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Yes, because it seems to be something that rarely happens, it having the game number would have been nice. Well, if I see it, I'll be sure to note it down.

Thanks for the report!

I tried to replicate this, but it didn't happen when I tried. Do you by chance know the game number of that game or against whom you played it?

Card Bugs / Re: Gaining bugs with Innovation etc.
« on: 15 September 2019, 05:57:18 PM »
I've added the bugs to the bug list. All of them still existed.

Thanks again for taking your time to test and document that as thouroughly as you did!

General Discussion / Re: Player Tetsuro is kind of breaking the rules
« on: 14 September 2019, 11:20:13 PM »
IDK = I don't know

I assume IKD was a typo.

Dominion Online Championship 2019 / Match time publishing and spectating
« on: 14 September 2019, 04:03:07 PM »
Once you've arranged with your opponent a date and time to play your match in any given round, you can publish that. That is good for keeping track yourself, as well as allowing others to spectate (live watch) your match.

You can find the calendar of published matches here, if you want to spectate yourself.

To enter a planned match, you need to enter data into this google form.

Choose "Add" to add the match, then choose "ShuffleIT Championship" for the Tournament, then enter your and your opponent's name. Set the start date and time (remember to convert to UTC) and set the match length (1h 30min or 2h are realistic values).

If you then update the first linked page, it should show your match now.

Dominion Online Championship 2019 / Re: Round 1 pairings
« on: 14 September 2019, 01:32:07 PM »

Dominion Online Championship 2019 / Round 1 results
« on: 14 September 2019, 09:32:12 AM »
In case anything goes wrong with the Google Form to report results, or you make an error you can't correct, report your round 1 result here. Format:

Player ABC - Player XYZ:  4-1

If you want to look at the results of the whole tournament, there is a multi-page result overview for that.

Dominion Online Championship 2019 / Round 1 pairings
« on: 14 September 2019, 09:10:46 AM »
Below are the Round 1 pairings. Each match is listed twice, with each player being mentioned first once, and this list is alphabetically sorted. This makes it easy to find your match. The top 45 players have a bye (don't play this round, listed after the pairings), because of the number of participants (211) this year.

Please schedule your matches such that they end before Monday, 23rd of September, 6:00 UTC. You can publish your scheduled matches, so others can live spectate them. Details for that can be found in  Match time publishing and spectating.

General advice from experiences from last year:

Try to contact your opponent as soon as possible. You can do this by clicking on their name in the pairing, that will open a page that allows you to send them a forum message. Remember that not everything in your and opponent's schedule may turn out as excpected, so plan to play as early as convinient, with the chance to postpone if necessary. In case an opponent's in-game name differs from their forum name, the forum name is given in parenthesis.

Each match has a moderator assigned to it, in case there are problems. You can click on the moderator link to send them a message.
Please remember that you should contact your moderator when you have not heard from your opponent on Wednesday 12 UTC! That gives us time to do things, instead of getting to know of this fact on Sunday evening when the round should be almost over.

Also, try to log into your forum account at least once a day so you can actually see if you are contacted. Better yet, change your settings such that you get your personal messages sent to your email address. On the very top of this forum, click on "Profile", then choose the indicated Links and select the indicated values:

You can report the match result in 2 ways:
1) Preferred is this Google form to enter the result of your match.
2) If something goes wrong there, as a backup you can post the result in the in this forum in the Round 1 Result thread.

The first player to reach 3.5 points wins the match, there is no need to continue to play afterwards, as this is a single elemination tournament. So results like 4-0 or 4-1 are OK and expected.

If you want to look at the results of the whole tournament, there is a multi-page google doc for that as well.

Have fun playing!

