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Support / Re: Nocturne with Bots
« Last post by Mic Qsenoch on Today at 01:14:46 AM »
My best guess is that Nocturne cards are not marked Familiar. Unchecking "Respect Familiar Cards" would at least test if this was the issue.
General Discussion / Re: Autoplay?
« Last post by drsteelhammer on Today at 01:08:17 AM »
Is it possible that you turned the Crown autoplay on during one game, and tested it in another? The changes you make during the game will be reset after every game, the changes you want to keep (such as autoplaying crowns) should be made in the options menu.
Other Bugs / Re: Autoplay bug: Tournament
« Last post by JKRich on Today at 12:27:06 AM »
Thanks for looking into it Ingix. Just trying to help. :D ;D
Other Bugs / Re: Flashing cards on trash/discard actions
« Last post by Elanchana on Today at 12:16:38 AM »
PC, Firefox.
Other Bugs / Re: Flashing cards on trash/discard actions
« Last post by Ingix on 19 November 2017, 11:47:16 PM »
Thanks for reporting the issue!

I've never experienced this myself. On what platform are you playing (Tablet, PC)?
Other Bugs / Re: Autoplay bug: Tournament
« Last post by Ingix on 19 November 2017, 11:45:25 PM »
I could load the game, and it definitely becomes stuck waiting for the AI. I'll have to do some tests to reproduce this, at the moment I assume that it has to do with being a 3P game, which may not have been tested as intensively as 2P.
General Discussion / Re: When Are you a respectable player?
« Last post by Mike Thicke on 19 November 2017, 11:40:36 PM »
I would say:

Level 45+ players generally know what the cards are and the basic strategy for playing Dominion (value trashing, can build an obvious engine, know what attacks are good) but have major theoretical gaps. They often go for points cards too early, or overvalue landmarks such as museum or cursed shrine, especially early in the game.

Level 50+ players generally know what cards are good/bad on a particular board but make significant strategic mistakes (don't value trashing enough, go for points way too early, don't hit the right balance of action generating / draw cards, miss niche card interactions).

Level 55+ players (I am in this group, level 59) generally choose good openings and pick viable strategies, but often make significant tactical mistakes (don't switch from building to greening at the right time, miss endings for themselves or allow endings for opponents, don't hit quite the right balance between economy and draw).

Level 60+ players make very few tactical errors, almost never miss strong card interactions, and are very good at evaluating the relative merits of different possible strategies.
Losers' Bracket / Re: Losers' Bracket Round 5 Matchups & Results
« Last post by Psyduck on 19 November 2017, 11:31:38 PM »
(13) funkdoc - (135) Psyduck 1:4


Interface Issues / Re: Boon and Hex art is wonky
« Last post by Ingix on 19 November 2017, 11:16:58 PM »
For Fear it looks like there is a bit more of the picture in the lower border in the online game than in the rulebook, which makes the face look unrealistic.

Mountain's Gift seems to be missing the left part of the image, not the right one, IMO.

I haven't seen any physical cards, though.
Interface Issues / Re: Known interface problems
« Last post by Ingix on 19 November 2017, 10:57:05 PM »
Modifications in November:
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