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Author Topic: Latest annoyance around the perennial "play faster" request  (Read 2380 times)

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Re: Latest annoyance around the perennial "play faster" request
« Reply #15 on: 15 November 2017, 05:06:05 AM »
You don't have to be a politician, just a person who cares about communicating politely.


Its not even that, word choice is not just about being polite or politically correct, that is just an excuse for people that don't want to to invest in their own communication skills. Word choice is extremely important when you are trying to communicate with another so that understanding can take place. If you or anyone claims "play faster" means the same as "I prefer faster players" your communication skills need improvement.

That aside, this is a tough topic because even in my own experience, the one i like to remember; the first or second time I played with the nocturne preview i was taking a long time on turns and my opponent asked me to play faster. I have very little idea on how to use these new cards which i explained to him and he was understanding in this event. As opposed to other events very an opponent is taking a while to react with a moat.

For those however that do prefer fast play; maybe petition for a time based game mode, such as 60seconds per turn and your turn is skipped (or have it adjustable).