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Sounds to me like (1) You took an incredibly long time to play, and just about everyone would have gotten frustrated playing you, AND (2) your opponent was a complete a-hole and his responses to you were totally out-of-bounds.  What he should have done was to resign and take the tiny hit to his rating, and then blackball you, so he would not be randomly matched against you in the future.  Or, suck it up, grit his teeth at playing a super-slow player, and then blacklist you after the game was over.

To repeat, his language was completely inappropriate.  Period.  Full stop.
General Discussion / Re: Ban JoanestytheDog for slow play and offensiveness
« Last post by jackDozen on 16 November 2019, 08:58:27 PM »
Darn! Sounds like a really disturbed/miserable human being...
General Discussion / Ban JoanestytheDog for slow play and offensiveness
« Last post by thomasbao on 16 November 2019, 09:13:35 AM »
JoanestytheDog slowplayed significantly as well as used offensive language.  I was civil, suggested that we play reasonably, but they continued to slowplay.  I tried warning them I would report them.

They got annoyed I was taking a minute or two per turn to think through my moves, which I think is reasonable.  When I play, I try to track my cards, and think critically.  That's what makes Dominion fun!

Below is the chat log. 

JoanestytheDog:  play fast or i will show u slow
thomasbao:  i need to think
JoanestytheDog:  thats it
JoanestytheDog:  very slow it is
JoanestytheDog:  switching acounts
thomasbao:  I think this is a bit extreme. I wasn't playing nearly this slowly
JoanestytheDog:  then hopefully u take the lesson
thomasbao:  I'm taking at most 1-2 minutes per turn to think
JoanestytheDog:  back to slow
JoanestytheDog:  this game will take forever
thomasbao:  dude
JoanestytheDog:  u can wait
JoanestytheDog:  or u cant
thomasbao:  i'm actually just thinking
thomasbao:  you realize you can get banned for abusing the timer right?
JoanestytheDog:  good luck with that
JoanestytheDog:  i need to think about my turns from now on
thomasbao:  https://www.reddit.com/r/dominion/comments/6okjoc/5_minute_timer_abuse_each_turn_took_20_minutes/dkic3lg/
thomasbao:  after this game i will blacklist you
thomasbao:  or we could simply be civil
JoanestytheDog:  blacklist me all u want
JoanestytheDog:  thats better for me
thomasbao:  i will also report you
JoanestytheDog:  not having to put up with you anymore rofl
JoanestytheDog:  oh no
JoanestytheDog:  should i be scared
thomasbao:  your account could get banned
JoanestytheDog:  hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
JoanestytheDog:  i have at least 10 u idiot
JoanestytheDog:  means nothing to me
JoanestytheDog:  rofl
JoanestytheDog:  fckn retard
thomasbao:  aren't you worried about your rating?
JoanestytheDog:  muhaahaahaahaahaahaahaa
JoanestytheDog:  rating?
JoanestytheDog:  are u fckn serious
thomasbao:  yeah on the leaderboard?
JoanestytheDog:  omg
JoanestytheDog:  get a life cunt
JoanestytheDog:  i will take great pleasure from knowing u are waiting this out just for a small rating lift
JoanestytheDog:  muhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
thomasbao:  *sigh*
thomasbao:  I'll set the timer
JoanestytheDog:  this will go 5 hours with torture
JoanestytheDog:  easily
JoanestytheDog:  hahahahahahahahaha
thomasbao:  okay
JoanestytheDog:  im putting my bot on so i can go for a run
thomasbao:  sounds good
JoanestytheDog:  enjoy waiting loser
thomasbao:  it's okay
thomasbao:  This is a way for me to learn patience!
thomasbao:  :-)
Feature Requests / Re: Link to subscribe on Automatch
« Last post by Ingix on 14 November 2019, 10:58:25 PM »
I think unless they are very new to the online game, it should be very clear to a free player that other players have exapansions because they paid for them, and they have that option themselves. It's another questions if the Store tab is easy to find.

The price increase is AFAIK based on

1) the fact that the Gold subscription now includes Renaissance (it does so since roughly a year, so that may be the reason only if you did buy a year ago for one year, without Renaissance), and/or

2) the exchange course of your currency to the Euro has changed since the last year.
Feature Requests / Re: Link to subscribe on Automatch
« Last post by SkyHard on 14 November 2019, 09:24:25 PM »
I agree with you and your suggestion is in the same line as this
General Discussion / Reporting Player - BirdsEyeView
« Last post by GhostSpiel on 14 November 2019, 09:21:40 PM »
Feature Requests / Display Flipped Cards in Trash
« Last post by sheogorath09 on 13 November 2019, 10:46:07 PM »
I was just playing a game with Necromancer and couldn't remember if there were any remaining non-terminals that were usable in the Trash (not flipped over by Necromancer). Could we get some sort of display for the Trash (a la the way set aside cards are grouped) to show which ones are currently flipped over?
General Discussion / Re: Ban player PrimitivePainter for sexual haressment
« Last post by josh bornstein on 12 November 2019, 09:37:39 PM »
Uh, yuck.
General Discussion / Ban player PrimitivePainter for sexual harassment
« Last post by katie_mi on 12 November 2019, 08:47:13 PM »
I don't have to tolerate this and so should no other user!!!

u sexi biz
cum on baby
u like
me hard
Other Bugs / Cannot operate "select a country" drop-down in the store on Android
« Last post by TimSharrock on 11 November 2019, 04:32:27 PM »
When trying to extend my subscription in the chrome browser on my Android tablet, I could not find a way to operate the "choose a country" drop down.

I could not therefore continue, so will log in from windows to extend instead.

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