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Author Topic: Touch-screen support  (Read 488 times)

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Touch-screen support
« on: 20 February 2018, 07:15:54 AM »
Not sure the proper place to ask this, so here goes.  Also not sure if this is a software issue related to the game interface, or a hardware issue on my device.

Whenever a card is played that has a select and/or topdeck and/or discard option (think Harbinger, Sentry, etc), and the discard/card selection window pops upon, I have lost the ability to select/choose a card (mark with the X) using the regular touch screen interface.  No issues with the touch screen elsewhere in the game while this is happening: can still click on the action buttons (such as "do not discard/topdeck"), can still click in the chat and communicate using touch screen keyboard, can still "right click" by holding down on a card for a few seconds to pop up it's details, can still hover over player name and see cards on tavern mat, etc.  Only way to rectify, when a card choice is mandatory, is to either attach my keyboard and use the mouse/touchpad, or to temporarily disconnect and reconnect from a different device (laptop) prior to being timed out. 

Hope this all makes sense.  This is a fairly recent phenomenon, probably started within the last couple of weeks.

Using a Surface Pro 4 running Win10 Pro, up to date, and using Chrome.  Didn't pay too much attention to it at first, figured it was a Surface glitch & rebooted.  I've since replicated this problem in Firefox.  Any input is appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Touch-screen support
« Reply #1 on: 20 February 2018, 10:19:04 AM »
Thanks for the report, jc645! Especially since you attached some information about the device which makes it valuable to understand what might go on.

This problem came up due to a change I made to the reveal window (the instances you brought up are all cases where some cards are shown to you and you have to select one or more for some effect) to allow you to better see the cards if there are many of them.

You are the second person to report this problem, and the common factor seems to be the Surface tablet. I assume that since it can have both touch input and traditional mouse input the way the browser handles some things may be different from both a desktop computer (no touch input) and a 'traditional' tablet (no mouse input).

The good news is that I made a patch that is being tested. The problem is that must of course work on all three scenarios, and sometimes a change that helps one scenario has problems with another.

As for the question if this is the right place to ask: It is. It might have also be a good fit for

    Shuffle iT Forum    Dominion     Bug Reports     Interface Issues

but it is sometimes hard to differentiate.