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Author Topic: Messenger with messenger  (Read 487 times)

Offline Richard Gibbs

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Messenger with messenger
« on: 31 December 2017, 06:27:53 PM »
There was only two messengers left in the pile when bought a messenger.

I picked messenger as my second card. It gave the additional card to the other player instead of me. It should have prioritized giving me the second messenger instead of giving it to the other player so I should haven gotten two and the other player got none instead of one for each of us.

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Re: Messenger with messenger
« Reply #1 on: 31 December 2017, 07:38:33 PM »
One thing any moderator will tell you is that you should always include the game# in any bug post so they can see if it's an actual bug or a misplay - this will be the lowest game# listed in the chat window, also listed at the top of the game log. OTOH, are you sure there weren't 3 messengers left at the beginning of your turn, then you bought 1 leaving 2, giving 1 each to yourself and your opponent?

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Re: Messenger with messenger
« Reply #2 on: 01 January 2018, 01:04:34 AM »
Thanks for the reporting the issue, Richard, and happy new year (I'm just coming back from a little party) for everyone in the right time zones :)

What JKRich said is correct, a game number helps seeing if there are any circumstances that may explain a behavior, and sometimes people simply misremeber, like how much money or debt they had, etc.

In this case, the explantion is as follows:

The relevant card text:
When this is your first buy in a turn, gain a card costing up to $4, and each other player gains a copy of it.

So the ability triggers when you buy the Messenger, which happens before you would normally gain it. While handling that triggered ability, the game made you gain a Messenger (as your $4 card) and your opponent. Then it tried to give you a Messenger because you bought one, but since there are no more Messengers, it couldn't.

This is also mentioned on the w.ds page of Messenger:

Messenger's on-buy effect happens before you actually gain the Messenger. This can matter if you choose Messenger for everyone to gain, or if everyone gains a card like Border Village (allowing other players to gain an extra Messenger before you do), and there aren't enough copies of Messenger left in the pile to fulfill all Messenger gains.

So this is not a bug, but a consequence of how on-buy abilities work.