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Author Topic: Link to rule books  (Read 46 times)

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Link to rule books
« on: 03 April 2020, 01:08:12 PM »
With the current free expansion rotations potentially exposing some new players to expansions they've never played before, I think it would be nice if the client could link players to the official rulebooks on the RGG site. Dominion Online just kind of expects players to already understand how to play with all of the cards and what words like "Exile" and "Coffers" and "Debt" mean.

Maybe a new tab called "Rules" on the main menu that has a list of links to the rulebooks? Could say something like "Dominion Online is the official digital implementation of the boardgame Dominion by Donald X Vaccarino and Rio Grande Games. As with all boardgames, you should familiarize yourself with the rules before you play."

Maybe even link to the wiki? I dunno, just something to help people get over that initial hurdle might be nice.

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Re: Link to rule books
« Reply #1 on: 04 April 2020, 08:45:43 AM »
Great idea!  It would be a link used *so* often it would be well-worth having a button, as you suggested.  (If they could find the real estate, I think it would make sense to have a duplicate button on the game screen...so if there's a card that both players don't know (or if one experienced player will not help out the other player), it would be just one click to get to the rules, and then a quick search for the card at issue.