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Author Topic: Refreshing issues, freezing, "Server Connection Could Not Be Established"  (Read 313 times)

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Playing the game on Chrome on Mac. This seems to a conflation of several issues already reported, although I didn't see anything about refreshing specifically.

For some context: previously if the game froze or didn't seem to be responding I would refresh the page and reconnect to the game to confirm whether it was a technical issue or my opponent intentionally stalling. In the early release stages I would have to sign back in, but after a recent update I would be automatically logged back in which made things smoother and faster.

For the past week or so however, refreshing in game would return an "already logged in" browser alert, followed by redirecting me to a "Server connection could not be established" page, and when I logged back in I would be disconnected from the game. In my most recent game this happened after the end game froze before the victory screen: I clicked "resign" to try and force the issue, then clicked the "are you sure you want to resign" confirm button on the alert and was given another alert about being logged in and redirected to the "Server connection" page.

This is compounded by continuing other issues such as intentional stalling, the end of the game freezing before the victory screen, and chat cutting out. What has typically been happening is that my opponent will seem to stop playing/responding, I will try to message them but the chat log will not show my message, and I will wait a few more minutes before refreshing and being kicked out of the game. Without any way to know how long my opponent has been idle, how long I have until I am able to kick them, or any other indications whether this is a technical issue or a stalling opponent, there's not a real reason to wait (or any indication of how long I have even been waiting the times I have opted to).

I know this is coming off as a combination of several bugs and feature requests, but the unique combination is leading to a lot of frustrating half games. I'm hoping the underlying issue with refreshing can be fixed (or at least explained) to mitigate the overall effect.