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Author Topic: Rebuild: Does not properly indicate/calculate what victory cards you can gain.  (Read 472 times)

Offline dominion_player_1

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Game 10887254


Name a card. Reveal cards from your deck until you reveal a Victory card you did not name. Discard the rest, trash the Victory card, and gain a Victory card costing up to $3 more than it.


Rebuild is supposed to basically be a 2c -> 5c -> 8c upgrade path.

However, on this platform, it does not function properly. It seems to instead somehow use the card you *name* in the calculation of what cards you can gain.

Current behavior seems to be one of:

 "pick any victory card you did not name"


"pick any victory card up to $3 more than the named card, other than the named card"

Both of those are incorrect. See the strategy article for references to faqs on the card.

Offline Mic Qsenoch

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Rebuild works correctly on the website, perhaps there was some confusion due to the interface about what was occurring at each step, if you could point to a specific turn and Rebuild play from the game number you provided someone will probably be able to clear it up.

Offline Ingix

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Thanks for reporting the problem, dominion_player_1!

After studying the game number you provided, I have to agree with Mic Qsenoch, that everything seems to be in order. You played Rebuild multiple times, always named Province as the card to skip, and then upgraded some Estates to Duchies (turn 6, 16, 25) and some Duchies to Provinces (turn 10, 18, 23), which is consistent with the upgrade path you described in your post.
Gaining a Province when naming Province also seems to condradict both of your behaviours that you assumed were implemented.

If you did any undos after you did a Rebuild that you felt went wrong, then this isn't captured in the log, so I can't see them and evaluate them.

If you could say which playing (turn number) of Rebuild has the problems you describe, this would help.