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Author Topic: Known Log Issues  (Read 807 times)

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Known Log Issues
« on: 09 January 2017, 05:10:04 PM »
  • Incorrect information: Secret Passage says that a card was topdecked even though it wasn't (necessarily).
    • Workaround: none
    • Forum thread: Secret Passange and "Top Decking"
    • present in 1.3.6: Load game #9701090 as rphilip. Undo to turns 15 or 17 of rphilip, replay the Secret Passage, put a card in any place except the top position of the deck. The log still says it was topdecked.
  • Missing information: Some things, such as choices made (+2 Actions or +2 Buys from Squire) and spent coin tokens are currently (1.3.6) not listed in the log.
  • Incorrect information: When loading a game after it has been finished, or relaoding the browser window while still playing, the log contains incorrect lists of cards revealed to some or all players.
  • Incorrect entry: Log doesn't say "you buy" when buying from Black Market. (present in 1.3.9)
  • Incorrect formating: Arena discards and VP gains are (wrongly) indented by one level. (present in 1.3.9)