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Interface Issues / Re: Treasurer option "Do Nothing"
« on: 27 September 2018, 11:07:40 PM »
Ok, understood.

You are right, the one option is missing in that case.

Dominion Online Championship 2018 / Re: Round 2 pairings
« on: 27 September 2018, 11:05:06 PM »
Then congratulations!

Interface Issues / Re: Treasurer option "Do Nothing"
« on: 27 September 2018, 07:32:57 PM »
I know that if I choose to gain a treasure from the trash that nothing will happen and that's why the button says "do nothing" -- but this is more confusing to me than just a button that says to gain from the trash and then allowing nothing to happen.

I agree that a good way to indicate choices that lead to some kind of failure would be welcome to me.
A middle ground is needed, something that makes sich a choice stand out (as it does now), but also presenting essentially the same interface as without failure.

Also, it seems like the game log is missing an option for me (either take a treasure from the trash or do nothing, whichever you end up deciding is what you're going to keep)

In this case, the log is not giving you clickable options, it's just mentioning them. So you don't have to decide anything here, the log is just additional info.

The Treasurer choice is 3-fold, you *have* to choose one and then follow the instructions. I'm glad that the game presents them in such a way that all 3 options are available at once, and you don't have to chose the mode first. In case that one option is impossible to do, it presentes the "do nothing" button, that could (see above) use a better description, but I think that is still better than presenting an "empty trash" (at least a trash that contains no Treasures) and let the user guess how he should select nothing from that.

Dominion Online Championship 2018 / Re: Round 2 pairings
« on: 26 September 2018, 07:39:44 PM »
@mith:: Your opponent's round 1 match came in half and hour ago. You play vs. Marin

AI bugs / Re: LR with Recruiter (Renaissance Previews)
« on: 26 September 2018, 04:35:17 PM »
Yes, Lord Rat has been known to be a little too trash-happy from time to time.

General Discussion / Re: Communication about these updates
« on: 26 September 2018, 04:32:14 PM »
The pitfalls of announcing things early is that this creates expectations that may be disappointed later. For example, one feature was 'cut' shortly before the preview weak due to problems, I hope it can be done in a different form soon. If it had been announced, the disappointment might have overshadowed what was actually achieved.

A new expansion is often a catalyst, because some things just have to be done, like the autoplay for Changeling that created much more autoplays.

Interface Issues / Re: Black markt + Crown + Fool's Gold
« on: 26 September 2018, 04:12:17 PM »
The important thing to understand is: Cards are just played. They are not played as Actions, or as Treasures or as Nights, they are just played. The (on-play) instructions on the card tell you what it does, and very rarely (Crown, Werwolve) that includes dependencies on what phase this is.

Being a Treasure, Action or Night just regulates when they can be played (and may be of importance for other effects like Courtier, Scrying Pool, etc.)

Card Bugs / Re: Overlord +Wine Merchant
« on: 26 September 2018, 11:27:16 AM »
Yes, and no. It would be nice to have something that makes it clear when something is not going to work outright: That Duplicate is not giving you a second Ghost, or if your opponent got a Ghost via Haunted Mirror, Smugglers isn't going to help you gain one, either.

OTOH, that Overlord play gave you $4 this turn, maybe that was necessary to get the penultimate Province with a > 6 points lead. It might worth 'sacrificing' the Overlord for that, or any other good card. That Duplicate called 'by mistake' on a Ghost might make Peddlers go down from costing $2 to $0 in your buy phase later; good if you have lots of buys.

To sum it up, there may be perfectly valid reasons for any kind of 'strange' behavior; I once had to turn off the Moat autoplay on my oppponent's junk giver: I had run out of things to trash for my Trade Route, and opponent's cursee where good for that (and I'd rather use the +Buy from Trade Route on good stuff than a Copper to trash next turn).

General Discussion / Re: Updates for the Renaissance Preview Week
« on: 26 September 2018, 11:06:56 AM »
TimSharrock: Feel free to post any problems you have with your tablet in the interface catogory of the bug section.

I worked on some things for tablets around a year ago, and it never hurts to be reminded that tablet functionality should not be neglected. My own tablet is old and slow to play, so I gave up on that after that period of testing for the above mentioned functionality.

