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Author Topic: Known Log Issues  (Read 1055 times)

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Known Log Issues
« on: 09 January 2017, 05:10:04 PM »
  • Incorrect information: Secret Passage says that a card was topdecked even though it wasn't (necessarily).
    • Workaround: none
    • Forum thread: Secret Passange and "Top Decking"
    • present in 1.3.14: Load game #9701090 as rphilip. Undo to turns 15 or 17 of rphilip, replay the Secret Passage, put a card in any place except the top position of the deck. The log still says it was topdecked.
  • Missing information: Some things, such as choices made (+2 Actions or +2 Buys from Squire) and spent coin tokens are currently (1.3.14) not listed in the log.
  • Missing information: Den of Sin and Horse Traders don't mention their name in the effect description when drawing some cards next turn (present in 1.3.14). See Den of Sin start of turn draw doesn't mention Den of Sin in this subforum.
  • Incorrect entry: Log doesn't say "you buy" when buying from Black Market. (present in 1.3.14)
  • Incorrect formating: Arena discards and VP gains are (wrongly) indented by one level. (present in 1.3.14) The same is true for skipping drawing a card due to the -1 card token (see too much indent for removing -Card token from this subforum). (present in 1.3.14)
  • Extra turns: While the card names for Outpost, Mission and Possession have of course been localized, the log will use the English card name in the log when describing the turn, even when using another interface language. That mean an extra Possession turn for Ingix would be listed as "Zug 21 - Ingix [Possession]" in German, even though the Possession card is otherwise correctly referred to as 'Besessenheit'.
  • Overlord/Band of Misfits: When an Overlord/BoM is played, the log will have 2 entries. First comes "Player plays an Overlord", the second entry is "Player plays X", where X is the card the Overlord impersonates. On a page reload, if an Overlord/Band of Misfits is currently in play impersonating card Y, all previous instances in the log where that Overlord/BoM was played will have the first entry changed to "Player plays Y".
    • Workaround: None
    • Forum thread: Overlord / BoM on reconnect
    • present in 1.3.14: Load game #16064804 as Ingix. Overlord is currently impersonating Bishop. Notice the incorrect log entries in your turn 3 and 5.
  • Set aside cards: When cards like Save or Archive set cards aside, they are listed in the log (for the player who can see them). When the cards are later returned to hand and afterwards trashed, some log entries have 'forgotten' what card was set aside and only mention "a card" after a page reload. That is true for the log entry that says which card was set aside by Safe, as well as the log entry for Archiv that mentions it when it is later returned to hand.
  • cost of $0: With Develop after trashing a $1 card, the log should show the request for the player to gain a $0 and a $2 card. The $0 option however seems to be (partially) missing from the text, as though the phrase "0 coin" has been removed. This may affect other cards mentioning $0 (not yet checked)