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Support / Re: Cannot confirm my email
« on: Today at 07:42:34 PM »

You should now be able to host games, have fun playing.

General Discussion / How playing with previewed cards works
« on: Today at 11:41:30 AM »
During the preview week, which will last from Monday, March 2nd up to Sunday, March 8th, there will be options to start a preview game, in addition to playing "normally", as you are used to.

In the "Matching" tab will be buttons to start 2 player unrated preview games vs. another player ("Menagerie Previews") and vs. a bot ("Preview vs. bot").

If you start a table, you can select "Menagerie Preview" under "Advanced Options". This allows you to costumize your game as usual, like whom you play with and other options. You can also select (non-preview) cards to be used.

The format of a preview game is a little bit different each day. There will usually be some number of cards randomly taken from the previews in the days before and some number of cards randomly taken from the preview of the day. Additional rules may apply to landscapes, once they have been previewed.

The exact format for each day will be given at the start of the article for that day. Any cards/landscapes not determined by the preview will come from the pool of cards subscribed to by either player, same as for other games.

Donald X. will preview a few cards of the upcoming Menagerie expansion each day from Monday, March 2nd to Friday, March 6th. Hopfeully shortly after the preview each day, you will be able to play with the previewed cards for the next (roughly) 24h.

This thread will contain Domonion Online specific things you need to know to play with the previewed cards  It's a companion series to the preview articles and will be published shortly after the preview for the day goes up. The table of contents will be expanded each day.

If you have questions or comments, just post them in this thread!

How playing with previewed cards works

first article in series

General Discussion / Re: Is it allowed to stream?
« on: 27 February 2020, 08:55:23 AM »
Yes, this is no problem, even encouraged.

Not sure if your streaming has any delay built in, because it would allow anyone (including your opponent) to see your hand. But that is usually not considered a serious problem until late stages in tournament/league play.

Have fun playing and streaming!

Support / Re: Please ban Grandearmee for slowplaying
« on: 24 February 2020, 09:49:48 AM »
You just reported them. The suggested method is to resign the game, blacklist the player and move on. Life's to short to deal with griefers on an individual bases. Grandearmee isn't coming up the first time in this respect, I'll look into this.

Hi Eric,

this is something you cannot change during a game. When you have the game client open and are logged in, in the top is a list of tabs that you can visit. Click on "Options", then you are presented with a list of options. The 5th from the top is called "Use autobuy" and it should be set to "Yes" to get the feature you want.

Then, when you are in the game and about to buy cards, the game will mark with a "+" sign all the cards biyable with the coin already generated (as now), but also the Treasures from your hand.

So, for example, with a Copper, Silver and Gold in hand, it will mark all cards up to 6 coins. You can click on the Gold in the supply and the game will automatically play the Treasures needed and buy that Gold.

Note that the game considers a some Treasures 'unsafe' to automatically play, because they have additional effects you may not want. Spoils is one example, maybe you want to preserve it for the next shuffle. Relic is another; it's an attack, so opponent might play a Caravan Guard and 'profit' from it.

Be sure to take this into account when you decide what you can and want to buy. With Copper, Silver, Gold and Relic in hand, the game will mark only the cards costing up to $6 as buyable, while in reality you can buy up to $8. Getting a Province (by also playing the Relic) would most players considered much more important that the small chance that opponent can react with something the Relic.

If you play the Relic first, the game sees that you generated $2 already, and will add the $6 in your hand and now show cards up to $8 as buyable.

Support / Re: Please delete my account
« on: 23 February 2020, 05:10:13 PM »
Account deleted.

Support / Re: Games are frequently slow and/or freeze repeatedly
« on: 22 February 2020, 07:47:45 AM »
That sounds like your connection to the server is slow/disrupted at that point, which can be anything and is probably not under your control (my access to this forum for example sometimes slows to a crawl for a few hours and then goes back to normal without any apparent reason on my side, and I can access other sites at that time without problems).

There are 3 game servers that serve the games: Frankfurt, Oregon and Tokyo, which are AFAIK also located at those locations. One would assume that your connection to Oregon would be best. I'm not sure how the game distributes games on these servers, I assume on some kind of load balancing scheme.

So my suggestion: If you are at such times where the game slows down, note down to which server you are connected (it's in the first line of the chat, which should be empty when you play bots). Once you see a pattern (I would assume that Oregon gives you the least problems), when you start a game not on a good server, immediately resign it and try again (Again, I'm assuming a bot game) until you reach a 'good for you' server.

Support / Re: Please delete my account
« on: 18 February 2020, 07:28:52 PM »
Both accounts have been deleted.

Have fun in whatever you are playing now!

Support / Re: Cannot confirm my email
« on: 16 February 2020, 12:08:31 AM »
That happens because I already manually confirmed you. Everything should now work (that means you should be able to host a game now).

Support / Re: Cannot confirm my email
« on: 15 February 2020, 01:31:05 PM »
MAF64 confirmed as well.

Luckily the problem around Christmas has been solved. I hope the email just went into your SPAM folder and there isn't a new problem of that kind.

Support / Re: Cannot confirm my email
« on: 15 February 2020, 01:10:09 PM »
Quentat confirmed!

Thanks for the reply <3

Let's hope those problems don't come up again.

At the moment it seems that Linux users are affected and upgrading Chrome to version 80.0.3987.100 has fixed the issue for 1 player and another player who 'started' with that version never had the problem.

So I'm cautiously optimistic that this may help.  :)

It would be nice if affected players could post their results here, once they have switched.

Support / Re: Cannot confirm my email
« on: 12 February 2020, 07:06:46 PM »
Batsch confirmed!

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