General Discussion / Re: Spending Villagers - edgecases
« on: 25 September 2018, 09:03:30 PM »
As Markus wrote elsewhere, the requirement to confirm "End Actions" in all the cases where you have Villagers but no use case as with Diadem was a much bigger nuisance. Due to cards like Venuture, the Diadem might not even be in your hand for it to be relevant.

People have different ideas what to do about this, we'll see what will be implemented until the full release.

General Discussion / Re: Updates for the Renaissance Preview Week
« on: 25 September 2018, 06:15:00 PM »
Actually,you can (I think) tap on any place in that box, not necessarily the name only (at least that's the way it is for mouse clicks).

Also, you can do this on your opponent's boxes as well, for example to find out if they have a Champion or Lighthouse in play that would make an Attack not worthwhile.

General Discussion / Re: Updates for the Renaissance Preview Week
« on: 25 September 2018, 10:28:46 AM »
Update in the user interface part about Villagers.

Dominion Online Championship 2018 / Round 2 results
« on: 24 September 2018, 06:55:43 PM »
The preferred method for reporting match results is to use the following google form.

If there are problems with the form (like you mistyped the result, etc.) post your Round 2 results here.

Format: Player ABC - Player XYZ : 4-1

(Once the match is decided by a player reaching 3.5 points, the remaining games are not needed to be played for the tournament).

Matchups and reported results will be visible here.

Dominion Online Championship 2018 / Round 2 pairings
« on: 24 September 2018, 06:54:37 PM »
General advice from experiences from the first round:

Please remember that you should contact your moderator when you have not heard from your opponent on Wednesday 12 UTC! That gives us time to do things, instead of getting to know of this fact on Sunday evening when the round should be almost over.

Also, try to log into your forum account at least once a day so you can actually see if you are contacted. Better yet, change your settings such that you get your personal messages sent to your email address. On the very top of this forum, click on "Profile", then choose the indicated Links and select the indicated values:

We have a few byes in this round due to several first round matches having no player 'show up'.

4 matches from round 1 are still ongoing/completing/'we are finding out what happened'. If your oppoenent is TBD, that means your opponent is coming from one of those matches. Your moderator will inform you when it is clear whom you should play.

Have fun, and don't forget this is Renaissance Preview Week.

Results can be found here.

