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Support / Re: Bot got frozen on Lurker
« Last post by TheRealCBlazer on Today at 11:18:09 AM »
I came here to post this same bug.

The bot gained Lurker from Jester.
i would like to sing up  please.
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I will play...
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Feature Requests / Re: Disable Undo for the game
« Last post by Beyond Awesome on Today at 12:08:23 AM »

I don't like Undo option very much. When playing Dominion in real life with cards it never happened someone asked to go back some step. Everybody are just aware that they should play carefully and not make hasty moves. I understand that sometimes misclick happens because it happens to me as well, but in general people just don't pay attention. Anyway, that is my opinion and I don't ask for Undo nor I ever did, but also don't want to grant it and when I don't people get mad and become rude. I don't want to explain to everybody at the beginning of the game that I'm not going to grant them Undo, so it would be nice to have an option for every player to click on a button that would disable Undo request for the game. In one of the announcements even not granting Undos was characterized as "unfriendly". I don't think it was necessary to label somebody's opinion like this.

Best regards,


Dear Jelena,

I'm sorry, but I disagree with you in a couple of instances, and I will tell you what they are. 1st, if I play Crown, I sometimes do so forgetting to end my action phase. I feel this is a very easy mistake, and I assure you the mistake is not made because I am playing too fast. The 2nd reason is Enchantress. I actually had this come up. I read the log, saw my opponent played Enchantress and went ahead and played a terminal card. It ends up that the Enchantress they played was in response to my Enchantress. I misread the log. I did not play fast. In that instance, my opponent refused me the undo. I personally felt that was very, very, very unsportsmanshiplike because it was obvious what happened.

Yes, mistakes happen because people play too fast, but there are legit mistakes as well, and I think outright refusing undos in the two circumstances I mentioned above are rude. But, that's how I feel.

Also, for the record, irl, you would never tell someone they couldn't play Crown because they failed to announce the end of their action phase, and irl you can see if Enchantress is in play.
Dominion Online Championship 2017 / Re: Signups 2017 Dominion Online Championship
« Last post by zwiebacke on 16 August 2017, 11:23:02 PM »
sign me in, too, pls
General Discussion / Re: Dominion: Nocturne
« Last post by Jacob Marley on 16 August 2017, 11:07:55 PM »
The distinction is:  "Computer correctly updates game state" vs "player can easily understand what is going on."  The point those who know programming are making is that getting to "Computer correctly updates game state" is comparatively easy and quick, so it makes sense to do that, which benefits everyone who can live with the current interface and still enjoy games.  Delaying Nocturne until everyone is satisfied with the interface is a loosing game, since that likely means a long haul on interface then Nocturne vs Nocturne quick then a long haul on the interface.
Not everyone who knows programming is making that point, since that also includes me. Again: Implementing Nocturne includes implementing the interface for Nocturne, so separating them is pretty meaningless. Maybe you're trying to say that fixing the basic missing interface features - like visible tokens, a marked place to click to see cards in play/set-aside, and a record of past game logs (just storing the actual text from the end-screen game log and creating an interface to access those) - is more work than implementing all of Nocturne. If so, I think you're wrong.

Like Donald said, Nocturne will not make the unhappy people happy, but no Nocturne will make the happy people unhappy.  So there is no question that getting Nocturne released on time in necessary, even if it causes a slight delay in interface improvements.
There's a huge disconnect here between what the vocal minority is saying here and reality. Delaying Nocturne and instead fixing basic functionality and bugs will make certain people unhappier, and others happier. The ones who will be happier are mostly a subset of the majority of people not posting here, and the people who try playing and give up and go away without posting, who instead will stay. I don't know how many new users sign up anymore, but there will be more when Nocturne is released.

Another thing that several people forget: Each expansion is less popular than the last. Dominion is a hugely popular game, but most people - by far - who play it don't have the latest expansion and is not planning to get it. This is very different from the vocal minority here.

Ok, so your right that the opinions of the vocal minority and those of the total population using ShuffleIt are not the same.  However, there is also a distinction between the playing population and the paying population.  I have no evidence for this, and would not presume to speak for anybody but myself, but Id' guess that the paying population would have a significant percentage who will want the new cards asap, and will be unhappy if they are not available at release.  Keeping the paying population happy seems like a significant priority for Stef, which again argues for Nocturne being a priority.  In any case, this argument is really academic, since whatever Stef (or the forum community) thinks is the highest priority, Stef is contractually OBLIGATED to have Nocturne online at the release date.  We can argue back and forth what we think Stef should be doing with is time until the heat death of the universe, but that doesn't change what he MUST do to comply with his contract.
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