0rpheon - Pancakes58   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
2Duffman - Orange   (Mod: xtruffles)
akirehekireki - Serikosia   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
alexgor23 - tufftaeh   (Mod: volfied)
alibby1152 - Masumaro   (Mod: xtruffles)
alion8me - bumbugler   (Mod: Ingix)
Anders - cjfla   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Ares - Burning Skull   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Artemis Lafleur - train   (Mod: xtruffles)
austeane - LoffeKarlsson   (Mod: volfied)
Azula [recursion] - thebigl70   (Mod: Ingix)
barbazul - pppppppppp   (Mod: volfied)
belov - mongolgeek   (Mod: xtruffles)
Benab - lrlusher   (Mod: Ingix)
BilldaCat - jmclaus   (Mod: xtruffles)
bizaff - zeruf   (Mod: volfied)
BluahBluah - Bryan   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
bluey_the_bear - StonedMason [manchild69]   (Mod: Ingix)
bouchon - wedaft   (Mod: volfied)
Bryan - BluahBluah   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
bumbugler - alion8me   (Mod: Ingix)
Burning Skull - Ares   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
C_Roy8 - Zentao   (Mod: Ingix)
Cassa - Ravenshard   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Catnap75 - heth [Lord Cattington]   (Mod: xtruffles)
Cave-O-Sapien - Ryoheihei   (Mod: volfied)
Chico_ - scottc   (Mod: xtruffles)
Chris is me - NZacharias   (Mod: xtruffles)
ChrisCV - joshnicholas   (Mod: xtruffles)
chrismertens - Micha1980   (Mod: volfied)
cjfla - Anders   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Count67 - nottoobad   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
COYS - supernick   (Mod: Ingix)
crabcat2 - dugrless   (Mod: xtruffles)
crlundy - williebob   (Mod: xtruffles)
cuethesun - gamesou   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
DDL - Thwart   (Mod: xtruffles)
Deaks - Sharur   (Mod: volfied)
DEGwer - grebst   (Mod: Ingix)
della - Kartana   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
delux_247 - Malta   (Mod: Ingix)
denyo19 - Personman   (Mod: Ingix)
DG - Hagbard   (Mod: volfied)
DividedSpy - ryansun   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
dornado - Memories   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
dugrless - crabcat2   (Mod: xtruffles)
eh1414 - Moyen   (Mod: Ingix)
ehunt - Jess359   (Mod: xtruffles)
Emeric - UltimateGeek   (Mod: Ingix)
eskoglund - Jeremus   (Mod: xtruffles)
faust - whutfrog   (Mod: xtruffles)
Felendis - harkne   (Mod: volfied)
fiercelord [jgriffith91786] - TonyWild   (Mod: xtruffles)
Fircoal - Tobradex   (Mod: volfied)
fkolouch - Geronimoo   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
fujinamisatoru - hirotashi   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
gamesou - cuethesun   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
GaryofPgh2 - Stookablo   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Gasku - Tarecky   (Mod: Ingix)
geollit - yurikamome   (Mod: Ingix)
Geronimoo - fkolouch   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
gomez70 - WQB   (Mod: xtruffles)
grebst - DEGwer   (Mod: Ingix)
gregors67 - SAMP   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Hagbard - DG   (Mod: volfied)
hannibal6 - yahas   (Mod: Ingix)
happysardar - sfossett08   (Mod: xtruffles)
harkne - Felendis   (Mod: volfied)
heiner999 - jonts   (Mod: xtruffles)
herikutu - nerdbound   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
heth [Lord Cattington] - Catnap75   (Mod: xtruffles)
hirotashi - fujinamisatoru   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
hoget10 - markusin   (Mod: volfied)
Host - Sharapopovamaria   (Mod: Ingix)
Ingix - khz   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
jakey - theballgame   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Jean-Michel - weyoun35 [weyoun37]   (Mod: volfied)
Jeremus - eskoglund   (Mod: xtruffles)
Jess359 - ehunt   (Mod: xtruffles)
Jimbuck - Skumpy   (Mod: xtruffles)
jmclaus - BilldaCat   (Mod: xtruffles)
jonts - heiner999   (Mod: xtruffles)
joshnicholas - ChrisCV   (Mod: xtruffles)
karenttrouble - Titandrake   (Mod: volfied)
Kartana - della   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
kazumaru0828 - raaaaaaaandy   (Mod: Ingix)
khz - Ingix   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
LoffeKarlsson - austeane   (Mod: volfied)
louda - rsilverstein12   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
lrlusher - Benab   (Mod: Ingix)
LuciferousPeridot [Luciferous] - thebaysix   (Mod: Ingix)
madronefive - nagadon21   (Mod: Ingix)
Malta - delux_247   (Mod: Ingix)
markusin - hoget10   (Mod: volfied)
Masumaro - alibby1152   (Mod: xtruffles)
Memories - dornado   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
MeNowDealWithIt - real77   (Mod: volfied)
Micha1980 - chrismertens   (Mod: volfied)
mikechike - southard0410   (Mod: volfied)
mongolgeek - belov   (Mod: xtruffles)
Moyen - eh1414   (Mod: Ingix)
mskap - pyrosimia   (Mod: volfied)
MtMagus - rotfuchs   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
MVP - phy phor [phyphor]   (Mod: xtruffles)
nagadon21 - madronefive   (Mod: Ingix)
nerdbound - herikutu   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
nessuno - terracubist   (Mod: Ingix)
nikkicola11 - singletee   (Mod: Ingix)
nottoobad - Count67   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
NZacharias - Chris is me   (Mod: xtruffles)
Orange - 2Duffman   (Mod: xtruffles)
ospond - RainbowChalice   (Mod: volfied)
Pancakes58 - 0rpheon   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Personman - denyo19   (Mod: Ingix)
phy phor [phyphor] - MVP   (Mod: xtruffles)
pppppppppp - barbazul   (Mod: volfied)
pyrosimia - mskap   (Mod: volfied)
raaaaaaaandy - kazumaru0828   (Mod: Ingix)
RainbowChalice - ospond   (Mod: volfied)
ramue - Trumplestiltskin   (Mod: volfied)
Ravenshard - Cassa   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
real77 - MeNowDealWithIt   (Mod: volfied)
Redly [Redarian] - SaintO   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
rotfuchs - MtMagus   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
rsilverstein12 - louda   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
ryansun - DividedSpy   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Ryoheihei - Cave-O-Sapien   (Mod: volfied)
SaintO - Redly [Redarian]   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
SAMP - gregors67   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
scottc - Chico_   (Mod: xtruffles)
Serikosia - akirehekireki   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
sfossett08 - happysardar   (Mod: xtruffles)
ShaiyaCat - sowaka   (Mod: volfied)
Sharapopovamaria - Host   (Mod: Ingix)
Sharur - Deaks   (Mod: volfied)
singletee - nikkicola11   (Mod: Ingix)
Skumpy - Jimbuck   (Mod: xtruffles)
southard0410 - mikechike   (Mod: volfied)
sowaka - ShaiyaCat   (Mod: volfied)
Srmccorkle - ThomasK   (Mod: Ingix)
StonedMason [manchild69] - bluey_the_bear   (Mod: Ingix)
Stookablo - GaryofPgh2   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
supernick - COYS   (Mod: Ingix)
Tarecky - Gasku   (Mod: Ingix)
terracubist - nessuno   (Mod: Ingix)
theballgame - jakey   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
thebaysix - LuciferousPeridot [Luciferous]   (Mod: Ingix)
thebigl70 - Azula [recursion]   (Mod: Ingix)
ThomasK - Srmccorkle   (Mod: Ingix)
Thwart - DDL   (Mod: xtruffles)
Titandrake - karenttrouble   (Mod: volfied)
Tobradex - Fircoal   (Mod: volfied)
TonyWild - fiercelord [jgriffith91786]   (Mod: xtruffles)
train - Artemis Lafleur   (Mod: xtruffles)
Trumplestiltskin - ramue   (Mod: volfied)
tufftaeh - alexgor23   (Mod: volfied)
UltimateGeek - Emeric   (Mod: Ingix)
wedaft - bouchon   (Mod: volfied)
weyoun35 [weyoun37] - Jean-Michel   (Mod: volfied)
whutfrog - faust   (Mod: xtruffles)
williebob - crlundy   (Mod: xtruffles)
WQB - gomez70   (Mod: xtruffles)
yahas - hannibal6   (Mod: Ingix)
yurikamome - geollit   (Mod: Ingix)
Zentao - C_Roy8   (Mod: Ingix)
zeruf - bizaff   (Mod: volfied)