13csande - Chris is me   (Mod: Ingix)
4est - Lotoreo   (Mod: volfied)
Adler - Horist   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
akirehekireki - elementmario222   (Mod: Ingix)
aku chi - nholden212   (Mod: Ingix)
amoffett11 - McQonalds   (Mod: Ingix)
Anders - WQB   (Mod: Gazbag)
apostolosoruler - markus   (Mod: volfied)
Awaclus - gamesou   (Mod: Gazbag)
benedettosoxfan - felixx   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Beyond Awesome - knokoo   (Mod: volfied)
bobbydj18 - yudai214   (Mod: Gazbag)
BRoh - kaminarizumu [kaminarizumu714]   (Mod: volfied)
Bryan - SAMP   (Mod: Ingix)
Burning Skull - wonderwoman   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Bye - pacheo   (Mod: volfied)
Bye - MVP   (Mod: volfied)
Bye - jan   (Mod: volfied)
Cave-O-Sapien - Vinni   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
ceviri - Wishlist   (Mod: volfied)
chinmayisswag [dastedd] - OkaKen   (Mod: Gazbag)
Chris is me - 13csande   (Mod: Ingix)
cider01 - heth [Lord Cattington]   (Mod: volfied)
coinflip - JoMa   (Mod: volfied)
COYS - Psyduck   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
derg17 - nagadon21   (Mod: Gazbag)
DG - jsanders   (Mod: Ingix)
Dmeat - rsilverstein12   (Mod: Gazbag)
E.Honda - iamsparticus   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Eckbert - RTT   (Mod: Ingix)
ehunt - vsiewnar   (Mod: Ingix)
elementmario222 - akirehekireki   (Mod: Ingix)
Emeric - Qvist   (Mod: volfied)
felixx - benedettosoxfan   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
fiercelord [jgriffith91786] - xyrix   (Mod: Ingix)
gamesou - Awaclus   (Mod: Gazbag)
Gary Wise - jonts   (Mod: volfied)
geeday [jdoliner] - tracer   (Mod: Gazbag)
Geronimoo - nasmith99   (Mod: Ingix)
gloures - Romanesque   (Mod: Gazbag)
gregors67 - test00test00   (Mod: Gazbag)
GreyEK - Mike Thicke   (Mod: Ingix)
heron - Huevos Locos   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
heth [Lord Cattington] - cider01   (Mod: volfied)
hirotashi - pop180   (Mod: Gazbag)
hissingfauna - irrationalE   (Mod: Ingix)
Horist - Adler   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Hubblebub - jfrisch   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Huevos Locos - heron   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
iamsparticus - E.Honda   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
irrationalE - hissingfauna   (Mod: Ingix)
jakey - swordfishtrombone   (Mod: Gazbag)
jan - Bye   (Mod: volfied)
jdsdog10 - Sicomatic   (Mod: Gazbag)
jfrisch - Hubblebub   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Jimmmy - Lemonspawn   (Mod: Gazbag)
JoMa - coinflip   (Mod: volfied)
jonts - Gary Wise   (Mod: volfied)
jsanders - DG   (Mod: Ingix)
k1511asd - Mic Qsenoch   (Mod: Ingix)
kaminarizumu [kaminarizumu714] - BRoh   (Mod: volfied)
kingdedede777 [kingdedede] - SaintO   (Mod: Ingix)
knokoo - Beyond Awesome   (Mod: volfied)
kobe688 - limetime   (Mod: Gazbag)
Krispy - train   (Mod: volfied)
Lemonspawn - Jimmmy   (Mod: Gazbag)
limetime - kobe688   (Mod: Gazbag)
Lotoreo - 4est   (Mod: volfied)
Marin - mith   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
markus - apostolosoruler   (Mod: volfied)
markusin - Polk5440   (Mod: volfied)
McQonalds - amoffett11   (Mod: Ingix)
Memories - Saaket   (Mod: volfied)
Mercury444F - NBSchlueter   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Mic Qsenoch - k1511asd   (Mod: Ingix)
Micha1980 - wharf_rat   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Mike Thicke - GreyEK   (Mod: Ingix)
mikechike - nessuno   (Mod: Gazbag)
mith - Marin   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
MVP - Bye   (Mod: volfied)
nagadon21 - derg17   (Mod: Gazbag)
nasmith99 - Geronimoo   (Mod: Ingix)
NBSchlueter - Mercury444F   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
nessuno - mikechike   (Mod: Gazbag)
nholden212 - aku chi   (Mod: Ingix)
OkaKen - chinmayisswag [dastedd]   (Mod: Gazbag)
ospond - Puzzle Box   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
pacheo - Bye   (Mod: volfied)
Polk5440 - markusin   (Mod: volfied)
pop180 - hirotashi   (Mod: Gazbag)
Psyduck - COYS   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Puzzle Box - ospond   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Qvist - Emeric   (Mod: volfied)
Rabid - Titandrake   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
ramue - SamE   (Mod: Ingix)
Reinder - Seprix   (Mod: Ingix)
Romanesque - gloures   (Mod: Gazbag)
rsilverstein12 - Dmeat   (Mod: Gazbag)
RTT - Eckbert   (Mod: Ingix)
ryan.echternacht - topher1588   (Mod: Gazbag)
Saaket - Memories   (Mod: volfied)
SaintO - kingdedede777 [kingdedede]   (Mod: Ingix)
saisyou - tufftaeh   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
SamE - ramue   (Mod: Ingix)
SAMP - Bryan   (Mod: Ingix)
sangatsu - St0ve   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Seprix - Reinder   (Mod: Ingix)
Sicomatic - jdsdog10   (Mod: Gazbag)
singletee - vinay   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
Skumpy - waboo   (Mod: volfied)
St0ve - sangatsu   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
swordfishtrombone - jakey   (Mod: Gazbag)
test00test00 - gregors67   (Mod: Gazbag)
Titandrake - Rabid   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
topher1588 - ryan.echternacht   (Mod: Gazbag)
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train - Krispy   (Mod: volfied)
tufftaeh - saisyou   (Mod: drsteelhammer)
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vsiewnar - ehunt   (Mod: Ingix)
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yudai214 - bobbydj18   (Mod: Gazbag)

General Discussion / Re: Updates for the Renaissance Preview Week
« on: 23 September 2018, 08:57:54 PM »
Bump it up so the general public sees it as new.

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