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General Discussion / how many of you guys play rematches?
« Last post by no expansions on 01 March 2021, 06:37:07 AM »
assuming the opponent plays as fast as the bot, how often do you play again after the game ends? i find 80% of my opponents instant leaves after the game for some reason. maybe cuz they just lost? i'm not sure. but win or lose i'm always looking for a rematch for redemption game
Support / Re: Please Delete My Account
« Last post by Ingix on 28 February 2021, 10:28:54 PM »
Support / Re: Please Delete My Account
« Last post by Suzi.O.Bale on 28 February 2021, 05:38:20 PM »
Please delete my dominion online account. The user name is the same as here. thx
Support / Re: Please Delete My Account
« Last post by Ingix on 28 February 2021, 08:32:18 AM »
Right, I usually ask the players their email address they registered the dominion.games account under, to make sure they the same person.
Support / -
« Last post by Rufuspef on 27 February 2021, 11:20:13 PM »
you have to PM a GM ingame or here i guess, i dont think its that easy though, you have to really prove its your char... otherwise everyone can come and claim that please delete this and that, just to get the name
General Discussion / Re: How can I get a receipt for a paid subscription
« Last post by moneytech on 25 February 2021, 08:25:40 PM »
Any update on this? It's becoming critical on my side to have that receipt.
Support / Re: Please delete my account
« Last post by Ingix on 25 February 2021, 07:04:06 PM »
Support / Re: Also purchased gold subscription but didnt apply to my account
« Last post by ailich93 on 25 February 2021, 04:55:29 PM »
Hi I have a similar issue. I also purchased the gold subscription (3 month) but the expansions did not immediately become available like they usually do. It got hung up on the processing screen for a while so I thought it didn't work so I tried again with a different credit card. Turns out I got charged twice (once on each credit card), but it only shows my subscription as being active for 3 months. Would I be able to get one refunded or get a 6 month subscription?
Support / Re: How to Select Cards from only Certain Expansions
« Last post by Ingix on 25 February 2021, 09:18:58 AM »
Welcome to the online game, pilotbills!

If you make your own table (tab "New table", then select "Create Table"), you can select the Kingdom cards for your games. If you click on "Select Kingdom cards", on the left is a list of the expansions, with a checkbox besides each.

If you checkmark Base and Prosperity, your kingdom will be generated only from those sets. Now of course the question is how to get opponents this way. The bots are always available, for human players you may need to wait if they join you.

If you are using automatching, then this is not possible at the moment. An new version of the Client is in the works that allows 2 ways that players can gradually easy into the (now) huge card set. You can read more about it here in a posting I made yesterday.
Support / Re: Please delete my account
« Last post by Coconium on 25 February 2021, 08:37:59 AM »
Please delete my account here and in Dominion online. It's the same name there. Thank you.
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