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General Discussion / Re: Undo Request
« on: 16 January 2018, 11:26:59 AM »
I think some undo-fights are due to misunderstandings (e.g. Hamlet when you want to undo your choice of +buy but the opponent thinks that you want to undo playing Hamlet).
Here it was not about choosing the wrong card to skip for Rebuild (I understand denying that), but the choice which card to gain with Rebuild. I would not be happy, if my opponent denied such a no-info undo.

General Discussion / Re: Bug??? Courtier + Werewolf
« on: 14 January 2018, 09:37:22 AM »
Your game number seems to be wrong.
You do get all 4 bonuses automatically, so maybe you missed that as the log only mentions the Gold gain. The others should be visible in the info box in the middle (Action, Buy, Coins).

- have default options for e.g. "Turnier" or "Burggraben". I don't want to redo this in every play.
 - I am not sure whether I continue my subscription for another full year. How about a monthly subscription option that could even be a bit more expensive?
You can set your personal default for autoplay for each card in the options menu.

You can subscribe for shorter periods starting from 1 month. It costs the same per day but you have to pay the (small) transaction fee each time.

Card Bugs / Re: Processing Pixie mixing up boons
« on: 12 January 2018, 03:27:39 PM »
If you trash it the first time, you can't trash it the second time. The game engine skips that decision for you and you're asked which card to get due to Procession's effect. It still shows you the second Boon because it is always revealed.

Interface Issues / Re: Request to undo 7 steps
« on: 12 January 2018, 12:59:02 AM »
The usual behavior is to not be shown the undo request.

Card Bugs / Re: Throne Room and Knights
« on: 10 January 2018, 01:05:17 AM »
This is correct behaviour. Nothing prevents a card's text to be executed again by Throne Room, even if the card has moved somewhere else.

Some cards say "if you do" for returning it to somewhere or trashing it, such that it can't work twice with Throne Room. Some cards say "while this is in play", such that you can't throne the effect. Mining Village now says "trash this for +2", which means that you actually have to trash it and it doesn't work twice. (I found the "if you do" phrase clearer, but I'm non-native.)

1. An offline client, allowing you to play campaigns against bots
it would only be useful to me if it was available on Android for mobile use without internet connection.

2. A bot with a setting for different play styles
I want the best possible bot, so a simple version of this is not important to me. The complex version would be something like "teaching" the bot: e.g. telling him how to open on a board and then he takes it from there in the best way.

3. A strong bot.
That would be nice, but only useful to me, if you get the bot to at least mu=1.5. If at some point computational effort becomes the limitation, I'd be willing to pay extra for games against a very good bot.

4. Options for timed games
Yes, I'd like to have quick games as an option.

5. Options for undo settings
I don't remember a situation, in which I didn't grant a reasonable undo and vice versa, so it's low on my priorities. You could have it as an advanced search option with yes/no/don't care and people who really don't like undos will have to wait longer to find a suitable match (similarly also adding the same for VP counter).
There are some cases now that require an undo even though nothing happened from an opponent's point of view. (e.g. selecting discard option with Hamlet before discarding). It would be nice to be able to simply undo those decisions.
I'm more skeptical about a general undo without new info as I don't want to see a back and forth in my opponent's turn / buy phase. If that becomes possible, I would only like to see the opponent's decisions that have been "locked in".

6. Online mini-tournaments; the option to easily create one for you & your friends.
Not a high priority for me as the main problem in organizing a tournament is arranging opponents to be available at the same time. An option would be a quick tournament for people that state to be available for the next 2 hours or so, but I doubt that the player base is large enough for that.

Something that should be easy to implement is having a separate ladder for a group of friends: you specify the friends and a time horizon and a ranking is calculated using only rated games between those friends.

7. Option to invite specific players to your table
nice to have but not a high priority

8. More translations (to what language?)
not needed

9. Better animations when cards are gained/bought/played/...
Yes, in particular for cards that reveal and discard cards (e.g. Hunting Party). There should be a speed option - for me it would be enough to briefly flash what was revealed.

10. Better visualization of split piles, Archive/Crypt contents, Prince targets, ...
That's the most important point for me, in particular Archive and Crypt contents.

10. Option to hide the log
I don't care

11. Android app (or just improved compatibility?)
Yes, in particular with offline availability

12. iPhone app (or just improved compatibility?)

13. Downloadable game logs
It would be really nice to be able to (automatically) analyze logs again.

14. Improved moderation (dealing with chat abuse, slowplayers, ...)
I don't experience problems with my opponents.

15. Tutorial on how to play Dominion
not necessary for me, but important for new players

16. Tutorial on how to play dominion online.
not necessary for me, but important for new players

Support / Re: Confusion over Familiar cards
« on: 08 January 2018, 10:51:16 PM »
If you use the rated automatch, familiar cards are not respected and you'd play with all cards. Colony games are rare then. You need to use "Practice Game", if you want to restrict the cards.

Connection Problems / Re: oregon server EXTREMELY slow
« on: 28 December 2017, 10:13:08 PM »
Los Angeles (in two different locations) was also very slow yesterday.  This morning, problem seems to have been solved.
"Oregon" is the name of the server. (There's also Frankfurt and Tokyo). Probably, you also played on Oregon.

General Discussion / Re: change in how Prizes are played??
« on: 25 December 2017, 09:37:28 AM »
Tournament draws you a card unless an opponent reveals a Province. This draw happens after you've potentially gained a prize. Therefore, you draw the prize immediately unless an opponent revealed a Province.

Feature Requests / Re: "Speed" Dominon
« on: 23 December 2017, 09:09:45 AM »
You don't need any cursing or so - you just lose the game, when you're too slow.

I wouldn't consider having a time limit a variant. People have different preferences and that is a way to match players that both want to play fast.

Game number is 9892874.

You only had 1 buy. Note that Forum gives you +buy when you buy it, not when you play it (as you did on your last turn).

Feature Requests / Re: "Speed" Dominon
« on: 19 December 2017, 10:48:02 AM »
I like playing competitive games with a bit more of thinking but I'd also enjoy speed games relying more on intuition.
My suggested mode would have been to get a bit of time for each turn and each decision.

Using the 1/3-2/3 method, I'd suggest having 30-60 seconds at the game start and then record a minimum 5-10 seconds for each player's turn. That way, you don't have to wait for some minutes in the beginning if the opponent doesn't show up, but you can't win by just instantaneously ending your turns.

Also I think that matched speed games should be rated for sure. First, this allows for equal matches and it prevents people from just leaving games. You can easily have a separate "Speed Leaderboard". And you could also have unifying leaderboard using all games.

Can you specify "and then someone leaves or joins the players" a bit more? The usual (and wanted) behaviour is that people that were "ready" become "not ready", if table options or players on the table change, as you didn't necessarily agree to that when pressing "ready".

Do I understand correctly, that you're seeing that everbody is displayed as "Ready" in green, but the game doesn't start?

Card Bugs / Re: Black Market / Keep Bug
« on: 15 December 2017, 10:52:11 PM »
From my own experience, Keep+Black Market usually works. I loaded your game at the end and Horn of Plenty does indeed count it for Keep points.
Maybe you missed the 5VP during the game being added? (when I bought it from Black Market, the VP counter jumped from 8VP to 13VP corectly.)

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