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Author Topic: More equal opponents  (Read 549 times)

Offline markus

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More equal opponents
« on: 21 April 2017, 11:04:48 AM »
I would prefer to have the definition of an equal opponent being narrowed down. The set of possible opponents for players with a high level is obviously skewed towards getting weaker opponents, but I would often rather wait (much) longer than getting matched again with some >80% expected win opponent. (My average matched probability has been around 75% last week.)

I think it would be fine to reduce the threshold for a suitable opponent to 7-10 levels. Ideally, I would like to have a slider that sets the range of accepted win probabilities. But (another) button with "more equal" opponents could work as well, so that people have the choice between random, decent, and equal opponent.

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Re: More equal opponents
« Reply #1 on: 28 April 2017, 04:53:39 PM »

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Re: More equal opponents
« Reply #2 on: 28 April 2017, 06:45:26 PM »
The number of "Users searching" on the matching tab is quite low when I play (evenings in Europe), right now its "1", and it rarely gets over "10". I don't know if this counts only players that would be considered matchable as "Equal Opponent" to myself, or if this are all the players looking for a ranked game at the moment. Maybe other sources of players exist that I will be matched against when would like a ranked game. But even if it is the number of players I could play against, that small number will cause the level difference to be relatively big. If one is near the top of the leaderboard (and jeebus is, no matter what he may think  ;) ), then that big difference will likely be in the down direction.

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Re: More equal opponents
« Reply #3 on: 08 May 2017, 01:32:00 AM »
Yes, I agree you should be able to select the range of level you want to get matched with.  I realize that might slow down the matching some, but people could adjust it if they are not getting matched quick enough.  Please add this feature.  Thanks!