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Card Bugs / Re: Secret Passage + Harbinger
« Last post by Ingix on 18 October 2021, 08:25:33 AM »
Thanks for the report, Modoh!

In your game, I found the situation in your turn 9. You played Harbinger (topdecking Secret Passage), then 3 Minions, the first 2 for $2, the last for discard+redraw. That left you with exactly 2 cards in your deck, which you promptly drew with the Secret Passage. Now your deck is empty, so there is only one place the card to be put back from Secret Passage can go!

You can call it top of deck or bottom of deck or something else, but after you put it back it will be the sole card in your deck. That's why there is no slider to choose the position, there is no choice to make.

The game will detect many situations where normally there is a choice to make by a player, but in a given specific situation there is no choice, then it will not ask you for the choice. That's what's happened here.
Card Bugs / Overlord + Monument + Way of the Turtle
« Last post by vail62 on 18 October 2021, 06:07:04 AM »
I played Overload, selected Monument, but then decided I'd rather play it next turn (Turtle). On my next turn, I got +1 coin and not the +2 I should have received from Monument.
Card Bugs / Secret Passage + Harbinger
« Last post by Modoh on 18 October 2021, 03:23:05 AM »
If you play a Harbinger then a Secret Passage, it won't let you choose to place the card from Secret Passage anywhere but on the top of your deck (the slider does not appear).  Your only choices are Undo or Topdeck.

Game was #87453665 on tokyo.
General Discussion / amulet: trash or silver in the beginning?
« Last post by josh bornstein on 17 October 2021, 11:27:29 PM »
Generally speaking, at the start of the game (the first several rounds), is it better to use Amulet to gain those silvers (valuable for buying better cards earlier on), or to trash those useless Estates (thinner deck = more coins and other actions in each hand).  Obviously, certain decks will make this decision easy.  As is when you'd clearly use the +1 coin option instead, to buy that valuable card.  But I'm asking about what's better strategy in general, in the beginning stages of a given game...more useful coins in your deck, or fewer 'dead' cards in your deck?
General Discussion / Re: What are 'friends' for?
« Last post by vail62 on 16 October 2021, 08:16:39 AM »
When you go to the "Matching" tab (the one you land on automatically after login), on the right side you have a pane named "Friends". Everyone you have declared your friend (when it is a one-side relationship, this is often called "following" that player) and is logged in will be listed there, with their status (logged in, at a table, playing).

When they are on a table, you can join them there via a button. This is the way most people set up their games when they want to play with someone they know: One makes a table, the other joins it. That's also the way most people watch high profile games (from the Dominion League or other tournaments). You declare a good or interesting player as your friend (it doesn't have to be reciprocated), then join their table and watch the game(s) they play.

Helpful to know. I have a dozen or so friends that hop on my tables often, but didn't know that's how they found me.
General Discussion / Re: fun combo: KC + Monument cards only
« Last post by vail62 on 16 October 2021, 08:15:33 AM »
That's awesome! That's partially why I have donate banned in my games, lol. If you got me there, I'd let you play it out -- but too many would just resign and not let you enjoy it.
Interface Issues / Bonfire "Done Selecting" moves after big hand, easy to auto-click
« Last post by ehunt on 16 October 2021, 07:10:11 AM »
This is game #87337003 on oregon. Turn ten I play a bunch of cards and then click Bonfire. I want to trash two coppers, but clicking twice on the copper file ends the buy phase and moves me to the wine-merchant-discarding part of cleanup, because the relevant button has moved directly over the coppers. My opponent let me undo and fix this; it happened again but there was a tiny part of the copper still clickable.
General Discussion / Re: Should I go for 'gold'?
« Last post by artsfols on 15 October 2021, 11:34:49 PM »
Basically it's 10 levels from 1 ("base only") to 10 ("all existing cards"), where level 2 for example are "non-complicated" cards (Menagerie and Armory, for example). Each expansion has some of them. Then level 3 introduces simple Duration cards, choice cards, a.s.o.

I think that could work quite well.
I'm guessing that you would match according to a range - i.e. i wish to play in levels 0 to 3, or levels 5 to 7.
If two players are matched with levels (X,Y) versus (M,N) such that the ranges overlap, then you'd play at the min of (Y,N), I suppose.

It would mean I could buy gold expansion but gradually ease into the additional mechanics.
No idea how that impacts the ladder algorithm but I'm sure brighter minds can figure that out.

Anyway, sounds promising.
Feature Requests / Re: Best 2 of 3 button
« Last post by artsfols on 15 October 2021, 11:20:46 PM »
It's often fun to play best 2 of 3, although if you don't ask for a rematch quickly, the opponent is gone before you can ask.

How about adding a button after you've played a game where you would select 'rematch' or 'best 2 of 3'?

There are different ways this could be implemented, but I believe it's best to make the evaluation after you've already played one game.

A slick way to program this would be for the button to normally say 'Request rematch' but if you'd already split 2 games evenly, the label changes to 'Best 2 of 3?'

I bet someone could program this in a couple of hours.  Easy-peasy and would add a fun dimension.

An even easier way to implement this -

If you just finished a game, and the opponent is still around, just the 'Ready' buttons is labelled  'Rematch' or 'Best 2 of 3' as the case may be.
This will provide an additional inducement to play the same opponent again.
Game Log Issues / Re: weird money line +$1, Fool's Gold?
« Last post by AdamH on 15 October 2021, 09:08:46 PM »
There may be an error in the combining then -- if there's going to be another line that says +$1 then that first line with the copper should probably only say $1 instead of $2. I read this and think that Rat has $8 total when it should only be $7.
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