I play a lowbie rank i get worst possible start lol
Neewbneewb:  remake all coppers lol
Neewbneewb:  no estates
Neewbneewb:  great start
Neewbneewb:  lol
Neewbneewb:  wow
Neewbneewb:  so u get to remake estates??!!
Neewbneewb:  but not me
Neewbneewb:  lol
Neewbneewb:  100% unfair game
Neewbneewb:  100% luck
Neewbneewb:  0% skill
Neewbneewb:  lol
Neewbneewb:  this is how noobs get to beat pros on this site
Neewbneewb:  100% unfair gmaes
Neewbneewb:  games
Neewbneewb:  lol
Neewbneewb:  so lame
phika:  would you please cakm down, you're pretty annoying
Neewbneewb:  your luck is very annoying
Neewbneewb:  couldnt even get to turn 3 fairly
Neewbneewb:  u copied me so hard this game lol
Neewbneewb:  noobs copy and hope for unfair luckier games only way to beat a 50+ rank
Neewbneewb:  ;p
Neewbneewb:  noob luck fest
Neewbneewb:  100% luck
Neewbneewb:  copied me on top
Neewbneewb:  100% luckier 1st shuffle
Neewbneewb:  100% luckier 2d shuffle
Neewbneewb:  nice luck based unfair no skill lead
Neewbneewb:  lame
Neewbneewb hat die Verbindung verloren.
Neewbneewb hat die Verbindung wiederhergestellt.
Neewbneewb:  lol
Neewbneewb:  look at your shuffle luck with trashing
Neewbneewb:  u get all your estates shuffled with trashing cards lol
Neewbneewb:  100% unfair game
phika:  it would be nice, if you could stop trash talking, ty
Neewbneewb:  u trashed more estates before me
Neewbneewb:  100% luckier shuffles
Neewbneewb:  0% skill from your luck
Neewbneewb:  0% skill from you
Neewbneewb:  100% unfair start
Neewbneewb:  100% luck
Neewbneewb:  100% copies
Neewbneewb:  0% skill
Neewbneewb hat die Verbindung verloren.
phika:  why do you do this every time? It happened already in another game.

Support / Reporting randolfo for offense chat and stalling
« on: 21 March 2020, 07:04:30 PM »
I don't know the number of the game anymore. I just made a screenshot of the beginning of his offensive chat. He just started insulting for no reason and did't want to stop. Moreover he then started stalling the game so i quit.
The lanuage is german, if you were wondering.

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