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Announcements / Re: Releases
« on: 04 April 2018, 08:11:11 PM »
Version 1.3.13

This version contains the Kingdom Viewer, as originally developed by IceHawk78 in his "King's Courtier" Chrome plugin.

This feature is designed to help those of us who sometimes forget card text on non-kingdom cards or don't remember exactly what card is the bottom half of a split pile. It also allows you to read through all the Boons, Hexes and/or States that are in use.

On the top right where it used to say "trash | undo | resign" you'll now find a 4th button "Kingdom". I suggest you just click it and see what happens. You can go back to the regular view by clicking "Play Area".

Many thanks to Icehawk for building this and to Ingix for the finishing touch.

Card Texts problems / Re: Dutch language
« on: 04 April 2018, 07:56:50 PM »
Hey everyone,

I was just wondering of the dutch language is going to be available in the future?

anyone know?

Dag duifje,

Would you be interested in doing/entering the translations yourself?
I am Dutch myself so obviously I could do it but I don't consider it a priority.
Every Dutch player I know also speaks English. The only reason I have to do it now would be my two nieces.

If you are interested please let me know.

General Discussion / Re: Updates
« on: 03 April 2018, 01:13:24 PM »
Sorry about that - development and communication has been slower the last months.

You can expect a release this week with the "Kingdom Viewer" (originally developed by IceHawk as a plugin and now integrated in the client)

In the meanwhile, I'm working on redoing the concept of "tables & seats" (which will make it easier to invite friends, make private tables and some more)

I notice in 3 player games when someone quits or gets 'replaced' the game becomes 'unrated'. Why? people quit all the time when they are losing and it is frustrating. Not sure if this happens with 2 player or not since it auto goes to the score screen.

It is also frustrating that when in a 3 player game and you get booted (in my scenario here it is computer/internet issues) and then you can't get back in. I think there should be a way you can replace a bot if it took your place...maybe like 3 times max to prevent slow rollers or something. PLEASE do something about this.

3 player rated game: when someone resigns the rated part is over. The remaining players both win, the leaving player loses extra to compensate for the two winners (that person loses more rating then when he or she would stay and end last). The remaining players will finish the game for fun with a bot, but the conditions are now so different that it doesn't count anymore.

2 player rated game: resigning is counted the same as losing. The remaining player can finish the game with a bot if he or she so desires, but that will also be unrated.

You do not get booted from a game for having internet issues, unless those issues continue for >4 minutes. At some point we'll have to consider the fun of the remaining players too.

Feature Requests / Re: Allow Automatch with tables for unrated games
« on: 13 March 2018, 11:42:34 AM »
no, it's not frowned upon. I want all of this. The only problem I have with it is that it's work to build it.

General Discussion / Re: User that insults your strategy
« on: 12 March 2018, 11:14:34 AM »
please don't post usernames of people you dislike on the forum.

Card Bugs / Re: Possible bug: Guardian vs Swamp Hag
« on: 05 March 2018, 11:02:16 PM »
This is handled correctly online. (AFAIK)
You say that DO seems to think you get a curse, but do you have a sample game to back that up?
Because I think you don't get the curse online.

What really helps in these cases is if you...
a) notice the situation in a game or
b) recreate the situation against a bot
... and then write down the game number and maybe the turn or decision where you think something goes wrong. That way someone else can load that game and see exactly what DO does and what you mean.

General Discussion / Re: ACCOUNT DELETED
« on: 01 March 2018, 02:31:36 PM »
I'm sorry I missed your original request. I just deleted your email and password from the database, which means your account is now "deceased". I cannot completely remove every trace of the account, because you played rated games against other people and I don't want to retroactively remove those from their rating. It also means nobody can now claim your old username and pretend to be you. I hope this satisfies your request.

kind regards,

Announcements / Re: Releases
« on: 21 February 2018, 01:28:13 PM »

Three problems introduced in 1.3.12 are now fixed:
  • In some (most) browsers card texts in your opponents hand/discard were blanked out
  • Surface devices stopped registering clicks (in some cases)
  • The Japanese log sometimes contained the text [Object object]

Also fixed: the 'upgrade to nocturne' option in the store didn't work when you were close to running out of your current subscription (< 1 month). In the new version it will suggest you extend your subscription to 30 days from now.

General Discussion / Re: User that insults your strategy
« on: 20 February 2018, 10:52:15 AM »
please, please, don't put usernames on the forum of people you had bad experiences with.
I can understand the urge, but public name&shame is a process I don't believe in.

Try to just blacklist them, and if you really feel that isn't enough contact jsh or me on discord or the forum here.

only one of my many sets of cards is pulled for games since a recent update and my efforts to fix it with settings have failed.  Please reset my settings so all are pulled for automatches, or instruct me how to do so.  Thanks much.

Renee (Wasabi)

You had a free subscription in 2017 but that has ended now. If you want to continue playing with the expansions, the solution is to go to the 'store' tab and buy a subscription.

kind regards,

Feature Requests / Re: Always stay logged in (cookies)
« on: 03 February 2018, 12:46:26 PM »
It does work but seems to be a bit buggy...

The session id is saved into localStorage, but when I leave the page it gets deleted. When I close the browser complelety, it stays and I'm logged in when coming back.


I don't fully understand what you're saying here. For me it just saves the session id and logs me back in when I get back. What do you mean by "when I leave" if it's not closing the browser?
If you click "logout" it deletes the session id (and also instructs the server to invalidate it) but I don't assume that is what you're describing?

General Discussion / Re: Undo Request
« on: 03 February 2018, 12:42:12 PM »
You know it's strange how despite all the reports on this forum, I have never heard a report from any of the players who I might consider friends about their undo denying leading to fights. It's almost like they are doing something differently to not get into those situations.

actually I think it's quite simple... just communicate about it.

If you make an undo request that may seem a bit strange, proactively explain what happened and what you want.
If someone asks for an undo you don't like, ask "can you explain this undo?" instead of just hitting "deny".

I don't think you'll ever end up in a fight if you follow those rules. Sure there still may be a difference of opinion, but those can exist without sour taste.

Announcements / Re: Releases
« on: 02 February 2018, 02:48:49 PM »
Version 1.3.11
"Game already starting" should be dealt with now; unfortunately I'm not 100% sure on it but the next week will have to
show this.

Apart from that there should be no functional differences. The work we're currently doing on invites/creating tables/matching is on another branch.

Connection Problems / Re: Games not starting..
« on: 02 February 2018, 02:35:01 PM »
Just to say thanks for a really quick fix on this one - bravo folks.


Well... that wasn't a fix; that was just me waking up & restarting the server to "make the problem go away for now".
However, I do intend to release 1.3.11 today and that one actually looks promising to fix it.
Unfortunately I can't be 100% sure (it fixes/deals with my best attempt at simulating the problem)

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