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Author Topic: Actively annoying AI Quirks  (Read 478 times)

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Actively annoying AI Quirks
« on: 12 October 2017, 12:02:44 PM »
I start this topic, because I just had a 30 turns game which felt like Lord Rattington was trolling: He went crazy with Masquerade as always, but in this kingdom there was Apothecary (another one of his favorites) and Port (awesome: more Masquerade plays!). The experience reader might know what followed: I spent the next 30 turns passing cards to his carefully adjusted treasureless engine of Apothecary, Masquerade, Port and a lonely Rogue he picked up. He made sure to trash my treasures, so he could pass Apothecaries / Potion which he then regained with another Masquerade, to ensure that I could watch his wheel spinnining for another few minutes - with some audience involvement when the next Masquerade came up. Dominion can be a loooooong game, if one side des not want to win...

My play wa snot perfect, shuffles were unfortunate, etc., but this experience was far more annoying than the usual AI province trashing or empty hand plays. I know: These are known issues, Nocturne is coming, good AI takes time, so I do not want to turn this into another 'Blame the developer' topic. But it would be nice if we could identify at least the most actively annoying AI quirks, so ShuffleIT can get rid of these, while we are waiting for a genuinely more clever AI. So I invite everyone to share their own worst AI moment story here.