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General Discussion / Re: Players to Blacklist
« Last post by Ingix on 21 March 2019, 10:03:03 AM »
From what I've heard, johnsy has actually been banned now. Let's see what their new account name will be.
General Discussion / Players to Blacklist
« Last post by TrekFrost on 20 March 2019, 09:36:54 PM »
A bit frustrating that the only response to abusive players is "Blacklist them and move on"

Since ShuffleIT isn't going to do better, I think we can use this forum as a place to list players that are poor sports or abusive.
Sure, you probably shouldn't just go blacklist a player for showing up here once, but if their name is on here many times, maybe ShuffleIT will do something. Even if not, other players can avoid them preemptively by finding them on this list and blacklisting them.

Johnsy is a notorious slow player (according to another thread)

StillEmulatinMyStyle is abusive. Ha, when my match with them started another player joined our table to share that a report was going to be made, then StillEmulatinMyStyle was also pretty rude to me because they were losing, slow played a bit, then resigned. So, here they are on the list.
This has been a big problem since Dominion was switched to the Shuffle iT platform.   I have suggested multiple ways to fix it on this forum, but have been ignored.  :-(   

Some suggestions:

1. Have an option to tie account to their cell phone # and have the option to *only* play people with a verified cell #.
2. Have an option to only play people that have paid for their accounts.
3. Actually write some code to detect people that are slow playing on a regular basis and ban them.  This isn't rocket science folks!
4. Have metrics to show how slow people play and allow us to match with fast players.
5. A timer option for the whole game.
6. Add a complaint button in the game so we can easily report trolls and then actually do something about them.

That's just off the top of my head.  I really, really wish Isotropic was allowed to co-exist with this site and all the good players would jump ship in a second.   (no offense guys, but it has been years and you have done *nothing* about the trolls on this site!)

We pay to play on this site and shouldn't have to put up with the trolls.  Thanks!
Support / Re: can no longer log in
« Last post by josh bornstein on 19 March 2019, 05:55:13 AM »
Thanks Junk.
That did work.  I have no idea WHY it worked...but it did.  :-)

Much appreciated suggestion.
Support / Re: can no longer log in
« Last post by JunkDealer on 19 March 2019, 05:51:47 AM »
Have you tried clearing your browser cache?

Not sure if it will make any difference, but worth a try.
Once that player has a new account, they will possibly matched against all those players that have Johnsy on their backlist. You cannot prevent that player from taking pride in something like the rating. What you can do is make the impact that player has on your life as small as possible, by blacklisting them and moving on.

I understand that you want to punish that player and that you think that forcing him onto a new account is punishment. It isn't. They will start just start again.
Support / can no longer log in
« Last post by josh bornstein on 18 March 2019, 10:42:16 PM »
username on the Dominion site: santamonica811

Problem started yesterday.
When I try to log in, I just get an endless spinning wheel, along with a "connected to gameserver" message.

I tried shutting down my browser (Firefox, newest version).  No luck.
Tried rebooting my computer.  No luck.  But . . .
... Tried using a different browser (Chrome).  This DID work.

But I would obviously prefer to not have to open a separate different browser just to play one particular online game.  Can you fix this problem for me? (or tell me what I am supposed to do to fix your online bug)?  Has anyone else had this odd issue suddenly crop up?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

How many topics are there in the forums of complaints like this? This appears to be the only one, with multiple complaints against THE SAME GUY.

He should be kicked off and forced to sign up for new accounts. He obviously takes pride in his high rating of 55 or he wouldn't begin slow-playing when it's obvious he is going to lose a game. Admins should do the right thing and ban this guy's account and force him to start over. It does the community as a whole a disservice by allowing cancerous people like this to continue to play with no penalties.

Thanks for the report, and you did the right thing by blacklisting them. It's unlikely that that player will change their mind, but if that account is banned (which AFAIK has happenend in the past for that player's previous account(s)), they will just make a new one that isn't on "everybody's" blacklist.
Unfortunately, I have just played (if we can call it playing) with this user Johnsy and was threatened right from the start. The garden-workshop strategy was one of the most obvious, but he told, no, he commanded me not to use it. Then a rather nasty philosopfical conversation followed. Certainly, I have blacklisted the player, but it's anyway a bit frustrating. This topic was opened on March 3, but he is still playing.. And he said that he was playing on other account at the moment.
 Below I have attached our talk.
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