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Interface Issues / Re: No VP counter for Emporium
« on: 15 December 2016, 04:04:58 PM »
When I by an Emporium I get 2 VP but it doesn't show up.

Just checking... where would you want this to show up?

Announcements / Subscription pricing & structure
« on: 15 December 2016, 01:59:01 PM »
You can play with the Base Set for free (2nd Edition).
If you have a subscription, you can invite non-subscribers to play with your cards.

Gold subscription
  • gives access to all current expansions
  • costs about €3.00 /month or €36.00 /year
  • for Americans: that is about $3.15 / $38.00
Silver subscription
  • subscribes to Intrigue, Seaside, Prosperity, Cornucopia, Hinterlands and Guilds
  • costs about €2.00 /month or €24.00 /year
  • for Americans: that is about $2.10 / $25.25
The list of expansions you subscribe to is locked in at the moment you buy; even when the packages change later on your subscription will not change along.
Subscriptions always start when you buy it, and you can select your own end date.
The minimum duration is one month, and subscriptions do not auto-renew themselves.

For every transaction you have to pay a transaction fee of €0.35.
If you're buying from inside the EU, you also have to pay VAT.
This VAT percentage will depend on the country you're buying from.

If you buy a new subscription before your old one expires, the remaining value of your old subscription is automatically subtracted from the price to pay.

This board is read-only, but you can discuss it here

General Discussion / Re: Hamlet is implemented well
« on: 14 December 2016, 08:14:22 PM »
If I accidentally click "Discard Both" to Hamlet, it appears that I can "undo" my choice of which cards to discard, but can't undo and go back and discard, say, only for +1 Action instead. Is that correct? If so, it would be nice to be able to undo the original selection as well!

Your decision to undo for both action and buy was sent to the server. If you want to undo that, you'll have to type "/undo 1". Server-undo's will get a button at some point as well.

Card Bugs / Re: Arena didn't recognize when VP were gone [SOLVED]
« on: 14 December 2016, 01:11:05 PM »
One day we will make that discard-to-arena an optional button, but currently optional buttons are action-phase-only.

Card Bugs / Re: Scavenger discard-deck not optional
« on: 13 December 2016, 03:36:08 PM »
So there's no way currently to find game logs after the game is played, I assume?

Working on making them accessible for users (probably next week, this week is lobby redesign).

There are server logs and game logs in the database, and I used those while in alphatesting. This is also why I requested the game ids on all bug reports. But it just doesn't scale all that well with these amounts of test users, and the server logs are currently a pain to read with all the games intertwining.

Interface Issues / Re: UI issue with final score screen & Wolf Den
« on: 13 December 2016, 01:29:09 PM »
Also, when Wolf Den is giving you 0 points, it still displays the "exactly one of ." text.


Afaik this is a correct visualisation, because all the landmarks are to be in the endgame list, either they gave/take points or not.

The information is correct, but the visualization isn't. In stead of "exactly one of ." it should say something along the lines of "no uniques".

Card Bugs / Re: Scavenger discard-deck not optional
« on: 13 December 2016, 11:01:31 AM »
Scavenger has been working properly for a while now, so something weird happened here.

My guess is that Adam experienced our "phantom discard pile bug", where it sometimes renders a card in your discard pile that isn't there (before playing the overlord), and then after playing the overlord updated the image.

Card Bugs / Re: Settlers / Bustling Village
« on: 12 December 2016, 10:10:04 PM »
Correct. You can just click on the next action, but we should find some way to make it more clear.

Feature Requests / Re: Seeing all cards in mixed or split piles
« on: 12 December 2016, 09:07:26 PM »
currently no, and yes it's important to see them all.

Interface Issues / MOVED: Alchemist + Counterfeited Potion
« on: 12 December 2016, 07:14:58 PM »

Announcements / Re: Releases
« on: 12 December 2016, 07:13:27 PM »
Another release at the end of (our) day.

The old environment is also still up, and you can finish your games on that one.
Once you reload the page you will be connected to the new release.

A lot of small fixes, and the most notable one is that the "auto-buy" feature is now by default gone.
If you liked it, go to user preferences to re-enable it.

Interface Issues / Re: Discard keep disappearing, reappearing
« on: 12 December 2016, 06:42:23 PM »
yes, this is not related to a specific card. Certainly on our radar though.

Card Texts problems / Re: Pirate Ship text
« on: 12 December 2016, 11:08:12 AM »
That will all be fixed hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
They will most certainly :)

Announcements / Releases
« on: 12 December 2016, 09:18:51 AM »
We will try to keep this thread updated with all the changes.

This thread is locked, but you can discuss it here

Other Bugs / Re: Able to play Treasures after buying
« on: 12 December 2016, 08:09:03 AM »
On the opposite note, buying an Overlord with the auto "click the card rather than playing Treasures first" meant that I didn't play any Treasures, and was saddled with 8 Debt without being able to pay off some first.  If I click to buy a Debt card, it should still auto play my treasures.

This is something we need to add a warning sign for.

And... very soon you'll be able to turn off auto buy from user profile.

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