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Of course that would be the best way. But because that's something I can't do, my best course for help was was to mention the workaround.
Yeah I was gonna say, it seems like the best thing to do here is to have the software work instead of asking users to use a workaround.
I can contact him but I thought it would useful for you to fix this error and find out how users get stuck.
Confirmed. Best way would be to contact Glueskpilz in another way (if you can) and tell them how to get out of this siutation (kick & resign).
I think I can reproduce that error. I was trying to join a table of a friend whose table is broken/stuck for days now. So, if I try to join him I get stuck too. Try to join table with player Glueckspilz.
You need to kick yourself. After clearing cache / opening a private broswer window, put in your username and password and click "kick & resign" at the bottom of the page.
I press login, then there's "reconnecting/Connected to gameserver" and I'm stuck. I'm using Firefox 61.0.1. I deleted my cache and I get the same error with Chrome. Booting PC didn't help either.
login name same as here
General Discussion / Re: Coward Gaming Culture - Resigning When Loosing
« Last post by DominionTroll on 17 July 2018, 04:22:41 PM »
If I lose, but the enemy is likely to finish the game within 1 or 2 minutes, I'll give him the satisfaction of ending the game and will just play quickly.
If I can win quickly, I'll end as fast as possible to not make the enemy suffer through the loss. I mean those situations, where you are certain to win (let's say we had curses and another stack is bought out and I have 16 and instead of getting 2 provinces, I'll just buy out the third stack to sack the win).

You have no "enemies" in Dominion. Just friends that are your opponents.
Game Log Issues / Re: War and Order
« Last post by Stef on 17 July 2018, 11:43:47 AM »
Yes, when cards get summarized in one line, they're not always in the correct order.

Is there any reason why this could possibly be a good thing? I think it's only ever confused me. Seems like it should be put on the backlog to fix this.

Indeed there is no good reasoning, it's a bug.
Feature Requests / Re: Block/report
« Last post by J.S. Money on 17 July 2018, 03:24:17 AM »
I'd like to report FakeNewss. I don't have a screenshot, but the game number is included below so the text can be verified:

FakeNewss left the table.
FakeNewss joined the table.
Joining game #16439995 on tokyo.
FakeNewss: lol
FakeNewss: that bandit strategy was so good
FakeNewss: fucking idiot
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