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Other Bugs / Re: Problems Loading Old Game
« Last post by gloures on 16 December 2017, 01:23:31 AM »
Ok! Thanks a lot again Ingix!
Interface Issues / Re: Lost In the Woods not Visible (and Boons not view-able)
« Last post by Cave-O-Sapien on 16 December 2017, 01:23:06 AM »
it just so happens that most players already know what's in them.

This is a dangerous assumption. You would think that I would be more likely to know what it does but I came here to post about this exact same issue today.

The software should be tailored to the new player experience, it should not assume that people already know how the game works. I've said this many times before and it's been ignored, but that doesn't make it any less true, so I guess I'm saying it again.

Another example is the Castles pile. I've played ~2000 games now here and I still have trouble remembering which Castle does what and where it is in the pile.
Interface Issues / Necromancer'ed cards not turned face-down in trash
« Last post by jeebus on 16 December 2017, 12:55:07 AM »
Today I had a Necromancer in hand, wondering whether to play it, since I had other terminals and 1 action left. But the only way for me to know what's available in the trash, seems to be to scroll through the log and check what I already used. It's pretty awkward, especially since I can't even see the log and the trash at the same time.

Of course the face-down cards in the trash are still open information, so the best would probably be to mark the used cards somehow.
Interface Issues / Re: Lost In the Woods not Visible (and Boons not view-able)
« Last post by jeebus on 16 December 2017, 12:49:33 AM »
I agree with Adam. This should have been fixed long ago. I assume it's not been prioritized because most people here already remember (or know where to look it up; I still have to go to another page to look up what the second card in split piles are sometimes). For less experienced users this is pretty bad.
Interface Issues / Re: Game end, log
« Last post by jeebus on 16 December 2017, 12:46:08 AM »
It's not just seeing the log, it's that previously you couldn't actually see the last action performed (if it was done by your opponent) at all.

But I definitely agree that there should be an audible signal. The best would be if "You win / You loose / Tie game" would be displayed already (with the accompanying sound) instead of "The game is over".
Card Bugs / Re: Black Market / Keep Bug
« Last post by markus on 15 December 2017, 10:52:11 PM »
From my own experience, Keep+Black Market usually works. I loaded your game at the end and Horn of Plenty does indeed count it for Keep points.
Maybe you missed the 5VP during the game being added? (when I bought it from Black Market, the VP counter jumped from 8VP to 13VP corectly.)
Card Bugs / Black Market / Keep Bug
« Last post by Philothea on 15 December 2017, 10:37:15 PM »
In game 9679433 players were not getting +5 VP from Keep when buying a treasure from the Black Market deck.
Card Bugs / Re: Ghost'ed Prince
« Last post by Ingix on 15 December 2017, 10:20:13 PM »
Markus hit the nail on the head. Ghost (just like Summon, but that will be hard to get to apply to a Prince) allows you to play a Prince so early in a turn, that the set aside card will be played for the first time not on your next turn (as is usually the case) but right now.

@WhiteRabbit1981: On your turn 14, the Chariot Race was not played by the second playing of Prince (which did nothing, as you correctly stated), but it happened by the effect created by the first playing of Prince. You had already used up all the other start-of-turn effects, so the game played it automatically (it is mandatory).

On your turn 18, when it happened again, you actually had 2 options after the Prince was played twice (the newly set aside Encampment, and the Chariot Race from turn 14. And in my replaying of that turn, the game offered me the option to choose between the 2, see the attached screenshot. If you never had that choice, this would indeed be a bug.
Card Bugs / Re: Ghost'ed Prince
« Last post by markus on 15 December 2017, 09:52:01 PM »
That should be correct: if you Prince a card at the beginning of the turn, it is still the "beginning of turn phase" and that Princed card gets played. That happened automatically because the second Prince play failed as you correctly noticed.
Card Bugs / *** 1.3.6: Problem with 'multiplying' reserve cards ***
« Last post by Ingix on 15 December 2017, 09:49:15 PM »
Version 1.3.6 contains unfortunately a bug that causes Duplicate and Royal Carriage effects (maybe other cards as well) to 'multiply'. You can gain 3 additional copies of a card with just 2 Duplicates, for example. You don't get more actual Reserve cards, you can just get more uses out of them if several of them are on the Tavern mat at the same time and something happens that allows you to call them.
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