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Author Topic: Disable Undo for the game  (Read 2055 times)

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Re: Disable Undo for the game
« Reply #30 on: 02 February 2018, 02:25:33 PM »
It's a fair point Stef...

My preferred implementation of Undo would be something like I described here...



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Re: Disable Undo for the game
« Reply #31 on: 02 February 2018, 11:32:34 PM »
Yes!  I would like an option to disable undo.  (or remove it completely.)  I'm tired of people giving me
attitude because I will not grant an undo.  I'm not even sure why the undo was added in the first place. 
No other version of online Dominion has had it or needed it.

I like undo for the occasional misclick.  But the rare times I ever dare play against real people and not bots, I allow one undo per game.  More than that, or if I'm playing a slow player, I deny them and then get hassled about it.  Same goes if I misclick when playing a live person.  I might ask for one, beyond that, it's my problem and I deal with it by working with what I have in play and not being rude to my opponent.

I've  just started playing with the night cards.
So I get to a state where I have 9 treasures and a bat - I want to play all but one copper.  In face to face I would put the copper in one hand and put the rest down. I can't do that so I click on 8 of them and then the autoplay treasure button we have been trained to use gets clicked on. So what happens in this situation? It would NOT happen in face to face. (In this case my oppenent did not sdo anything just let the game hang and so I write this waiting for hime to time out so I can make him resign.

This undo is not helping

In my case the soluition would to be remove the autoplay treasures button or allow the night before buying.

I also today move my mouse to buy a province and it clicked on a supply card as I moved it. Again this would not happen in real life, but the opponent rejected undo -

I would note that I belong to several playing groups and they all allow you to do a quick retraction if the state of the game is not changed.

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Re: Disable Undo for the game
« Reply #32 on: 04 February 2018, 06:33:04 PM »
Ingix - it's because it *feels* rude to deny undos manually - and often provokes players to be abusive in response, no matter how much we hold the principle that undos are optional. Undos on/off as a matching criteria would avoid this social difficulty - as it established the attitude towards undos before a player commits to game.

I intend to build this feature, but I am also afraid you will be very disappointed by the results.
I have a feeling that selecting "I only want to be matched with people that never allow undos" will turn out to be annoyingly close to "I like to just sit & wait here while not getting matched". The people that at least want to allow some undo's are an overwhelming majority.

Look forward to this being implemented.  I believe at least a significant minority of players will choose the 'undo off' option so that it won't be too hard to find opponents.  It could result in 2 sets of players (those who want the undo feature & those who don't) that rarely or never play each other,  so a player with a rating of 50 in one group might be significantly different in strength from a 50-rated player in the other group.  Since some players who like the undo feature often use it to get around the rule that you're not supposed to look ahead in the deck (see rules to the base game),  a player with a rating of 50 in the no-undo group will likely be stronger than than a 50 rated player in the pro-undo group.  Speculation, i admit,  but it could have implications in tournaments if people are paired / classified based on their ratings.
The undo feature is kind of like a demagogue politician,  it divides the community.