Aaron Rodgers
aku chi
Dan Brooks
Huevos Locos
Mic Qsenoch

General Discussion / Re: Player Tetsuro is kind of breaking the rules
« on: 14 September 2019, 08:59:41 AM »
Not sure why anyone would think that is a funny line. Sounds like a typical obnoxious player, unfortunately, who thinks because they only have 5 minutes time to play, their opponent should rush their playing.


Yes, it is, I just updated the list.

Note that the posting shows the time when the list was updated, in a general format that adapts to your time zone when browsing. So you can check if any changes you made could have been already reflected in the list.

Card Bugs / Re: Gaining bugs with Innovation etc.
« on: 10 September 2019, 10:07:45 PM »
The answer is simple: I forgot  :(

Game Log Issues / Re: Priest / Sewers issue
« on: 10 September 2019, 10:05:03 PM »
Thanks for the report, caramba.

As counter intuitive as it sounds, what happened is actually correct.

Take a look at this thread: http://forum.shuffleit.nl/index.php?topic=3243.0 , where markus and I are explaining it, and maybe also


where the game's designer explains it.


Late signups (with a very good chance to be included in the Championship) continue until September 13th, 12:00 UTC

General Discussion / Re: Reporting Player
« on: 10 September 2019, 12:04:50 AM »
Since some SPAM messages a good month before, posts from new or long inactive users need to be approved first before everyone can see them.

It looks like images are also under approval, I missed this the first time I saw Mike's post (I as admin could see the image). The image should now be visible for everybody.

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