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Author Topic: Known Card Bugs  (Read 2048 times)

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Known Card Bugs
« on: 09 January 2017, 07:17:11 PM »
    Specific card bugs
    • Fool:
      • UI: The ability you have at the start of your turn when you have the "Lost in the Woods" state is optional, you don't need to discard anything. If there are other start-of-turn effects that are also optional (say Ratcatcher/Guide on the Tavern mat), and you need to decide between them, the interface does not show the usual option to just play an Action card from your hand or to end the Action phase already, you have to select one option from the log area.
        • Mitigation: Select the "may discard a card to gain a Boon" option. You can then decline to discard a card. After that, the interface works 'normal' again (not forcing you to explicitely deal with those optional effects).
        • Forum thread: Forced "mays"
        • exists in 1.3.9: #10162654 as Ingix. Lord Rat ends his turn, then you are prompted with dealing with "Lost in the Woods", Ratcatcher and Guid.
    • Inheritance:
      • Stuck: In conjunction with Fortress and trashers, the game can become unresponsive and stuck. A red "X" mark is shown over an Estate-Fortress (indicative that it is about to be trashed), but nothing more happens/can be done. It involves (repeatedly) trashing an Estate-Fortress with cards like Transmute, Remodel, Bishop or with Advance.
      • UI: In conjunction with Quarry in play, an inherited Estate in a player's hand or discard pile is not shown as cost reduced. This is an UI bug, the card is cost reduced for gameplay purposes.
        • Workaround: None
        • Forum thread: Inherited Estates don't seem to take into account cost reductions
        • present in 1.3.7: #9795530 as Ingix: 2 Quarries are in play. Play the Chariot Race in hand. You will draw an (inherited) Estate for the comparison. The Estate is visually shown with the incorrect cost of $2 (should be $0 because of the Quarries). However, the comparison with opponent's revealed Copper gives you no VP, so the gameplay cost of the Estate is correctly $0.
    • Inn:
      • UI (with Possession): When you gain an Inn while you are possessing an opponent, there is no UI to select the cards you want to shuffle into your library.
        • Workaround: None
        • Forum thread: Possession and Inn
        • present in 1.3.7: #9796793 as Ingix. You are possessing you opponent. Buy Inn (it can be seen in your discard pile at the top of the screen) and you will get a button "Done Selection" and the central information are says "Shuffle Actions back in", but the actual UI element to select from the Action cards in your discard pile is missing.
    • Lost in the Woods:
      • UI: The ability is not treated as fully optional in the UI. See Fool above.
    • Possession:
      • UI: When you gain an Inn while you are possessing an opponent, there is no UI to select the cards you want to shuffle into your library. See Inn/Possession above.
      • UI stuck: In a game with 3 or more players, if player A possesses player B, and during the Possession turn forces B to also play a Possession, then the next turn will be player B possessing player C. During that turn, player A's client will incorrectly present the game as though he was player C (among other things, player C's name will be in the lower left). Since he can't see player C's hand, they are shown as card back. If player A is required to do anything with his own cards (like discard them for a discard effect), he cannot do that and the game becomes stuck.
        • Workaround: None
        • Source: discord, reported by caitlyn
        • present in 1.3.9: #10361116, #10422078
    • Prince:
      • Rule: When a card played by Prince is schemed, it will (incorrectly) be played next turn by Prince from the player's hand.
        • Workaround: None
        • Schemeing a Princed card will not cause Prince to loose track
        • present in 1.3.8: #9608298 as Ingix: A Village has just been played by Prince. Play Scheme now and select the Village for the Scheme effect. At the start of your next, the Village will be played by Prince automatically from your hand. If you undo to start of turn 12, you can arrange that the Princed card is not Village but Mining Village or Herald. The same sequence of events will unfold, and the Princed card is always played from your hand.
    • Quarry:
      • UI: (Together with Inheritance). An inherited Estate in a player's deck or discard pile is not shown as cost reduced by Quarry (the correctly reduced cost is used when it matters for gameplay purposes).
    • Royal Carriage:
      • Rule: Sometimes can be called when the just finished Action is no longer in play.
        • Mitigation: If you are sure that the call option should not exist, don't use it.
        • Forum thread: Farmers' Market + Royal Carriage
        • present in 1.3.8: #9823268 as Ingix. Farmer's Market has just been played (for $3), 3 Royal Carriages trigger. One after another, all 3 can be called (for $4, for 4VP, for $1), even though the 2nd calling causes the Farmer's Market to be trashed, so the 3rd one should not be possible.
    • Sauna:
      • Stuck: Problems with Sauna+autobuy/paying off debt without manually playing treasures
        • Workaround: With Sauna in play and Silver in hand, play Treasures manually.
        • Forum thread: Undo Bug, Autobuy Bug (same game), part (2)
        • present in 1.3.8: #9846678 as Ingix, "Use autobuy" needs to be set to "yes" in the Options tab. You've played 2 Saunas this turn and have a Silver and 4 Copper in hand. Click on Avantoto autobuy it. The game will play your Silver first, triggering the effects of the Saunas. Trash one Copper for Sauna#1, but don't trash anything for Sauna #2. The game will play 2 more Copper, to generate a total of 4 coin. It will not allow you to play the remaining Copper in hand (to reach the desired 5 coin for Avanto)
    • Scheme:
      • UI: Scheme allows you to select a card that is not being discarded
        • Workaround: Watch closely if a Duration card is from this turn or last turn.
        • Forum thread: Scheme's new wording
        • present in 1.3.8: #9142549 as Ingix. Klick "End Buys", then see that the UI allows the Fishing Village played this turn to be selected for Scheme.
    • Small Castle:
      • Rule: Small Castle doesn't allow choosing to trash a different castle when there is none in hand (in order to do nothing)
        • Workaround: None
        • Forum thread: Small Castle
        • present in 1.3.8: #9150352 as Ingix. Play the Small Castle and the game will automatically trash that Small Castle, when there should be the option to not trash it.
    • Stonemason:
      • UI: When overpaying for Stonemason, you can only spend an amount of money that corresponds to a gainable Action card. In very esoteric edge cases, you might actually want to spend some money for no gain instead of simply choosing not to overpay.
        • Workaround: None
        • Forum thread: Overpay with Stonemason
        • present in 1.3.8: #9150605 as Ingix. You have just played 6 coin. If you now buy Stonemason, your only options are not to use overpay, or overpay for 2 or 4 coin. Overpaying for 1 or 3 coin is legal but not possible.
    • Villa:
      • Rule: If gained during the buy phase by an effect that will gain more cards immediately (Stonemason overpay, Ball, Crowned Horn of Plenty), the return to action phase will happen with a slight delay, which may cause certain cards to not work as they should (Crown still in 'buy phase mode', Peddler still cost reduced).
        • Workaround: None
        • Forum thread: Villa transition to Action phase happens slightly too late
        • present in 1.3.8: #9151343 as Ingix: In your buy phase, play Crown - Crown - Horn of Plenty, first gaining a Villa; for the second playing of Horn of Plenty choose Armory. The second Crown is played again, and *should* be able to double the Villa in your hand, but doesn't and fizzles doing nothing, because the game is incorrectly thinking it is still in the buy phase at this point.
          #9150986 as Ingix: Ball has been bought, Peddler costs $2. If you gain Villa first, it will go to your hand (so it's ability has triggeed), but the game still allows you to gain a Peddler as the second card for Ball (it should cost $8 in your Action phase).
    • Wall:
      • VP counter incorrect: The VP counters during game play may show incorrect values. This is a hard to reproduce/verify issue, so please notify (PM or forum post) any games you have played/watched where you suspect that this has happened.
        • Workaround: None.
        • Forum thread:
          Wall bug with VP counter
        • present in 1.3.4: #9336830(unfortunately, gives internal error when loading)

    Not bugs, but new rules
    • Possessing players gets tokens the possessed players would get.
    • Black Market doesn't allow you to choose the order you put cards back in, and you can't see the Black Market deck
    • behaviour of multiple Outposts (also with Mission)
    • cards playing a duration multiple times (Throne Room, Procession etc) now stay in play until the end of the turn  the card they played multiple times gets removed from play

    Unconfirmed/not able to reproduce (please report if you experience this or something similar)):

    Fixed bugs
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